Why is it that nobody seems to remember Lee Seo Rim, the girl she was? Both are inscribed with red talisman emblems. Darcy-style confession of love from Eun Oh! Thanks for the recap. They could still end up with a fight, but it would make Arang be more likable. Am liking Arang a bit more although her insistence that he not think of his mother and only think of her is a bit off-putting. If he could mouth that off, what’s with “Joo Wal was Lee Seo Rim’s fiancee — better have a talk with him.

And of course, it is at this point that she dangles the mommy dearest card before him: Eun Ho is the chief means the gods had devised to do so. Actually, if you review that scene where Joo Wal — probably 8 or 9 years old at the time, dressed like the son of a powerful noble lord, standing under a tree ep. I think the pacing of the romance, while slower than some might want, is going at a pretty good, realistic pace for who these characters are. Also, regarding the fact that Arang as Lee Seo Rim lived a very secluded life. I’ve been reading loads of recaps on DramaBeans and I’d just like to thank you all for doing what you do. They trade a few barbed pleasantries, with Lord Choi offering to fix up the shabby old government office if Eun-oh finds living there uncomfortable, like a host to a guest. Interesting info from Jade Emperor that “it” was regaining its power

I don’t think Lord So-And-So is so noble as to marry a disgraced slave concubine with a father as a traitor; I think he just simply knocked her up.

But I do hope we will see more of fighting Arang as before! I missed the line about EO training for a year alone without DS. Lord Choi had probably met with Arang’s dad the magistrate before to arrange the marriage between Joo-wal and Arang.


Is it too much to hope that when Arang suggests they go see flowers magistrwte they actually get to go and it doesn’t get thwarted by baddies, or at least, not until they get a little closer?

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis Drama Korea Arang and the Magistrate [Bahasa Indonesia]

Do i wish they had just talked things out. Interesting info from Jade Emperor that “it” was regaining its power He believes that if he helps her, Arang will regain her memories and give him information about his mother. Or her time for self-judgment is coming.

And when she says that to him about his mom he realizes that it is her that he cares about and he freezes up. Kgrl September 6, at 9: And during those times, whenever they talked, they ended up with a fight. Love to see the messy love triangle develop although Joo Wal is just as creepy as his demon mom. Wow, love this, all very good points. But what’s more puzzling to me is – it’s like the living human hardly eats.

She shuts herself in her room, slamming the door in his face with a glare. Archived from the original on November 28, So like you said, she doesn’t reflect on herself often. I think she uses the hairpin on the freshly-dead-pure-heart-folk to transfuse their life-force to her own.

I’ve been reading loads of recaps on DramaBeans and I’d just like to thank you all for doing what you do. Somehow, I want episods believe that Eun-Oh’s mom was a good person, despite her hatred towards Lord Choi. The Bangs roll out a literal red magstrate at the office, which Dol-swe takes great delight in dirtying with his steps.


I think her problem with him is that no one seems to remember her from her past life.

In episodes we had their own arag growth, but also the growth of genuine concern for one another. Fantasy Horror Period drama Romance. If that’s the case, what happens to the person when Creepy Mom switches of body?

Or, maybe she adds them to her army? Eun-oh scoffs at that idea.

For me, it’s perfectly logical to assume that she knows him. She stayed on as a lost soul because she had an unfinished business in the human world – to redeem Eun-Oh’s mom’s soul from magistratee evil spirit.

sinopsis arang and the magistrate episode 19 part 1

Just like how there must have been something special about Lee Seo Rim for her to escape and for the Jade Emperor to pick her as the one to set things in motion.

Hopefully Eunoh-Arang conflict wont be drag out for too long with all the standard cliche. Can’t wait for Dol Swe to succumb to her charms. They reply that nobody has; those bodies have nothing to do with the people of this village. Retrieved November 20,