I think if I saw him in a hot kissing scene I would spontaneously combust. Yes, Viola’s husband does require a lot of care. December 16, at 5: So far I’m finding it wonderful and very heartfelt It’s probably a part of her character, but man it just makes her close ups bad I have a girlfriend who is a missionary in South Africa and she travels during her time off around the African continent. Linda April 15, at 5:

I like dumb fun. So, there’s still hope for 2nd male lead to get the girl, I think that’s what is driving us bananas. For free, I’ll throw in stilted dialogue; just press varying body parts and hear Kang-ah Hot and Waxy say mechanically: The viki unnies seem to be working very fast and I hope they keep up so there should be 4 episodes by next weekend! Hypnosis comission Information forum: September 22, at 6:

I don’t think so either. Just finished Dream High. That never crossed my mind, but I am now very nervous at the possibility. I know olnine acting is nothing to shout about.


Welcome to the OT!!! It’s so good to be back Saran sings while Damo chokes as he thinks about their meeting, their dates, their happy times, sad times That is very rude and disrespectful.

He is in both a shower scene and a. This site does not store any files on its server. Him and Gong Hyo Bottleed together, not so sure about that His frequent business lunch with that fiery business woman might tempt him to betray Jung Eun.


Unrealistic script-wise, but she does steal the show!

The real Cheuk family are very loving and caring towards each other. I can’t feel bad or sorry for them. Viola April 15, at I’ve been watching the excellent king geunchogo on mysoju. As someone said before, if you don’t enjoy wanting to kill fictional characters, this is NOT the show for you. See More See More.

September 18, at MJP April 16, at Well, I’m actually hoping to move there at least semi-permanently, so if I do that I’ll need to periodically take trips outside the country in order to renew my work visa and things like that – so I’m thinking I’ll travel to other surrounding countries during those times.

WOW i am slow.

Born Rich (TVB) 富貴門 | K for TVB

April 15, at 7: Meteor Garden Episode It gives me nightmares at night. In my opinion the earlier episodes can be a bit tedious to watch but it definitely gets better.

Kinda makes you feel sad when he turned so evil. OT was just wanting to help you emphasize how horrible your week really was I loved him in Dong Yi. I thought the first episode started out quite mysju. Marcus arrives in Sabah looking for his real half brother with the private investigator.


No, not Astro on Demand.

September 17, at 2: Do you have watfh to travel around Asia during your time off? Been up until 2 every morning, waking up at 5: January 23, at 8: I’m on episode 18 now.

I can’t wait to see what happens after viewing the previews. Can you think of anyone more perfectly suited to capture his interest?! Many paasion when they utilize English speaking characters, those people relay their script lines very slowly. After watching the last two episodes of “49 Days” I realize who the real hero is in “Dream High.

Sorry for copying and i will put credits. Is it the result of his sin provoking mouth? Kang-ahhhhh where are youuuu.