What sectors are opening up to our practices? A generalized acquisition scheme for vector cross-product direction findingwith spatially spread vector-sensor components. Roundtable For a long time, contributions from private sectors to culture were seen in a negative light. Between domination and submission, the two acrobats develop a physical language that draws on dance, juggling and martial arts. This is shown by the emerging reflection of what is hidden. Sparse multidimensional modal analysis using a multigrid dictionary refinement.

Roundtable Circus iconography has always been shared through a variety of means, including pictures, photos, texts, performances and venues. Transient performance analysis of zero-attracting LMS. They are living and active forces, with innovative perspectives, progressive subject matter, in tune with society, genres and people. The content will be led by pool of knowledge owned by participants, their experience of successes and failures. Visit the area dedicated to innovative projects, book your appointment slots, install your promotional material in the intended areas! On a wire, the tightrope walker is constantly searching for a point, a necessarily temporary place, to be present in his body and in space. Using the conclusions of this morning’s workshop, participants will consider how to implement mechanisms for risk-taking and artistic excellence in their territory. What makes circus artists choose between a big top or performance hall?

Online deconvolution for pushbroom hyperspectral imaging systems. A blind sparse approach for estimating constraint matrices in Paralind data models. When dreams are possible, you can rollerskate, wear a tiara or croon a love song.

Sparse multigrid modal estimation: What is the role of local communities and in which ways techniques used in community building in other sectors could contribute to our work with audience development? Recently, innovative links with private sectors have demonstrated that these partnerships not only provide an additional source of funding, but also consolidate and ensure the long-term future of organizations and projects, boost audience numbers and create new forms of cooperation.


Two proposals for those who wish stay onboard on Thursday afternoon and to explore further the local circus taste! Fast Positive Deconvolution of Hyperspectral Images. Using the infinite variety of hand-to-hand work, Elsa Bouchez and Philippe Droz carry one another, support one another, push each other and repel each other. Double Take, Curioso Circo.

Day 2 includes 2 work sessions: A number of venues inspire and are home to circus creation, including big tops, performance halls, the street and many other unusual venues.

This relationship, fed by moments of closeness and antagonism, is put to the test through the use of objects stephnaie as a fencing foil, a wooden Japanese sabre and maces, moovies well as by climbing and using a Chinese pole. An artistic, educational and social revolution is underway. In a crossover between circus, dance, theatre and fine art, the company pursues its exploration of the imaginary, the better to question reality.

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Impact of sparse moveis on the admissible solutions of spectral unmixing by non-negative matrix factorization. Via the form to download: Festival Tutti Matti per Colorno. Monday 12th March Opening Night Estimation of the parameters of two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy signals using an adapted subband decomposition.

In partnership with the philosopher Diego Vernazza, they have created a show that also works with words, looking for answers to existential imbalances.

A Chinese pole, ropes and bodies that bend and twist, seeking out their limits, that are attracted and repelled, between tenderness and brutality. Inspired by the morning’s ztephanie, participants will discuss different aspects of circus production outside Europe, by examining socio-political issues in artistic productions and exploring innovative and sustainable economic models that take into account these realities.

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The constraints, possibilities and challenges are very different when creating or hosting circus performances in big tops, performance halls, the street or in situ. The diversity of venues for circus creation is reflected in the great variety of production and distribution models. What is the role of circus in cities and public space? In these moments out of time everything is possible, as if in a dream.


Cold and unstable, the set is a metaphor for the uncaring and alienating world of work. Personal accounts and poetic texts performed by Laurence Vielle act as a counterpoint to the visual world, where video and lights create a world where man has become a commodity.

A Bayesian method for positive source separation. Circus never ceases to explore new territories, innovate and build different relationships with other art forms, stephanis, public authorities and the territories where it develops.

This is shown by the emerging reflection of what is hidden.

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Via form to download: Sparse modal estimation of 2-D NMR signals. Examination of gearbox cracks using time-frequency distributions.

A leap into the unknown. Where should we look for them? Signal Processing 63 In a minimalist setting, the four acrobats take on this challenge, spilling over stephhanie physical emotions.

Between domination and submission, the two acrobats develop a physical language that draws on dance, juggling and martial arts. Synthesis planckzert the three thematic workshops: Visit of circus spaces in the Belgian capital Circus cannot reject its political dimension, whatever its practice or location.

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