I am not sure who the original creator is, however the info. Portalwreck Trollgineer and Mr. This here is my special police vehicale most likely my only special police vehicale it’s a helicopter!!!! There’s a ton of thrusters on the back that are activated with NUM But I then discover the horrid alien creature that turns to stone when you look, the weeping angels! I did make this Map completly alone! Enjoy,rate, edit, and have fun with the editing.

Explosive version can be found here: Ninja Scout Set Hex. This is a prop hunt map, please leave suggestions for changes and future maps, thanks The Mega Launcher Admin Only. Instead of meddling around with the M9K base, i may decide to take the entire weapons pack and put on to another , more updated base. This is a powerful, stylish, weapon that will truly pack a punch. Criado por Warboss Vitali.

The other players must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. D It’s a killing music from the House 2.

Gmod LORD OF THE RINGS Mod! – VenturianTale :: Let’s Play Index

However what makes this map different is it contains a working Tornado. So I came up wi Criado por Cosmic G,od. I grabbed Sentry’s version, and I changed a lot o Now with prop and ragdoll manipulation! Criado por Lord Demon Pyro.

I made this real fast just for the Lulz xD – the crapping pants sound is from South Park.


Some Swedish models, including the fish. You’ll have to ask Chris about it as he made this. Criado por Doktir Jade. Adds an Allosaurus to the game. I hope you enjoy my work! Press C to fire: With Nagels you can customize your car in almost any way you want.

Caso acredite que o item tenha sido removido por engano, entre em contato com o Suporte Steam. Este item foi removido da comunidade por violar as regras e diretrizes da Venturiantwle Steam.

Also thanks to Idie for teaching me how to upload to the workshop. Added sounds and modifed code.


The pack will include all SCars made by me and will be updated over time with more cars added. Criado por The Vape Cracker. I recommend 3 though.

This is my first upload it is a flyable F Raptor. Shoot the duplicator at the ground where you want it to hit. No actual boots, just flaming feet Hold jump to fly using the power of feet. With the brand spanking new mega launcher you can easily blast yourself, non player characters and your friends to a whole new world!!

Alot of addons needed. You get pushed ‘up’ from whichever direction you are facing eg. You will need a purchased copy of CSS to run these maps properly. Lightsabers and Nyan Cat. Criado por SCP Gaming.


There should be coustom sweps soon to come!

FUNNIEST HORROR MOD EVER! – Gmod Friendly Gnome Surv…

If you like this then please subcribe to me on youtube. Ninja Scout Set Hex. Type ARitzDD help in console! Escape the Asylum – Episode 2. This pack includes 6 powerful laser guns, with cool effects.

Criado por Mechanical Mind. Thumbs up hhorror this took me a while: Driveable Nyan Cat M. Replaces skin 9 on all of your tdmcars, so no more nails. This House themed PropHunt map features 2 floors with 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen a living room, a basement, and a laundry room.

Updated versions of the maps in this pack here: This is a conversion of the Lizardmen model from Chrysaetos. This here is my special police vehicale most likely my only special police vehicale it’s a helicopter!!!!

Do NOT reupload any modifications of this gun. This is a small city map with many buildings, some of which are enterable.

You have Karts and Mushrooms from the game Mario Kart. Num Pad 6 Shoot:

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