They do not contain questionable content ex: Then they can help shill it out at every available opportunity too. This is no longer simply a fight between humans and the Festum. Kyoto Saga Berserk season 2 Rage of Bahamut: I am extremely satisfied with how they handled the ending. They added to the chaos of the battle and brought about even more hatred.

Also, I do know that you only chose to list a few examples of the OST, but a bit disappointed that “Mark Sein” was left out. Remember me Forgot password? It really does get tons better after the writer swap. Just in case for future reference with any of the other drama CDs or whatever if you ever decide you want to give them a look, just google “Fafner Fandom Guide” it should lead you to a tumblr post with a decent number of links to the other ones. I’ll definitely get to it eventually, if only just to check out the series which captivated your heart. Dead Aggressor – Heaven and Earth: Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban. The way Exodus ends is simply screaming for a movie or much better if there’s a 3rd season.

Isn’t the Sky beautiful? Join us on Discord! Oh and btw, don’t forget to wish Soushi happy birthday tomorrow: Kyoto Saga Berserk season 2 Rage of Bahamut: A film, titled Fafner in the Azure: I had seen many OVAs of animes at that point.


The Mecha in Fafner are to be perfectly honest, beautifully strange. It really does get tons better after the writer swap.

Fragments of the North Pole Mir vafner scattered throughout the world. The Two Queens Zoids: The adults activate Tatsumiya’s hidden defense systems and attempt to repel the attacker but to no avail.

MAL Links Crunchyroll There is also an extended version of episode 1 which was released fo the first BD volume and contains some quite important extra scenes.

Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret. Share anime to your friends! Mao-chan Stellvia D.

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus

It is also revealed that the cloaking was not meant to conceal Tatsumiya Island from only the Festum, but from the rest of humanity who would seek to use its technology in the greater war against them. Fafner image song “fly me to the sky” Fafner insert song “Proof”.

Jan 09, to Apr 03, Status: Have an issue with the staff or wish to file a ban appea, click here. And you picked several of the best ones to highlight in your thread.

Soukyuu No Fafner Right Of Left

It follows the storyline of the first season almost directly with two bonus missions and also features new weapons such as the dimension gun. The cliffhangers were brutal The series is even further strengthened thanks lett the addition of Exodus, which is really as strong as the sum of it’s parts due largely in part to an incredibly solid grounding in both characterisation and worldbuilding from Dead Aggressor. Also, I do know that you only chose to list a few examples of the OST, but a bit disappointed that “Mark Pnline was left out.


I am sure I used the wrong picture too. I liked datch of the ideas morality about child soldiers, human fear themselves more than monsters, large castbut it never clicked with me. Most hated humanity and attacked them, but some chose to coexist with mankind.

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G and onlone IG Zwei. Hmm, I might give this another shot. The Voice Actors in particular are experienced and fo their roles extremely well. The Festum is destroyed, but with Tatsumiya Island’s whereabouts exposed, the adults choose to relocate the island. Do not post spoilers in the submission title. The island’s young people continue with their daily lives unaware of these events, but after many years of peace a lone Festum discovers Tatsumiya and attacks.

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Possessing some truly odd joint attachments and frames whilst differing greatly in ability and size. The series features two pieces of theme music and one insert theme. Do not post Hentai here.

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