Found shot dead in a taxi on Nixon Street. The first pertinent question get out of the way is, how accurate are Nothing Personal and Resurrection Man as depictions of the Northern Ireland Troubles, and specifically of loyalist paramilitaries? It is probably no accident that Murphy was most active during two spells which coincided with periods of great internal turmoil for the UVF leadership. Neither was filmed in Belfast but Nothing Personal , which used locations in Dublin, passes for it well. He was stabbed, had his wrists slashed a number of times by Moore and McAllister, using a smallish knife, and was dumped in a back entry. Crossen, whose body was found the next morning by an elderly woman, was the first of three Catholics to be killed by Murphy in this “horrific and brutal manner”.

Have cake and eat it? It transpires that a paramilitary ceasefire is in place and this unsanctioned killing prompts a tense meeting between the two sides; loyalists under command of Leonard Wilson Michael Gambon and republicans headed by Cecil Gerard McSorley. Without corroborative or forensic evidence, the state prosecution service decided that they would not face charges. Its loyalist paramilitaries are basically generic and historical or political nuances are unexplored in favour of universally appealing and rather stagey dramas. Found beaten to death on waste ground off Alliance Road. In October , Bates was released; [33] he had reportedly “found religion” behind bars. Retrieved from ” https: I also urge you to try and get your hands on “Lost Lives”, a book chronicling every death as a result of the N.

For ex-combatants it provides the opportunity to relate their stories as they experienced them and offer a corrective to the poorly-researched fodder which portrays them as the unthinking minions of British intelligence, glorified plot devices, unreconstructed thugs and bigots, and bloodthirsty psychopaths.

The story is loosely based on the real-life ” Shankill Butchers “, an Ulster loyalist gang in s Belfast who conducted random killings of Catholic civilians until their leader, Lenny Murphy, was assassinated by a Provisional IRA hit squad. The Troubles in Ireland. Dillon is a skilled prose writer and crafts a compelling narrative, but at times the book and the later Trigger Men reads more like true crime and serial killer non-fiction, more in keeping with the work of Brian Masters, than an analysis of political violence.

The west Belfast woman, who is not named, tells Edwards: However, Bates was freed two years after the paramilitary ceasefires ofand Moore released under the Good Friday Agreement of The story of Victor Kelly could essentially have been set anywhere.

Eventually even McClure realises that his charge has become too unstable. A month later Frank Crossan 34 was found after Lenny Murphy used a knife to cut his head almost to the spine. Beautiful Mistake Dal: They used to blame Lenny. Aerial shot flying over the rugged Irish countryside. It would be akin to the American serial killer, Ted Bundy, having been the leader of a gang of murderers in his likeness…. Some excellent points made in the conclusion about the lack of loyalist stories in the arts.


At the same time the IRA, with its secrecy, romanticism, and well-cultivated self-mythology, has proven an endlessly fascinating creature for novelists and film-makers alike. Loyalism and Resurrection Man.

Stuart TownsendTalk Talk. If there is a flaw with any of the characters it is that Bbutchers is fundamentally too decent. Retrieved 28 October You are commenting using your WordPress. In that acerbic and bleakly comic work a documentary crew progressed from detachedly recording the casual murders shanill sociopath Ben to actively assisting him in knocking off random victims.

Shot, along with Archibald Hanna, while sitting in a lorry on Cambrai Street. Not for the squeamish, the film reminds us just how far Northern Ireland has had to come on its present peace process. Victor simulates oral sex with a gun while gazing at McClure and Darkie Larche across a crowded pub lounge. Just as in non-fiction, the people best placed to give voice to the loyalist story of the conflict are loyalists themselves, but these voices have hitherto seldom been heard. Indeed the issues specific to the Ulster conflict and which give it its own unique character are given scant regard by the filmmakers.

Reblogged this on almamater Nothing Personal is superficially credible then, bjtchers it is not semi-documentary or verite. Exactly what are we supposed to feel for the lead character he is given no redeeming qualities and what are we supposed to take away from this film?

Lenny Murphy was jailed in for possession of a firearm, but it was thought he made sure the slaughter went on after he directed right-hand-man William Moore, who provided the knives to hack up many more victims, to take over.

Liam is played by John Lynch, an excellent and underrated actor who previously starred in the title role of Cal as a conflicted IRA man is there any other kind in film?

Among the actions he led in this period were an armed robbery at a Millfield bottling plant which he advanced to multiple murder seemingly on a whim, and a botched attack on Catholic tilm workers which left two Protestants dead.

Lenny Murphy’s brother was real boss of Shankill Butchers gang, says new book

It transpires that a paramilitary ceasefire is in place and this unsanctioned killing prompts butvhers tense meeting between the two sides; loyalists under command of Leonard Wilson Michael Gambon and republicans headed by Cecil Gerard McSorley.


John Murphy received three years’ imprisonment for his part in this incident. Along with the other internees he was billeted in Compound 11, then commanded by John McKeague, where for a period he held the rank of Company Sergeant-Major. Stuart Townsend’s performance is one of the most insulting I’ve seen.

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If this production had the same budget as Goodfellows I shudder to think how good it could have been. But a newly-published book – UVF: My writing may seem garbled but truthfully I do consider myself sshankill just film critic: He was stabbed, had his wrists slashed a number of times by Moore and McAllister, using a smallish knife, and was dumped in a back entry. Then we start pumping her with rounds.

Being open to interpretation they provide hollow vessels into which the reviewer can pour subjective analysis. This section needs additional citations for verification.

The location of the murder, in a loyalist stronghold, and the timing of the shooting to coincide with Murphy’s movements suggested the IRA received help from UVF members who deemed Murphy “out of control” or, equally plausibly, that information had been given by an enemy of Murphy.

Protestants living in a largely Catholic area, the pensioner was battered and shot in his bed while his daughter was beaten, stabbed and pinned to the floor with a pitchfork, then shot multiple times.

As an outlier, in all senses, which merely uses loyalist paramilitarism as a scenery cut-out we can disregard it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So a guy just puts a rifle to butfhers head and pulled the trigger just to put her out of the picture. Who, out of this array of undesirables, is the audience supposed shankiill identify with, much less care for? This is a classic piece of amateur psychology and one for which there is no real supporting evidence.

On 2 Octoberthe gang raided a drinks premises in nearby Millfield. Add the first question. The rest of the Butchers came to trial during and early Poisoned in a loyalist club fil, being shot butcherss a passing motorbike on Crimea Street. The privations of the year conflict, together with feelings of marginalisation and a conviction not entirely unwarranted that they are continually misrepresented by the media, has resulted in a sometimes guarded demeanour towards outsiders, which in reality masks a resilient and generous character.