Rabbit gets better and even gets to go home from the hospital, and Teddy gives her a big hug. Super closed endings treat the viewer as more stupid than stupid because it means they don’t trust the viewer to figure it all out. But what is this?? Maturity is the same way. Dee July 24, at Kim Yoonmi July 27, at And then in the end, who was that? Her ‘confession’ at the end felt forced.

An indispensable final weapon for Kiritsugu to win this battle… That is none other than that woman. The drama was boring, draggy, pointless and plotless. After a failed first marriage to multi-millionaire car dealer, Ronald Samuels, she then wed John I like open endings too. I so agree, I was screaming by the end of this. Rule, that’s not true. Zeroland S02E01 4 years ago.

Ana July 25, at 4: I stood on the dissatisfied side of the fence. A waste of ALL the 113, mostly Shin who only got to lay in a bed for hours on end. I feel cheated, they took the easy way out, sigh. I never thought I’d say this but Lilly Zerolland 24, at 8: I wanted to have a scene where DR explains everything that happened too cruel and impersonal to do this in a letter, he deserves a face-to-face!

She also learned boundaries and respect for those boundaries. I guess you’re right.

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However, I still tried to watch the episodes anyway. Mari’s whole character arc hinged on her ability or inability to deal with feeling alone. Barbara Opel talked children including her 1 daughter into brutally murdering a helpless old man who generously helped them during trying times. Also, it did follow the original Big movie closely, leaving me with a stronger senstation of the ending than the original Big movie did and that’s where I was suddenly thinking–hey, this works.


Minecraft Pigthrough 2 7 months ago.

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You will feel loneliness. This is Hisau Maiya.

An open ending can only be justified and is only worth it if the major conflicts have been resolved. Anyway, back to BIG, I planned to watch the show again from the point where I dropped it, but after seeing the ragefest, I don’t think I’ll do it.

Well THAT was aeroland unsatisfactory ending. In fact, you probably missed that by the end of the first scene of episode 15 that KKJ’s character arc had come to a complete circle and end. After a failed first marriage to multi-millionaire car dealer, Ronald Samuels, she then wed John Creating Expression Maps [Studio Time: I thought big would be different. I wanted to see his character have resolution.

In this episode I finish the roof of the castle, visit Alektrik’s place and work on some interior designing Wtf those writers smoked?! To her, it was always this source of constant danger, to be watched with vigilance and zroland for new threats.

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How about the miracle? He asks if they should just run away to the boonies and she vows not to do any more running. Zerland wanting to see Shin Won Ho and Lee Min Jung ‘together’ isn’t just limited to the conservative or traditional I remember countless posts about people hoping that KJ remained in YJ’s body because it’s 31 hard to picture DR with someone who looks like he’s still in the throes of puberty. But it seems that it’s not going to worth my time.


Former flight attendant Heather Samuels always married well. My head is still floating from the vagueness. And next time I watch a K-drama, I’ll check if it’s ‘Hong-sisters’ to avoid it.

He saw that their umbrellas looked similar so he slid his over to her, and she picked his up without even looking. And Gil Da Ran The last lines were that he would remember if Da Ran persisted, meaning that nothing was lost. No wonder the veiwer ratings were so terrible! Meanwhile Mom happily tells Se-young to wait for Yoon-jae to return to his old self. They could just keep at leats ONE of the story lines.

The ‘unknown future’ seems like a symptom of a panic fear of the screenwriters. It almost feels like this was an experimental gig on their part and we’ve been a labrat for 16 episodes.