The gore isn’t the point of the show but it is very much there. A bit before I start watching, because people aren’t idiots, if it’s well ranked there’s hope for it to be worth trying. It’s just that you have to go through ages and ages of them getting it wrong and dying because of it No video for now, but i’ll watch it tonight. Anyway, sounds like fun! Then good ni- oh, he’s gone already. Countdown phone calls, I guess you’re talking about this? Okay, I found a way to read spoilers, but it implies reading stuff on the source code or whatever of the page so I’m sorry if I miss anything.

I haven’t felt this amazed by an anime for quite a while. With a lot to discuss. I hope they don’t give you the time to grow attached to them Good thing, with Nisekoi, it eases our waiting. SOrry, you’ll have it late then. She’s the person who played Maka in the Soul Eater english dub, and that’s noteworthy because Maka has one of the best ‘crazy’ scenes that I’ve ever seen in anime. Your comment about tears made me laugh so much.

Anyway, for Ouran – I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it, but it’s a pretty entertaining show, so yeah, if you feel like watching a light hearted comedy, go nuts. I do the same sometimes, checking if someone – aka you when we’re in the middle of the thread – answered me here.

Just go out with Misaki-chan already. Funny though, here in Canberra we have separate schools for grades Kindergarden as wellgrades and grades I think I’ll make it so that you can vote for a top 5, and then also put in your favourite company. Since I can’t even focus my eyes I’ll answer tomorrow and just say that actually the encounter scene in ep1 stayed in my head all day. Okay in order not to die from the heat I’ll open my window.


I guess I’ll still watch it someday. I actually don’t know who is Laura Bailey either I can’t wait. Her voice is too deep. More human, animewavfles mean like regretting decision, having traces of ethics, things like that?

Toradora Episode 6 Eng Dub

The music was just We haven’t seen him for a while. I have a very short attention span I mean, I did see some good in the series, it’s just painful to sit through the slow parts. Yeah, it’s a bit weird. Yeah he’s totally useless. Yeah, I hope I’m heavily mistaking but Who knows, maybe Nichijou would have become boring after 25 episodes too Dammit now I’m really curious. Damn, if she has a kid it’s already too late for you! Meaning plenty of study. Well, hilarious and insane, gotta watch it.

It’s weird she almost doesn’t do anything else, because she was good in MN and the series had some success.

Top 5 Animes Similar to Toradora!

Or maybe instead of a blanket, many thin layers which number adjust depending on temperature? The whole show kinda confused me to be honest. You know how I love my string instruments and my epic choirs I would hate having to let Kill la Kill buffering in episore middle of an epic battle scene and switch to the slow-paced Nagi no Asukara or something.

If they manage to make some more second season will be even more enjoyable. Well ,I guess Horrible Subs won’t disappoint me.

Toradora Episode 6 Eng Dub – Dailymotion Video

Heheh, gotta love Mitsuki getting Yuzu’s fruit wrong. It’s not too much epispde 25 episodes of romcom. Last season they lost in their last game of the season so I dunno. I won’t say anything – as usual, I hope I never told you anything important – but here people will probably spoil KlK saw it written Kek la Kek one day, made me laugh Hope you’ll be better.


Which one was it? I haven’t watch Ouran Yet? A mysterious man rules Australia from the shadows.

It’s a no-win situation – maybe not so different animewqffles when you play with them though, since animewafles mop the floor with them without holding back. Yeah, sometimes I also have to keep the show in small screen so I can see right why when I get a notification – sometimes I completely miss it. Yeah, me too I think, it’s not on Horrible Subs’ program today. I know I will probably never see again the people that I would have targeted.

I could not comprehend what was going episoxe with the sky or walls Airs in less than one week, I can’t wait. Well I must admit Loli Yuno crying is a plus.

I’m actually getting pretty sick of that Jelly Jiggler gif. I really like the randomness in the show.

Speaking about tops, I actually upgraded Animewatfles Rumble to something like 8th, before Sakurasou. But what I’m most curious about is Akuma no Riddle. I’ve seen people rocketting from their chair during school