You still have a wonderful engine for making your own Mario levels, use it instead of dwelling on what is past. Last edited by Rodrigo0 on Oh yeah, did anyone know you can play online? How they got his cell phone number is beyond me, but he could’ve put it in privacy policies somewhere on one of his sites. About the graphic pack Next, it will come with level backgrounds! Except for the editor, this game works fine on my other computer which is a single core dinosaur. For anyone having trouble running this game on Windows at a reasonable frame rate without skipping, try this:

Also renhoek, can you create a server called ‘Stabyourself’ with the password ‘password’ please? Who is online Users browsing this forum: Oh the second level is so difficult, why the second wood raises so fast? But if you do, then go ahead. I think you would need hamachi though. X and posted it on his new site, SuperMarioBrothers. Kyasarin, Luminous, and 4matsy were administrators now, with DarkMatt and Vandarx being the moderators. A Huge problem of your is coin Lack.

Oh the second level is so difficult, why the second wood raises so fast? They also asked episoeds to transfer SuperMarioBrothers. Classic levels collection SMBX 1.

Project going as independent game engine based on Epixodes content standard and technical stuff. Users browsing this forum: Third, this was done by a local? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.


History of SMBX

Visit my YouTube channel Yave Yu! This is my first episode and simply levels that I’ve created. CaptainTrek was tired of running the forums and was going to bring them down for good. They shortly moved to FOSSnet bikcmp’s network after that.

Never played it in my life. I’m not good at making levels. During this week period in which the forums were gone, many users fled to Knuckles96’s forums, causing it to grow. I find them boring,idk why.

It even contained some unused stuff, like the frog suit graphic Knux found a few weeks ago.

Each time you’re online, I can’t use the laptop, and when I can, you’re offline. I’ll see if I can make one.

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Retrieved from ” https: Redigit actually told us Terraria testers at length what happened and how weird it was. Visual Super Mario Bros. Creative backgrounds and challanges and atmosphere. It was during this time that Redigit officially announced that he halted work on SMBX we all kinda knew it was over anyway and that no new forum would earn the title of “official”.


I’ll make a portable one and try it on my parents PC in a few days. The month was June, in the year Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Dire Dire Docks -Now think about a level I loved.

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You can also share them here. Still have the game since 2 years ago though. The shells should NOT touch each other! Some people were still skeptical because he had a record of “quitting” in the past.

I still come here every in a while but I don’t really have anything to say. Last edited by TurretBot on Sat Jun 30, Next, it will come with level backgrounds! He’s even said that he wants SMBX still on the internet for people to use. Skittlez12 now known as just Skittlez was there as a xmbx too. forum

I think you would need hamachi though. Later, though, this was cut short. Lx Xzit I can tell you that it’s a simple episode.