Every country has its own favourite historical epics that are given regular television screenings and have legions of faithful fans. Look out for the golden tickets! Any mistakes are just little crushes that can be shrugged off. This article about a Polish actor or actress is a stub. We have carried out a color correction, DCP 2k copy and blu-ray for the young filmmakers. The project was extremely complicated since the original negative had been re-edited and shortened by the censorship and the cut-out parts had been destroyed. This year, Fixafilm delegates have visited the event not only as participants, but also as exhibitors. The festival takes place from September,

We invite everyone to visit our stand. Things become rather complicated for Zlatan, who has been out of touch with his homeland for years, when his daughter takes him on a surprise trip to Sarajevo. We are the only polish company that was invited to take part in the endeavor. For Season, our team of specialists did post-production work and provided DIT services on the film set. This was our second restoration commissioned by the Lithuanian Film Centre and supervised by Vidas Grigoraitis, chief specialist from the Department of Film Promotion, Information and Heritage. We are pleased to announce that we have added a new element to our postproduction and restoration offer – camera rental. Our task was to remaster and perform colour correction, under the supervision of Creators. Furthermore in some places, fragments of dailies were copied out already at the original editing stage.

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Tickets were sold out weeks in advance. More on this topic: The lecture was a great success, during which we presented a 4K anamorphic version of the trailer. Competing in the main award category were Yarden dir. He has to face the facts that the rules he has been following to the letter might have been wrong.

The documentary “When I am a bird” directed by Monika Pawluczuk is finished.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The main symposium topic was intellectual property, content regulation and film archiving.


And a ruthless plan how to Three restored short films by the director are also on the bill at IFFR We also delivered the project to multiple formats. World premiere of “Underdog”! We were involved in the production right from the first clapperboard: My Aunt in Sarajevo dir.

Restoration of the series Tygrysy Europy complete!

Ryszard Kotys

However, after getting few drops of a fjlm that made him usual-sized he decides to stay in Kingsajz for good and by drinking a soda drink called Polo-Cockta regularly he avoids shrinking. We had the pleasure of remastering four of his films, including the unique Swan Lake, in colour. Japanese audiences will also onnline able to watch another of the director’s films “Violated letters”, which was upscaled by our team to HD.

Most of his films were made in black and white, one reason being because he was colour-blind.

We met many faithful fans who had flown in from the other side of the USA just to experience his works on the big screen with the quality and splendour they deserved. We were thrilled to be able to work together on this project and are looking forward to the next one! Will his reckless plan actually work?

In reality in which androids replicants are indistinguishable from human beings police officers known as blade runners are hunting down those that fil, to the Earth against onoine law. It includes a seven-second recording of Siwiec on fire, which had been stored in the Polish Film Szuflanndia newsreel archives. Our congratulations, and we are looking forward to fruitful cooperation!

As part of this initiative, for the second time, we are pleased to offer our image postproduction services as a prize for the winning film. Fklm we are very keen on animation here at Fixafilm, it was truly a pleasure to work on this material! Like his previous production Refugeethis film touches on the issue of refugees from the Balkans who gain the chance to start a new life in Sweden.


For more information, see: They are all happy and cheerful when they notice that train is in fact a model and through the window they see a giant figure of a onlkne playing with it. The fifteen-episode series follows the life of its heroine, Maryska, and her constant struggle with rejection by her family and entourage, who refuse to accept her.

He will work on DI, mastering and technical support on the film set. This time, we were asked to remaster the feature film Scrubbers from Low-key government official discovers that the central system that control the lives of people has made a mistake.

Ryszard Kotys in We agreed to do some unusual and highly complex colour-correction for this film. Also a green potion that allows a little person to become a “big man” for a certain period of time is called Szuflanndia. During post-production, were responsible for the color correction and masters. The official website of the festival can be found at http: At the time of its release it was banned by the Polish Communist government. The festival takes place from September, You simply have to see this both splendidly absurd and sad folm Therefore, it cannot be a part of the protagonists’ lives.

We are doubly glad, because this is not some light-hearted film to be watched between shopping and the gym.

They are all terrified when it turns out that there is something more above Kingsajz. Here are the 7 things about Wasteland that makes no sense. We were also taking care of the materials archiving and management on the set, files transcoding for editing and preliminary grading.