An intriguing episode in that, unusually, it’s left to a guest star to carry it. A complex, imaginative and ultimately satisfying tale, Timelash is a cracking episode. Was this review helpful to you? Like I said, not a lot of time heh! I’m gonna miss these guys. Ed Straker Norma Ronald

It’s good to see Henderson again, and Jackson! It’s wicked fun and doesn’t make a lick of sense. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. So what kind of time manipulation are we talking about here? Might be a rough job of it, from his ravings. I can buy that Turner believes it, though, it’s clearly a sore spot and I can see him endowing Straker with every trait he feels a failure at.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. You are commenting using your WordPress. He thereby shoots and kills Turner, gets the missile key, and destroys the incoming UFO; he also turns off the time-freezing device.

The result involves a half uof non-stop chase sequence which is amazingly energetic, at times eppisode, but ultimately very satisfying. You are commenting using your Facebook account. For studies of thespic ability then this isn’t one to watch, but to see a lead character once more tortured, as the most painful memories of his life are played before his eyes as “rushes”, then this is very special indeed.

UFO Characters – Timelash

Alan Pattillo was usually behind the camera for Gerry Anderson productions, and this was the only episode of UFO he’d penned. This appears to be a fictional establishment. Probably the famous English rain made continuity of outdoor shots difficult! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Either way it should not be possible for a VDU in the command center to project a picture, this requires an electron scan to uufo place and light photons emitted. Straker and Lake attempt to kill Turner but he is able to manipulate udo to avoid their attacks. So, we have to wonder. Her story is found out ten years later after she emerges from a coma, with the only person she trusts authorising drugs that may kill her just so she’ll remember all the details.


Mindbender takes this to its ultimate extreme, as a hallucinogenic alien rock causes Straker to imagine that he’s the star of UFO, the TV series.

Straker grabs a piece of wood and strikes at a stool doing bullet-time and can’t make it move, failing to realize that he should have been unable to dpisode up the wood Watching the two of them in action, had UFO gone to another series they could have formed a very impressive partnership. A different UFO model seems to have been used in the shot at You omitted to mention the episodf Wanda Ventham!

Timelash (UFO) – Wikipedia

Notify me of new comments via email. I enjoyed those as well, but this is easily the better piece aided by tijelash direction and fx work. The final episode to be produced, The Long Sleep acts as a perfect end to the series as a whole, with Commander Straker mentally broken and defeated by the choices he has to make. Jackson to administer a drug that might kill Episodd instead of hastening his recovery. Notify me of new posts via email.

Like Straker, we’re guessing. Apparently only objects that were under the influence of kinetic energy are paralyzed while those at eipsode can still be manipulated. My brain hurts, it’ll have to come out.

Between the swift pace and looking away to take notes, I failed to spot them. It’s possible to feel sympathy for Straker, given that his son only had an accident due to both his ex-wife Mary’s insistence that he should leave without saying goodbye to him, and her failure to stop their son running out into the middle of a road.

Search for ” Timelash ” on Amazon. Season 1 Episode They move through the base, they see everyone frozen, including all the equipment, and a bird in mid-air.

The sight of Cole dying alone on the moon and giving his love to his wife – unaware she’s been killed, the information clinically withheld from him by Straker – is a chilling, perverse one.

UFO # 24 – Timelash

Straker observes and tries to move a stool fixed in mid-air, which he hits with a stick they are able to pick up and manipulate the stick. I doubt it, as they were attacked before arriving The declaration of dates is also an intriguing one, because it not only puts the series in a wider timeframe – the programme has taken place over a four-year period – but it also reflects the series’ pitch-black, pessimistic leanings when Straker speaks of an Earthquake in Turkey,that killed 80, people.


Straker and Lake tool up with some impressive hardware and hunt him down through the studio backlot. Straker arms himself with a shoulder-fired missile to destroy it. There are plenty of musical jazz freakout moments to detract from the downbeat tone episdoe this one, but the dark side of the story manages to keep breaking through.

The production order itself is a nice way to watch it, aside from the matter of Paul Foster appearing in timleash episode before he was introduced. The screenplay was written by Terence Feely and the director was Cyril Frankel.

UFO Characters – Timelash

Posted by Jeff Larsen at 4: Miss Ealand Ron Pember However, Turner ambushes the pair, knocking Lake unconscious and stealing a key required to operate the missile. How did the aliens make contact with the many venal humans often SHADO staff they are seen to have turned to their cause in this daft series? Philip Madoc credited with an extra L in his name is left standing around awkwardly as the new man in Mary’s life, called upon to repeatedly step out of frame so as not to spoil the blocking of shots.

Ed Straker Norma Ronald While Ed Bishop is fine at the cold, clinical stuff, the emoting he’s called on to do at the climax is notably just outside of his range.