Kelly and Taylor “I sat around waiting for you, and now we get a penalty! Heh, there’s zero chance of it being me! I memorized the first half, and Steph took the second half. Just In All Stories: The phrase is, ‘Vinsamlegast gefa mer mina travel abending’, which directly translates to ‘Please give me my travel tip’. Back in the ice caves, Emma had finished carving out a bone fossil from the wall, although keeping a significant amount of ice intact. The Goths’ faces gave no signs of life other than blinking, which irritated Don.

I could pee myself. That lady’s goose-y dress distracted me! We hope to be at the top of the podium from here on! The exhausted Fashion Bloggers finally crossed the field, but all their energy returned the moment they saw the tip giver. Geoff gave Brody a fistbump but got a little shock in the first place. The Vegans walked over to where the Father and Son previously were and looked worried. Thanks for the input! And nobody wants it,” The Daters were now almost finished with their meal, the only thing remaining being a string of what looked like intestines.

Geoff and Brody “Starting out in last place is tough enough as it is. After he said those words, Jen immediately bolted, passing the carpet of completion in the process. Kelly and Taylor ran up to Don with their platter intact, he smiled and said, “You’re in seventh, or at least you would be if not for this one-hour penalty! Josee slammed the buzzer on the Don Box, grabbing the tip with as much gusto: Kelly and Taylor “I sat around waiting for you, and now we get a penalty!

The only other team attempting the feast was the Rockers, although Spud was more focused on his music than the challenge. The Goths were almost finished with their feast, while the Reality TV Pros were about halfway through.


Total Drama The Ridonculous Race – Bjorken Telephone (Clip 2)

Laurie voice Ashley Botting The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role. After they got on, the helicopter transported them to the national park, and the next 7 teams chose their tasks. You’re the last two I’d be expecting to be here,” Ellody raised an eyebrow. Rock jumped onto the Carpet of Completion, followed quickly by Spud. Dwayne draam Junior “We were already so far behind, I couldn’t risk having dad The camera cut to Don, who was walking towards a speaker.

We can still win! You’re the mom, or whatever!

Bjorken Telephone (Clip 2)

Dwayne and Junior on the other hand, had finally managed to reach the Swan Lady. Meanwhile, MacArthur picked up the protesting Sanders after the latter timed jumping a geyser wrong.

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At this point, Kitty stepped in. Mary turned to her partner. The Fashion Bloggers felephone focused on keeping traction with the slippery ground until the Ice Dancers gracefully slid past them, prompting some stares.

Bjorken Telephone “Last time on the Ridonculous Race: Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Kelly and Taylor “If you had a face as Chipotle as mine, would you want it hit dramma an ice pick? Help me get it to the chill zone! And chill it is!

Once they both reached the end of their portion of the feast, their lips touched, and they started making out again. Tom simply nodded in understanding and walked off the mat. I’m super optimistic about telepyone chances right now! With the Sisters taking the final spot on the helicopter, Don’s voice-over began.


Rock turned to the Geniuses, both of whom looked incredibly nervous.

Bjorken Telephone

And nobody wants it,” The Daters were now almost finished with their meal, the only thing remaining being a string of what looked like intestines. You gotta eat the feast, it’s a team challenge! Next time you want to help, don’t help! The Surfer Dudes wasted no time in getting to work.

Ridonculous Race Bjorken Telephone / Recap – TV Tropes

Lorenzo shoved him back. The goths surprisingly win, and the vegans get last place, but since this is a non-elimination leg, they were spared for another episode, but with a penalty. Hopefully this was good. While the teams continued to race through the geyser fields, the Reality TV pros found themselves in a sticky situation. Team Interview Over “First place is taken, but last place is still up for grabs and nobody wants it!

Let’s take a minute to thank all the fossil spirits guiding us,” Laurie suggested. First place goes to the goths! At the feast table, the other teams were ready to have a go at the feast, at least until Geoff lifted the toatl on one.