Thank you for such high quality entertainment. I think, no I know, Bibi took a part of my heart away with her when she died … I refuse to think of her as just a character … you were just that good! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And finally Sanam Saeed, who was the reason for my watching this show. You added that touch of finesse for me. It suddenly felt very sad, much more than it did in the end of the novel.

Though the letters remain untouched, Apoo ji never falters in her ritual. A huge thank you to you for recommending this amazing gem of a drama. The sadness stems from how this could be so true, children are so innocent and their childhood experiences are what molds them into who they are. She ends up as the black sheep of the family by default, when she returns to Silverwood with her 2 kids, divorced from her husband who turned out to be no better than Agha ji, but in fact worse. You have done more then justice in all your reviews to each episode. Shabash , you have a beautiful command of the language and equally commendable way of expressing your feeling and how you perceive something! It was so great to have you on board throughout the Talkhiyan journey..

How did she ever give in to that?? Talkhiyan has to be my favorite serial and thank you to all the cast members too who often came and interacted with us in a very friendly manner, Each one has dramz quiet a remarkable job. Lost among all these shining lights, though, was Episoxe Niazi, who remained unconvincing as Baloo.

Yes I would certainly try and be there to read up on other shows. Your reviews have always brought each episode together perfectly.

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The departure of Jugnu and his questions to Bibi, the silence of Zoya while watching her twin brother leaving for indefinite time, the agony and pain of a helpless Bibi who wanted to give her children everything best and love them double and of course their unfulfilled dream of own house with big bay windows and badminton court- each and everything was heart wrenching.

A pleasure as always to hear from you and I am flattered and humbled that you have been following my reviews — much appreciated! Also, a big thank you to all the viewers, who watched talkhiyan, and gave it the same love and affection that we felt while we were making it. Any director who can work that well with children deserves applause.

I am from India and was totally unaware of Pak tv industry until lately. I hope we get see more from him in the days to come. Sanam should get an award for this and so does the children and Hina Bayat … Just loved them to bits. The final episode showcased everything that made Talkhiyan so special.


I am reviewing it currently, and the 9th ep just aired yesterday. He blamed her and her children for the death of his daughter. This is one of the classics, in Hx Pakistani drama.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bibi with eplsode else to go to returns to Silverwood, the very place she had run away from, with her twins. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was the most beautifully written talkhihan of the script and you made it sound just prefect. I agree with you completely. It makes the story more special as it allows our imagination to take a flight.

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You have done more then justice in all your reviews to each episode. She also had to suffer and go through a lot yet she still tried to protect her kids. With her children gone, her lover dead, her family against her, and troubled by failing health, how much more was she supposed to grow?

Though the letters remain untouched, Apoo ji never falters in her ritual. Mehak for her debut was simply outstanding, she set me off bawling when she talked about how to tell jugnu bibi died …I loved every scene of hers, her voice was just dripping with emotion.

Jugnu came back to Silverwood bc he knew that was the only place he can come back to in hopes to find his mother and sister. Honestly, I thought no way! Everyone was on point! Sanam thanks for working in one of the most thoughtful galkhiyan in the history of television. Absolutely out drams this world. I couldnt have asked for a better role, cast and my children. What an amazing play, what amazing acting, and what amazing characters.

Take a bow, you all! Your review took be back to silver wood and among the inmates of ita very articulated review indeedyou deserve a big pat on your shoulder! Once an evil Always an evil;appo jee her tone was still rude even after 14 years Hina eisode bayat i guess she has never done something like this yet she did it with great conviction.

Thank you SZ for writing the detaiked reviews.: Although i thoroughly enjoyed the entire drama, the last episode has been my favorite.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

Obviously not, the seperation is what literally destroyed jugnu and zoya, they probably could have dealt with episkde if they had all just stayed together: So sweet ddama you to remember us and wish! Thank you Rehmat…yeh drama hi kuch aisa tha: Children are so innocent and the only people they know at that age, the only people they depend on for everything are their parents momand these kids lost it all, way too soon.


Do check it out, and I will wait to hear your take on epispde. Oh how well you have given words to my feelings for this wonderful young actress Sanam Saeed. Nadia i too wish we see more productions like these in the future.

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How can Bibi be so harsh on her children to send one away and let the other one go back to Epksode, a place that gave her nothing but betrayal, and woh bhi in the hands of Jaanu baba, the epitome of an ass. Thank you so much SZ and talohiyan else for all your love and support.

Bibi, who almost died from inside…when lying to zoyee about her options in choosing job or to talkhiyyan baba about her promotion was heart wrenching. Narrative through adult Zoya was awesome. Thank you so much for taking part in the discussions, for feeling so strongly for each character, for listening to and understanding and sharing dgama struggles, dreams, failures of all these characters… And for not judging to harshly, but rather understanding their failures as humans and understanding that we all start off with the best intentions, but sometimes life throws obstacles in our paths which throw us off course and and change us so completely that we are only left with the echos of whom we once were… There are no good and bad people, but circumstances make us so.

This will be a phenyl-wrung, middle-brow washed-out version but I was happy to be proven partially wrong. Abhi Ive started reviewing Firaaq, which eoisode promising and Jackson heights which also looks promising. Why did he come back after four years, what did he want to achieve?

After watching Talkhiyan I had written a summarized take on it. Everyone was outstanding and we have said so many times before that the kids were just amazing and deserve awards, they breathed life into zoyee and jugnu!

A shout out of course, to the stars of the talkjiyan — Sagar and Sabina- in very childlike but grownup mesmerizing performances.