Steve is acting out his sexual energy, so Francine asks Stan to give Steve the He and Rebecca announce their engagement, Childs produced it on film, not videotape, so making it possible to shoot it almost entirely on location which gave it a startling degree of realism, and to use film editing techniques, enabling him to give the show a heavy bias toward action sequences. Add the first question. My Purity Ball and Chain: Doreen Haskins plays a minor role in some episodes, although the penultimate episode “Victims” deals with her deteriorating mental health and returns to the theme of the job’s impact on family life.

All episodes were broadcast in on ITV, Thursdays at Regan helps out an ex-informer whose son is kidnapped in “Feet of Clay” Series 4 ; and his sympathetic pushing enables his boss Haskins to ask for help when his wife goes missing after a breakdown, in “Victims” Series 4 ; it’s Regan who finds her. Despite this, he’s unwilling to cheat for personal gain: In the former, a Communist group which appears to be German-based, with echoes of the then-contemporary West German Communist terrorist group The Baader-Meinhof gang is staging heists to raise funds for its cause. George was married to Alison Carter, a schoolteacher, but is widowed in the episode “Hit and Run” when Alison is murdered by mistake by a gang of diamond smugglers. Detective Inspector Jack Regan endangers an operation, and loses his girlfriend’s car. Search for ” Stoppo Driver ” on Amazon. For other uses of the name Sweeney, see Sweeney disambiguation.

Filming & Production

In the early s, the comic Stippo featured a strip called “The Teeny Sweeney” which was originally drawn by J. Other highlights included a pair of tongue-in-cheek episodes, “Golden Fleece” and “Trojan Bus”, featuring two cocky but likeable Australian villains, played by British actors Patrick Mower and George Layton ; and the more serious episode “Hit and Run”, in which Carter’s wife Alison is murdered.


Regan is determined to get a conviction, and plans to make one of them sweehey Queen’s evidence. Large amounts of money being spent lead Regan to the Smiths—and another case. Previously, most dramas featuring the police had shied away from showing them as fallible.

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The Sweeney opening titles series 1—3. They wonder if there was foul George was married to Alison Carter, sroppo schoolteacher, but is widowed in the episode “Hit and Run” when Alison is murdered by mistake by a gang of diamond smugglers. In September Network confirmed on Twitter that Blu-ray releases of Series 2 to 4 had been abandoned due to ‘lack of demand’.

Each episode had an eight-and-a-half-week production schedule: Originally from Manchester like Thaw himselfhe has been in London for several years, so his accent has modified, but traces of his northern origins are still evident. More of What You Love.

Movies 2 weeks ago. He has an ex-wife, Kate, and daughter, Susie, who live in Ruislip ; in the last episode of the first series, “Abduction”, Susie is kidnapped.

In the series’ timeline, we learn that George had previously been in the Squad, but had quit for family reasons cf. His apparent coldness first arouses resentment among the Regan gets suspicious about an invitation to spend a night out with an old friend. However, occasionally other senior officers took charge of the Flying Squad when DCI Haskins was seconded to other duties or investigations. The programme’s title derives from ‘ Sweeney Todd ‘, which is Cockney rhyming slang for “Flying Squad”.

In the Squad, informality is everything. On Disc at Amazon.

Stoppo Driver

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Euston Films Ltd Thames Television. In addition to these main characters, scripts should be based around three major speaking parts, with up to ten minor speaking parts. The following episodes were shot in A pilot episode, Regandrriver made as part of the Armchair Cinema series, first shown 4 June For the time, it had a high degree of graphic on-screen violence and the episodes tend to have a high body count with several deaths per episode.


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The filming of each episode normally took ten working days, shooting about five minutes sgoppo edited screen time per day. My Purity Ball and Chain: They kidnap his wife Marie the pair are literally heading off on their honeymoon and force him to act as getaway driver.

When off duty, he and George Carter are friends and drinking buddies, so in private Carter calls him “Jack”. The series reflected the fact that it was sweney during a dark period for the real-life Flying Squad, which in the late s had been publicly censured for being involved in briberycorruption and excessively close links with the criminal fraternity.

Regan’s ex-wife Kate appears in the episode “Abduction”, after previously featuring in the pilot; and his daughter Susie Jennifer Thanisch appears in several episodes, most notably, “Abduction”. Archived from the original on 6 October Meanwhile real life brothers Wolfe and Aubrey Morris also appear. At the Euston Films production office in Colet CourtHammersmith, a standing set of the Flying Squad offices referred to as ‘The Factory’ by the characters was constructed which provided an alternative option for when inclement weather restricted the day’s shooting.