Led by Consuella, the Eternals decide to kill Zed and to age Friend. Man has already discovered the way of life that works best for him, and it is the conventional family structure. Fredric Jameson’s excellent essay on the film http: We may, however, want to take a less belle-lettristic attitude towards the present variation on this theme. At length, even to ourselves, capitalism comes to seem a criminal attempt to tamper with the laws of nature e. Science Fiction Double Feature: We are forced to move inside the head itself, inside of some new and unaccustomed enveloping solid, in order to glimpse our world again in the ordinary way, in a Kubrick-like panoramic flight.

Consuella, having fallen in love with Zed, gives birth to a baby boy within the remains of the giant stone head. The “equality” of the vortex was clearly a lie. For by the time of Zardoz, the human race is supposed to have evolved along in two separate and independent lines of development. Similarly, Zardoz informs the Brutals that ” the gun is good ,” because it can be utilized to reduce the Brutals’ numbers. It was the intent to do harm that the vortex considered criminal. It appears less a traditional family unit than the union of two equals. Some examples will suffice. This is exemplified without wishing to make a pun by the conception of Arthur, as Boorman cuts from Uther’s orgasmic sighs to the expiring gasp of the impaled Cornwall.

It was the intent to do harm that the vortex considered criminal. Or again, like the slow approach or rapid tumbling disappearance of the body of the fil, astronaut in space, encased in the cocoon of his cumbersome space suit. I really appreciate what you wrote about politics in your second comment, too. There was so much vulnerability and pain and general self-exploration that truly influenced the writing of those shows.

The fire, of course, is a representation of passion — in Uther’s case sexual passion and in Cornwall’s the passion of war. Thus he deprives the film of some more interesting and ambiguous tension between the demands of life and the consequences of perfection.


A third, analysd disinterested party, Friend John Alderton sees Zed simply as a means of passing the time. This is made even more explicit in the plunging of Excalibur into the ground between the lovers. The ultimate reckoning at the hands of the barbarians read: It is certainly at very least the history of mankind in zareoz abstract form. I wonder whether we have not reached, in movies, something like the post-modernism of contemporary U.

And there is nothing whatsoever to prevent the viewers from falling back on the opposite thesis and concluding that Boorman has once again convinced us of the existence of some impulse to hunt and kill at the very center of human life.

The whole point of communes was to be self sustaining after all! Decades later, Channel 4 called it “Boorman’s finest film” and a “wonderfully eccentric and visually exciting sci-fi quest” that “deserves reappraisal”. It is a film which buffs and would-be film-makers are likely to be examining with interest for years to come. See his definition of poetry in Closing Statement: As Uther makes love to Igraine, he is visually compared to Cornwall by cross cutting using the unifying visual device of placing both of them against a background of fire.

It is a “changed” mind-state, a release from the drudgery of the Eternal existenceand without it, the Eternals are empty.

My goal and aspiration is to laud a film if it makes a good artistic case for its story and themes Again, I don’t have to tell you that this idea is very unpopular with some.

John Boorman Charles Orme associate producer. To understand the place of the divisive love of Lancelot and Guenevere in the film, it is necessary, once again, to return to Jung. Zardoz sees the unconventional structure of a commune as being counter-productive to a healthy human existence. There are several ways that it is used. Los Angeles Times21 May The women’s analysis of Zed’s mental images earlier had revealed that in the ruins of the old world Arthur Frayn first encouraged Zed to learn to read, then led him to the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Zardoz de John Boorman – 1974

ZARDOZ, by transposing the entire issue into future history, eliminates at least this immediate local class reference. Each Eternal also carries a communication ring, for issuing orders and transmitting holograms about scientific and mercantile matters. Given their limitless lifespan, the Eternals have grown bored and corrupt.

Sexuality declined probably because we no longer analyae to procreate. In terms of the content, it expresses the terror of the open plain, of that defenseless exposure of the remnants of humanity to their marauding persecutors.

Zardoz – Wikipedia

We may, however, want to take a less belle-lettristic attitude towards the present variation on this theme. Stephanie Goldberg of Jump Cutfor instance, wrote: For a long time, the choice of the orange “diaper” and bandolier eluded me.

That the marriage is doomed is explicitly stated in the cut from Arthur and Guenevere’s wedding to Lancelot himself. ZARDOZ is clearly a film of this type, which, in budgetary outlay and in technical know-how and ingenuity of effects, one cannot imagine having been made at any earlier period.

I see at least one way of reading ZARDOZ which would have quite a different emphasis and make of it a powerful commentary on the structural propensity of the affluent society to generate death and radiate violence in the world surrounding it. Eve worse, the community of the Eternals has come to prize its own eternal continuance over the well-being of other communities, over other human beings.