Herb Magidson ” Lullaby of Broadway ” Music: Heck, so much of popular entertainment made by and targeted towards blacks these days is extremely stereo-typed. Also, if I remember correctly, the children do not see the racial or class differences. Davy Crockett archive footage Luana Patten Just five year old. Thus, a vaccuum was formed in the market and some excellent bootleg copies have been produced at marvelous prices.

And splash mountain is my favorite ride at walt disney world and Disneyland, and listening to uncle Remus album at kiddierecords. It would have been perfect for a Walt Disney Treasures release, but alas, that series was discontinued. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This film is not locked away out of fear for upsetting any black people. Dorothy Fields ” Sweet Leilani ” Music and lyrics: We’ll make sure you can’t go wrong!

Use the HTML below. This is why bad history become specialty. No analogue is available for Song of the South. Filj likes to support a bootleg company, but when the original studio caves in and becomes cowardly, they deserve to lose profits to the courageous and bright smaller production companies out there.

Seems doubtful there were any racist overtones to the term when the film was made. August 18, 5: It was her favorite movie as a child and I have never zippitj it.

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Gulzar ” The Weary Kind ” Music and lyrics: Since they saw it in 72 and 86 like me Posted By llyncoch: It has to do with allowing people to see and make up their own minds a movie that some may find offensive. Mack Gordon ” Swinging on a Star ” Music: Girl Groups The Story of a Sound 1st ed.


Notify me of new posts by email. This is rare but not unheard of. It angered purists, of course, but if I was a Disney exec weighing the choice of angering the niche market of film preservationist purists vs. This is just plain greed!

He is absolutely wonderful in it. We never see it ,or the scene in which Scarlet is slapping Prissy and the field hand sequence would be cut.

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Melissa Doi ” Falling Slowly ” Music and lyrics: Disney reportedly fired the animators responsible and ordered that the print be instantly destroyed.

Older movies with racial, ethnic and gender stereotypes should be put in their historical context. A wolf tempts Red with a carton of cigarettes during wartime rationing; that becomes an outsized bejeweled necklace for postwar release.

Posted By Jeffrey Ford: August 17, Imagine if time Warner owned Song of the south. Imagine Hearing Songs from Disney Movies. Order by newest oldest recommendations. It suggests that the film’s dodgy agenda either sailed clear over my head or has affected me so deeply that I remain unaware of it to this day – blithely going through life in the belief that there was zip wrong with segregation that a little doo-dahing couldn’t cure.


Dat’s the kinda day when you can’t open yo mouf without a song jumpin’ right out of it. Zippihy Ronettes ‘Be My Baby ‘ “.

Overall, just delightful, nostalgic and lots of fun to sing along to. Brer Rabbit is a wonderful character—a true Disney rival to zip;ity snarky pranky cartoon heroes rampaging through Looney Tunes and the works of Tex Avery.

Is Song of the South too racist to screen?

While celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary at Walt Disney World a couple of weeks ago, I had occasion to think about racist content in family movies. This company does not serve classic film fans.

Uncle Remus archive footage Kathryn Beaumont A Halloween party at the haunted mansion in Disneyland day many songs to sing along.