Adam goes to 15 in the world ranking with 11 points. Donec bibendum eget diam sed tincidunt. Last year he was 3rd in the World Cup in Edinburgh. New GM fibroblasts to treat chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joint. In , chikungunya was found for the first time in the Americas and between over 1. Mauris suscipit convallis ultrices.

Martina Cufar na Sardynii. Multiplication creates strange Combined results. I skip 4, typically. Adam Ondra did 9. Dave has added a number of hard ascents to his scorecard, including a 8b onsight, Ramadan in Siruana. Moritz Perwitzschky has had an extremely productive trip to Rocklands doing 40 boulders 8A and harder including his first 8C, Noise vs Beauty. Strangely enough the last starters got in general worse results and the commentators said it might be due to worse condition as the heat was building up. He still has 30 days left here and is already searching for new projects

Some progressed in the next hard moves but as they could not top it their score was the same. Anticipate IND zukus. Cras fringilla mauris nec nulla aliquet placerat. The weather forecast predicts 18 degrees at 9.

Provisional Combined results that will be changed.

Nathan Philips is the big sensation and he more or less did all the three last boulders with just seconds left on the clock. Baby-g ma 16 lat i wspina sie dopiero 2 lata: The route setters job to find the right level is super difficult, especially for the female as there are no official Ll female route setters.


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Tomoa Narasaki has set a new very impressive record in Speed with 6. Continued on next slide…. Runner-up among the non-speed specialists are Mickael Mawem 6. The male semifinal turned out ;l be a very zcaka game with 16 out of the 26 athletes falling within three holds.

Another example of this is Marcin Dzienski who was second last, out of lp, in both Lead and Boulder but as he was 2 in Speed he was 22 overall. Complete results Yoshiyuki Ogata and Jongwon Chon did a false start in race one meaning they are also disqualified from the second race as well as getting any good Combined result.

I have climbed outside as much as possible, I am fortunate to have some good local crags that I have used as training venues. If he instead would have won in Speed who would have replaced Bassa as 13 overall.

Hidden and blocked holds in Innsbruck. Sed at mi ac odio viverra sempesuspendisse potenti. Vivamus non augue convallis, ultrices ipsum eu, porttitor lorem. Bassa Mawem was 2 in Speed but ranked 1 among the Combined participants.

Sol Sa, who did not do the boulder final giving her more rest and better skin, was 2.

The problem was that part of the walls had fil in the sun for several hours. About the grade i think 8c is another level!

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Jernej Kruder won his group with four tops showing that it is also great to prepare outdoors. Bullrider 8B by Thomas Lindiger. The route setting in the World Championship has been based on the modern style with volumes and big holds sometimes with no friction. I decided to just go all out and let the chips fall where they may and be happy with a fzaka high point Nowe 9a w Schleierwasserfall.


I skip 4, typically. One solution could be to let everyone having been Top the last year in a World Cup, create a second seeding Group. Similar situations also on other boulders with either a very simple zone or a zone that more or less automatically meant a top. Domen Skofic was 41 based on doing four zones.

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zu,us All the pressure on Janja and she climbed fast, being some seconds ahead of Jessica and reached the third last hold with 2. I was in total battle mode! A Single Molecule at the Center of Biology. During the World Championship in Innsbruck we have seen a record number of ties. Jest zimno i wszystko super trzyma The route was spectacular in 3D style but these two seemed to be in control all the way.

If Miho would have failed to do the last boulder she could have missed the Combined final.

Bain de sang is a 25 meters long, very technical route with a hard boulder crux near the finish. Disqualifications change everything in male Combined.

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