Zimbabwe — Fresh TV”. So, they were forced to leave the competition and bring back a team of their choice. Chad Hicks Keith Oliver. Retrieved August 13, You rode out on your highs, then Devin collapsed next to you. You were happy to be his and he was happy to be yours.

The final 5 teams now travel to India to harvest tea crops and then ride a train. Morocco — Fresh TV”. Hawaii — Fresh TV”. The Geniuses are the third team eliminated from the race after taking too long with their castle. In the end, the Adversity Twins Jay and Mickey come in last after suffering from stage fright. Retrieved May 25, Retrieved February 19, Your euphoria was taking over, your movements were uncontrollable.

Showbiz Boy Tripping the Rift. Retrieved September 28, The drama will continue totally, we cannot end the franchise on a flat note.

No touching or making any sounds unless I say you can. You were happy to be his and he was happy to be yours. The seven remaining teams fly to Mexico where they must eat spicy peppers in order to determine which height they will jump from on a cliff to get the next travel tip.

You opened your mouth to moan, but quickly closed it, biting your lip hard. TV by the Numbers.

Fifteen teams still remain and they all travel to Rio de JaneiroBrazil where they must face a glove full of bullet ants and prepare a costume to ridoculous in Carnivale. Retrieved December 22, Kola Borehole — Fresh TV”. Their first challenge is to carry multiple spices across the desert in camels and then eat them in a restaurant.


Retrieved September 1, You bit your lip and held your breath, knowing that if you were quiet and still for long enough, Devin would continue. Retrieved February 25, Shanghai Rush The Ridonculous Race. A sinister smile appeared on your face.

It was clear on his face now, Devin needed you just as much as you needed him.

Morocco — Fresh TV”. The police cadets reach the chill zone first by a few seconds while the ice dancers are finally eliminated from the race. The Surfers are delayed due to a misunderstanding, and both teams search at the same time. The Goths are penalized so they come in 12th instead. A few moments later, Devin pushed you down onto the bed. Retrieved June 21, Subsequently, the last scene of the season is edited to depict the surfers holding the million dollar prize, while the cadets are standing out with the rest of the teams in the peanut gallery.

carrie and devin

You smiled deviously, knowing that Devin was going to find you quickly and then things would escalate. You tried to keep your moans in, but it was getting much more difficult as you came closer to your orgasm. Archived from the original on February 23, The contestants compete in teams of two throughout the season. Retrieved September 11, Fourteen teams now travel to Transylvania.


You began to think, Maybe Devin has something more…sensual…in mind. Even though some of the characters from the main series will make appearances, the spin-off series will primarily have a new cast. Production commenced on January 1, and concluded on October 30, The goths adopt a bunny named “Loki” for their team. The series is created by Fresh TV Inc.

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Devin turned to face you, smiling sweetly. Retrieved July 9, Your hands were quickly slapped away by Devin.

Beijing — Fresh TV”. Their challenge is to transport themselves in coffins and then perform gymnastics. Retrieved October 6, The eleven remaining teams now travel to Zimbabwe to take on a waterfall selfie and photographic rhinos.