So enjoy your time and watch and write for us as much as you can. Comment by Jules Poirier — September 26, Comment by yana — September 26, I talk about your blog every night with my wife and my daughter and remind them that how long has it been since I have felt this proud similar to many other Iranian-Americas. Your metaphors are beautiful, thank you!! These are either rivers or reminiscent of water flowing on the ground and making its mark as it travels down to the oceans… The cities are easily distinguishable because they look like someone took a shovel and messed up the ground in that area. Robert Comment by Robert — September 26, 9: Comment by Fazel Ansari — September 26,

Robert Comment by Robert — September 26, 9: I am a bit old to ever hope for a trip like yours but I am enjoying the journey with you. Viva Anousheh and pure love for the being. Comment by Ashvin — September 27, 6: You remark on the clouds: Comment by Gordon — September 26, Heh, me and my girlfriend are living in different sides of the globe.

Thank you for shareing all of this, its amazing! Yes, you make me cry too and, yes you are a hero and role model to me too. I am sure many of young students who read your posts from space will be inspired and do great changes latter. I can close my eyes and almost imagine what the stars must look like from up there; you must get such a sense of depth without the atmosphere in the way. Shiroi yami no naka herunterladen yahoo Escuchar y Descargar canciones Siroi Yami No Naka Mp3, La mejor musica nueva desde tu celular totalmente gratis.

I wish you well and thank you. Comment by Vanessa — September 27, Almighty Allah be with you and help you find the stright path toward him …that he has his own way to let us be close to him. Comment by screamin75 — September 26, No words, just accept greetings from Poland. If it was up to me i would make sure you are on the next spacecraft to go back to the moon and the first to land on Mars so you can continue to give mankind such a wonderful view of the universe beyond our own doorstep.


The Unwanted Woman – Zane Ziadi (2005)

Comment by hadi yasin — September 26, 9: Thanks Comment by Jeff — September 26, 9: Is it to get closer to god? Have a safe trip back to earth!! Comment by Maryam-Tehran — September 27, 7: Have a safe trip back.

Comment by Rajesh Kumar — September 27, 4: Please stay more and write more. The sense of pride and joy we felt was indescribable. Comment by hamid — September 27, 1: Comment by Francois — September 27, 3: And of course the diamonds!!

It nice with all that, Cannon by Pachelbel, surrounding your space dreams. The way you have discribed, have made it easy for us to imagine what it really feels up there and how the world looks from there. I am sure you will be inspiring generations for centuries to come till the dream of visiting whole planets in our solar system and near and far galaxies is reality.

Niazi Comment by Mohammadreza Niazi — September 27, 5: They experience a new and sustained warmth for humanity. If you can download mp3s in space, please check out my music.

Salut a tous, voil comment Ondernemen watxh informatie 8e druk pdf herunterladen Inhoud van Ondernemen met informatie Ondernemen met informatie speelt in op de behoefte aan binnen bedrijfsprocessen. Comment by Sylvia — September 30, Zae sister once sent me the following quote in one of her emails: Tomorrow, the date of zaidi landing, we will read out your blog in public. Comment by David Livingston — September 27, 1: Comment by vahid esmailpour — September 27, Ansari, It has been so wonderful to watch you accomplish your life-long dream!


Keep an eye on us up there. As an Iranian-American and above all as a citizen of this beautiful plant I feel so proud of you. I wish you all the best for your return home, to the small blue dot Sandro Comment by Sandro — September 27, 9: Maybe our windows are not sharp very well or our eyes used to see wars!! May God bless you, your family and other simillar people as you. Dear Onkine, Many thanks for writing such wonderful experiences in space. Thanks for giving us a beautiful piece of space.

I am sure you are now enjoying beautiful and interesting moments in your life. How we had been anticipating it all. And we thank you and zaane that loves you and supports you for all of that. Have a safe journey home and I am looking forward to meeting you…. All I can say is that you really inspire me to shoot for the stars. I must be wonderful to pray in space. The descriptions of space life were very interesting.

It really shows your pretty and kind soul. Have a safe journey back.

Watch zane ziadi online | dispoipo

Your Blog inspired me so much that I have decided to post a little excerpt of it on my own personal Blog, linking to your site, so even more people hopefully get a chance to share your meaningful messages. I am very lucky because I learned from the newspaper about you and your blog you are fantastic person you are the last star in our world take care about your self Dimitris K.

Search Online Film Home: You definitely have to start the project of building a hotel in orbit just like the ISS but for space tourism!