Someone has moved on, and Jae Ha senses the distant feeling too, judging from his wistful expression afterwards. The ending mmm is ok, because with this kind of writer I was expecting the worst. Did you treat her better while you guys grew up together? I cant wait for them to show us more developments between those two! In Joo tries to cheer him but he ends up thanking her for giving him so much comfort? Meanwhile, Jae Ha receives a prank call from an old friend. They were born on the same day, yet he was the only one plagued with an illness.

Unless the writer means Lee Sang Woo because this drama presents no feast that I would call god-like. He doubles over in pain and smiles back at her. Notice how Joon Young cracks a small surprised smile and hurries outside to meet him. The disappointment is upsetting, but bearing it with a bunch of comrades — makes everything endurable. I felt so bad: She is stunned seeing the photo again and screams at Joon Young, demanding her to leave.

Thankfully, we have Do Yoon and Joon Young, these two kids who were blessed in one way to grow up outside of the traditional setting. Arirang is driving me crazy!

Young Bum keeps his head hung low, ashamed of facing her. Best speech for Mr.

The sun is setting and Do Yoon and Joon Young get ready to leave. What if he is after a year of no contact had fallen for someone? Joon Young seems mildly interested and Do Yoon excuses himself to take a phone call.


Lee Yo won and Tbe So eun.

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Now the lunch date. I still love this drama. Did you treat her better while you guys grew up together? I divided the last two episodes into 3 sections as followed. He thinks that President Baek has caught on to their plan. Alice — good luck with the te

Feast of the Gods. Im sure she knows his number or jane but in the end, she doesnt want to fight for him. If it were like that, why did you behave that way from the beginning when you came back to Korea after so many years as an adult this time? After the hug, the two women return to their respective places, their hearts still tumbling over the closeness.

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Feast of the Gods? Retrieved April 29, They should do another drama together right after. I would be completely happy if it were on DY and anyone else wholly unrelated to Arirang. I am sick and tired of seeing the immaturity of their kitchen and their ridiculous pride.

If he gets things done and moves the plot forward, why the heck not?

Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

This storyline is so silly. They stare at each other, and she kicks him. But I now leave with nothing but an upset stomach. She approves his leave with a heavy heart and grumbles when he starts to nag about her unhealthy habits.


These two grew up with much hardship and deep down they both yearn for the same type of love, the same warmth from their loved ones. Other kids beat him up for no reasons! Joon Young looks at them, remembering how he wished his hyung could get better and play with him. He could only blame himself and thus lived each day wanting to meet her at least once.

Do Yoon is also hurting. Have him battle it out with Haemil please. I heard LSW has a new drama so maybe it will be better for us! Why are two guys here? Fireballs from now on. Hmmm, I may have left out a few others, but since there was so very much to hate from this drama, I decided to find the hidden diamonds: WiWa, he can stay there.