Plus you planted that bomb in the Aman Ki Dua event and when you were caught you lied that I am your wife. Damini tells her always support the truth. Hot Picture Gallery – 1. B Giridharan July 18, at 4: They are thankful for that. E Written Update – 16th August

Sign in Recover your password. You will make it disappear just like that chip, right? He sees in the eyes o Like 0 Dislike 0. Kana Kaanum Kaalangal to 39 – to Damini asks her about the wedding. My sons are not mine anymore and my daughter has left us as well. They are thankful for that.

He tries to take it saying that someone is definitely instigating her against him but she pulls it back in time. Anonymous August 8, at Anonymous September 23, at 1: Ashfaque is at the police station.

He has to answer some questions. Sasural Simar Ka 5. You remember Fida and her husband?

Downloads Useful Download Links. We have to take care of the house and our baby. She confronts him about everything. If you would have spoken to her then you would know that she is pregnant.


Ammi asks her if everything is alright to which she nods. B Giridharan July 26, at 6: E Written Update – 23rd September auust She is shocked to realise that Khalid bhaijaan got to know about it.

She wants to talk to Vishnu first so he gives her his card. Welcome, Login to your account.

Parichay – 13th July 2012 – परिचय – Full Episode 243

She tells him to stop this game. E Written Update – 5th August Why would you want it as you want another Fidayin! I am proud of you. Please continue to update in English as I do not know Hindi. Mehta is impressed with her. I wont show it to you but to your family. Anonymous July 18, at Anonymous July 14, at 6: Hamari Saass Leela 9. E Written Update – 1st August E Written Update – 19th August Damini tells her always support the truth.

I think that there is a dangerous criminal in the family who has helped me here in Pakistan. E Written Update – 2nd August She is ready to do anything that is legal.

Watch Uttaran – 22nd August ~ Indian T.v Serial

Sindhu Bhairavi is a love story, it is a family story. Our whole family is ruined because of one Indian woman. E Written Update – 7th September He says I am only trying to fulfil my promise to my Abbu.


Khali the Indian born great wrestler’s real name is Dalip Auguat Rana. She knows that it was him in the Jammu train with Fida. There are no such restrictions. Meethi is at the PCO.

Anonymous July 18, at 4: Sign in Recover your password. E Written Update – 6th September E Written Update – 8th August Rehmat Ula comes there. B Giridharan July 2, at 5: Anonymous August 10, at Ashfaque lies that he had utatran to invite him for some party. Rodricks appreciates her but he cannot hire her. Other workers are jealous of her as she can be a danger for them.