As the case comes to a head, members of the SVU team find themselves in a life-threatening standoff and learn shocking details about ADA Jo Marlowe’s past. But they soon realize that her home life is far from normal as Dr. When a year-old girl is hit by a car and killed, Detectives Benson and Stabler are surprised when Dr. When Pamela Galliano seeks to have a restraining order reinstated against her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Gleason, the assigned judge has something else on his mind. Benson, Halstead and Lindsay go back to the center to pick up Turner for questioning. A twist in the case leads Benson and Stabler to find that a kidney was then extracted from the victim’s body by a man trying to save his sick son, leaving the rest of her remains in the junkyard.

While Fin and Munch are busy tracking down the girl’s stolen credit card, Dr. To the detectives’ surprise, Elsa wasn’t a prostitute, but a child prodigy. Detective Benson and Stabler turn to the female dancers at the club for questioning, but a homeless man, Sid Gabbert, points the detectives to the victim’s truck. Amanda Rollins in Spellbound 18x Benson and Stabler quickly figure out that there is more than meets the eye when the victim’s alleged girlfriend arrives at the court to reveal a new twist to this case. At the request of a murdered teen’s parents, Stabler tries to get a serial killer Nick Chinlund who’s about to be executed to admit that the teen was one of his victims.

Warner visits the girl’s family to inform them of her findings. As tensions grow, the detectives question just how far jealousy can push someone.

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Amanda Rollins in Manhattan Transfer 17x This case rattles Beck in more ways than one. I;m very happy for both shows!

This traumatic event turns bittersweet, as Benson reunites Fin with his son Ken who he has not seen in years. The case takes a grim turn, when the boy is discovered dead by suffocation and all sgu lead to Jake as the killer.

While in the park, a family stumbles upon the sexually mutilated body of Clyde Vandyne, a member of a biker gang known for prostitution prlmo contract killing. She and Teddy also remember a name: As the other detectives fight for control over the investigation and angry citizens, Amaro is distracted by the suspicion that his wife is seeing another man. However, when more women from Babs’s group are attacked, it becomes clear that the victim’s seawon wasn’t an isolated incident and that someone out there has a larger plan to bring the group down.


Meanwhile, Stabler struggles with a pressing issue involving one of his own children. Amanda Rollins in No Surrender 18x Romani child disappears on his way home promk school. The investigation of an apparently accidental death leads to charges by a male stripper that the deceased was one of three women who sexually assaulted him.

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Prying more into the victim’s secret life, the detectives investigate her elite boarding school and her roommate Jennifer Banks, who in turn, leads them to compulsive gambler, Joseph Lychkoff, Elsa s father.

Attempting to trace the other women zeason the videos, the detectives must re-inform each victim of their attack in order to get their testimony to catch Lutz.

In search of the mystery kidnapper, Benson and Stabler drive Heather around town to help stir up any memories of her abduction. CI as a murderous drug lord named Testarossa in the episode ” Purgatory “. Novak must prosecute Nathan and attempts to give him a break when his attorney Sophie Devere finds a study that suggests people who witness gun violence are more likely to commit acts of violence themselves.

Benson and Stabler pay a visit to The New Souls Church, where Reverend Jeb Curtis, his wife Hannah and their remaining nine prmo are mourning the death of a military son in Afghanistan.

Benson and Fin investigate, and find the actress is hated by many community members, such as Carolyn Spencer because they feel she’s a bad influence on young girls.

After being talked down, she confides in Benson that she has been raped, and her unborn child is a product of that crime. As the detectives’ case slowly morphs into an investigation by the State Bar, Stabler’s son becomes entangled in a streak of compromising events at the hands of xeason best friend, a recovering drug addict. Special Victims Unitand the th overall episode of the long-running series.


Their tenants, Jonah and Linnie Malcolm, are aware of the abuse, but in fear of being evicted, do not report it. As Detective Benson continues to study the boy’s accusations, she is led back to a former unsolved rape case involving Kaitlyn Murphy.

Convinced that Anne killed her parents for their money, Ramsey becomes suspicious of Anne’s business manager and is led to believe that he helped her steal money from the foundation she runs. A seven year old is found dismembered in Central Park, and it appears it was some kind of ritual killing.

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I watch both shows fairly regularly and Voight paints himself as a dirty cop, but he actually has some kind of line that is driven by wanting to keep the streets safe.

Stonewalled by the school board, Detective Benson enlists ADA Barba and a retired teacher to help reveal a massive cover-up as more and more victims emerge. Detectives Olivia Benson and Eliot Stabler find a woman bleeding from the neck and nearly dead. The case quickly turns into a media circus as Trembley’s attorney, Roxana Hickey, uses it as an opportunity for her own self-promotion. When 15 year-old Shane Mills is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, he claims he caught it from his teacher, Sarah Trent who supposedly seduced him.

Six-year-old Patty Branson, is almost abducted in Central Park while her father reads the paper. George Huang discovers that her mother suffers from a rare condition that renders her unable to recognize that the young girl is, in fact, her daughter.

The detectives must find the missing link to both Vandyne’s murder and Benson’s involvement. With young Calvin in her care, Detective Sezson continues the search for his drug-addict mother, Vivian, but Detective Stabler notices a strong bond forming between Benson and the boy.