Once you become my match, I will be happy to play your game then. Her behavior is in response to other. EG was only dismissed from the resort project, I thought. Eun-gi adalah seorang wanita yang dingin, penuh perhitungan, dan cerdas. But she is one of those people that affected JH’s behaviour. Farpavilions October 27, at 9:

But isn’t obsession a huge component of romantic love? Jae-Hee is set up as a villain because the lives she destroys are the lives of people we know. When she does this she can continue the delusion that she is a ‘good’ or at least ‘acceptable’ person. RealKDramaaddict October 27, at The writing has been pretty tight so far, I would be so disappointed if they just left that hanging. He was obsessed to the point it was ridiculous, that was definitely not love. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

RealKDramaaddict October 27, at 9: Jae Hee had to back down! I guess if the pay is right, he’ll even be a hero. I think the motorcycle accident was really just an accident. Greedy execs, eat shit and die. Which makes it one of the most vicious cycles ever, since she never gets to reap anything good from her villainy. Thank you very much for the recap – I really look forward to it and enjoy reading them every week: I’m not sure if Maru so much hates Jae-hee than he is disgusted by her.

What we DO is who we are. Thanks for the recap Heads! Not like she planned for that guy to try to rape her. I just feel like giving Maru a hug: Jae Hee would be mightily pissed that he didn’t do sinnopsis she wanted him to do. That’s his second save.

She has the right to break a few glasses. Sinoopsis writer is consistent in portraying JH’s self-deception and two different realities she lives in; the one in which she justifies her choices and the other where she knows she is despicable and immoral. You don’t need expensive things to be happy! Without the accident which had thrown the bike down the hill and put Eun-gi’s doll in danger which had led Eun-gi to be upset enough to attempt to risk her life for it which had spurred Maru to actually risk his life for it which then had sparked Eun-gi’s interest in him.


On a sidenote, I wonder xinopsis many NGs and broken glass it took for them to complete jice scene? I think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies to JH.

Sinopsis Drama Innocent Man (Nice Guy) Episode (Tamat) |

I’m also curious about just what other promises she made to her brother but broke. Awe October 28, at 2: Anyway, I hope that Eungi will come out a new leaf because of this brain damage. Let’s say that years of abuse and trying to survive despite it have trained her to protect herself at all costs. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: She was not going anywhere. And Maru could have asked police to not investigate and told them he wasn’t interested in pressing charges against Eun-gi.

Episodes by odilettante.

And the difference between the two indicates how self-deluded we are. Hidup tidak akan mudah bagi So Young saat ia bertemu Jin Wook dan ia tidak akan membiarkan dia pergi begitu mudah.

His mum should episoode from him. Omg, I love your name! And in kdramas where there are coincidences aplenty without explanation – like characters who have nixe interests and backgrounds bumping into each other coincidentally several times in a 4 day period in Seoul with no stalking behavior on behalf of either party. Benar-benar berada di tempat yang salah pada waktu yang salah. I don’t hate her that much and I don’t think that she is evil incarnate, that would be giving her too much credit.

He has been pretty, and pouty, and sexy before – especially dressed as Dark Maru.

I guess that would make sense. Time and time again, when a choice comes up between letting EG or MR have their way or doing what would benefit herself, JH picks the action that helps her.

Joon-ha lying to Eun-ki and telling her that her memory was a “dream” is putting him back on my “Joon-ha, you’ve disappointed me” radar.


If she could land her brother in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, it’s not a huge leap of deduction to figure out that she could have done the same to Maru the murder was unintentional, but she really did almost land Maru in jail twice on purpose. Even if Jae Hee the adult is responsible for all her bad actions, Jae Hee the little girl was innocent, and that innocent girl abused and tormented by Jae Shik and her father. At some point, I’ve stopped analyzing the whole show.

That’s exactly what I thought about Maru’s supposed love for Jae Hee. Thanks for being driver, Heads. Posted by Admin ChanZ. Has Eun Ki been sort-of adopted by Chairman Nam? Because of Maru and I, your life became a mess. About JoonHa, I am not sure it was a good move here but it’s difficult to say: EK’s behaviour towards her is no different.

I’m hoping for a really delayed flashback to explain it all when Eun Ki remembers everything. She is openly hostile to this woman and doesn’t care who knows it. This was the part of this episode that got me thinking the most actually.

Sinopsis Drama Innocent Man (Nice Guy) Episode 1-20 (Tamat)

He had the track record of being the most honest to Eun Ki and now he broke that. When someone is struggling with memory, you don’t tell them a true memory is a dream.

Goes crazy when JS threatens to harm her.

Also, she episoce came for money and power not love and she expects eun ki to be understanding of her and be nice to her?