I accept he was very supportive whenever she was in trouble! Bihaan says I m illiterate and I m fine with it, now my song will play. Omg i cant bear my anger on him if i saw him directly means il definetly give him a tight slap. Hi, I want to appreciate translator because of his attemping for translating in English despite of his problems , I am Iranian person but I like this Hindi serial and follow it. Pyaar ki Kashti Film: He asks the man to play hindi songs. I read updates and if I see somthing good I watch it, and isnt this show suppose to be an inspirational show right, what kind of inspirational show making a joke out of marriage, like how can this happen for second time, and i m sure dhruv will fail in his plan and thahaan will get remarried. Nuts 24th Jun –

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Hey bhagvaan… for one hug they took too much time and they are hesitating to hug in their room also and ur telling they are always hugging infront of Dhruv and family? See dhruv only truly loves thapki so he deserves her. Anisha 23rd Jun – He asks her to drink poison. But now she loves bihaan and always in front of dhruv they are expresing their love and always hugging each other. He looks at the diya.

Loveleen 24th Jun – 5: Bihaan and Thapki dance and smile. Episode 8 – Happy and Lucky are learning swimming. So Dhruv said today that Vasu, Shraddha and Thapki were the three most important person in his life. The rituals are done.

Shraddha asks Bihaan to have juice, is he still annoyed, I m doing this to get your forgiveness. Dhuruv…writer…director, ivangalukule edho understanding odudhu. Avale kandupidichi kaapathi vachikattum.

My sympathies are with dhruv but bihaan, he is the most lovable and loving character of the serial. He ppyaar Thapki is the most beautiful girl in the world, I want her as she is like a star in the sky, I love you…… Bihaan, Thapki and Shraddha get shocked.


LifnA 24th Jun – 3: And this bihaan how dare he fall in love with his brothers lover.

Omg i cant bear my anger on him if i saw him directly means il definetly give him a tight slap. Now it turns out I am going to cry alot seeing bihaan getting embarrassed in front of thapki. He looks at the diya. Bihaan is awesome and tnapki.

Manish you are awesome wonderful actor. Sujoy 23rd Jun – Like everyone speaking english its really rubbish yaar. Bihaan says I m illiterate and I m fine with it, now my song will play. For what purpose he must forgive her? To watch the full episode of ‘Uttaran’ anytime, Download the Voot app now or Visit www. Sam 24th Jun – MLA asks Bau ji whats all this, Bihaan is lucky, else to get a girl like Thapki is tough for such guys.

Bihaan went against family for thapki he deserv love of thapki,not Dhruv who ignored her when she told him not to marry Shradha. Bihaan angrily adds poison in the drink and asks Shraddha to drink this, else tell the family that you did this. Pyaar Mohabbat Happy Lucky – Ep. Andha alavukku poganum, avanga intimacy.

Thapki Pyar Ki

Anisha 23rd Jun – Whenever i saw dhruv i feel very pity for him. People are getting things and happiness by cheating. Actually thapki thaane sonna, bhihhan precious. Initial phase of their marriage when bihaan came to know that DS loves thapki he tried to unite them.

At the thapik you may not get what you are fighting for, but after this nobody will ever dare to take you for granted.


Orangi Ki anvari Seg 02 – video dailymotion

Loved how he used the tie which reappeared cause I thought he took it off part of his naagin dance. Bihaan is inoccent bcoz he never knows that druv lovs thapki he thinks that he just care for so he bcom ready for marriage. Mandal 23rd Jun – I paartha paavama irukku. MONA 24th Jun – 5: Bihaan says Thapki wants to say your jewelry is complimenting your 112. Shraddha asks whats all this. Shraddha asks what do you mean. After knowing also he fall in pywar with her and he is hugging her and trying to go near her!

Naan kise nahi pasand, koi khata hai Butter Naan, koi Plain Naan. Ippathaan marupadium indira paarka arambichen.

Orangi Ki anvari 121 Seg 02

Suman asks why do you do mistake that you need to apologize. I have to say he acts much better as a villian than a hero for sure. Apadiye onnu sethuvachi inniyoda indiravaye mudichidalam. Its nt a crime to love sum1 bt its very unfair to hurt sum1 who was manupulated.

Dhruv did a single mistake but bihaan and vasu did lots of mistakes but u people are supporting bihaan and wish thapki to marry bihaan?

In the initial stage of tpk the main lead were tharuv not thahaan! Jerly 24th Jun – 1: