She saw Goo Jae-hee school uniform, how can a girl enter an all-boys reputable expensive Genie High? I would just look at the new upcoming generation of pretty boys then. I love all of the boys that are chasing after you Yes, Hanna should feel hurt that Taejoon doesn’t like her even though they have been together for so long, but really that’s her problem and she does not have a stake on him. She slips inside but Hanna catches a glimpse of her anyway. The only adults who found out inexplicably decided to do nothing. Hope we see these kids in some other cheerful series, and very soon:

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. That’s why there was a point wherein there was a time skip between 2 episodes. I enjoyed what it offered and in no way was it meant as a basis to raise your children. Wasn’t it another diary? Eun-gyul sheep, aw, love that. I’ve had the worst week

In the end, I just don’t care about any of the characters. Episodes by odilettante. How can they be so cute? Like I already said: In the first Jdrama, I remember she took a compromising picture of them and printed it for all the school to see.

And that’s what I did.

And kisses, l think its 5 kisses plus that at pool. So thank you for venting your frustrations—which usually mirrored my own—and enjoying the cute parts that were the teeny gems of this drama.

Most of her choices, heck, ALL of her choices seem to involve no though process at all and she just bumbles her way through, hoping that she’ll somehow epdeama it usually with the help of other ppl.


Episode 11

I’m waiting for someone to point out that’s an indirect kiss, like in the manga Also, her blackmail epdramx is slightly different in that she may have thought that Ty Kyung wanted to keep Go Minam’s secret in order to keep the band from being exposed. And they want us to understand that JH also fall in love with TJ. I think I want to live inside Eun. Hyun-jae gives him one final warning that the meet is about to begin.

And I mean that sincerely. Tae-joon readies himself for the 2. You’re acting like a girl already. She gives him a shirt haphazardly embroidered with a taeguki for good luck.

But, even if she drives me up the wall most of the times with her actions, I’ll be rooting for her as well. They share tips on how to jump episide and better, a sight that makes Coach Baek smile.

TJ was brood all the time after the rehab but Jay’s will do anything to make him jump again. Another looks a bit like a stalker to me with good intentions but wrong manners taking many pictures without her consent isn’t a bit like stalking? Poor Eun-gyul returns to his room, pale-faced and glum. Or not– it might give them a cover to maintain the status quo– maybe Tae-joon will be following Jae-hee around this time while she tries to keep her distance?

To The Beautiful You engsub

And omg how could I forget In terms of acting, Lee Hyun-woo and Kang Ha-neul drove these characters off the page and into our hearts. The outstanding and intriguing characters: It just so happens that the woman next to her is watching the meet on her phone and lets her watch together. Jae-hee spots Tae-joon outside and starts towards him but then remembers herself.


To bring back a lifeless Tae-jooni to an energetic Tae-jooni whose raging hormones and heart race only for Jae-hee. Because it’s the greatest flattery of all, getting to know that you inspired someone to be strong and excel. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode She asks after Jae-hee as well.

Eun-gyul practices in the mirror on how to present the shirt to Jae-hee, scratching his head in frustration when he deems all of his approaches as unacceptable as the last.

To The Beautiful You – Episode 8.

A Love So Beautiful Ep 1 – Watch A Love So Beautiful Ep 1 English sub online in high quality

To the beautifu you Special Pt I really loved it except the fact that I wanna dive to the cliff for the next beautidul She doesn’t consider people’s feelings around her. Its sad they broke up realli quickly too.

If Minho has feelings for my darling Sulli Cast – To the Beautiful You. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe