He reaches down to get it, not seeing Seo-young standing at the edge of the street. However, Sang-woo now loves Ho-jung, assures her he is not leaving her, and finally embraces her as his wife. Posted October 13, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin. Park Gun Tae Supporting Cast.

She looks cute taking photos with the children from the family she was visiting. Seo-young turns down the offer to dine with the family she already ate , and Mama Kang mutters that Seo-young is like a female President Kang. Unable to believe his luck, he climbs down the secret rope ladder from his second-floor room and slips out the front gate — only to run smack dab into Seo-young. Director Choi suggests his wife take Ho-jung with her when she visits the Kangs. I just saw this drama from the 2nd episode last week here in indonesia the drama just came for 4rd episode this week and I like it very much, I though is last year drama then I figure it out that its a new drama…. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! She tells him to just tell her not to move in, but he answers that he has no reason to oppose.

Mi-kyung has great difficulty accepting Sang-woo’s reasoning s and is greatly depressed.

Papa Lee belatedly arrives as well, and Seo-young rails at him for not picking up his phone when his wife collapsed, for not even knowing she had heart disease. Posted October 2, Mi-kyung landed a special internship usb in the US and is now studying to be a skilled internist.

Lee Bo Young really adores eoisode baby and quite good at handling the baby too! And oh my gawsh, this is gonna be epic — Seo-young and Woo-jae are finally gonna come face to face! He walks off, only to come to a screeching stop when he sees Ho-jung. The First Mate Team. The final event would be Sam-jae’s near death experience. President Kang talks to him in informal speech, as with an old friend, asking when he got in.


Yoon Jung Eun Supporting Cast. Woo-jae jogs out to catch Seo-young and sees her slowly walking home. Son Eun Seo Main Cast. Mi-kyung confronts Sang-woo about protecting his sister’s dakghter.

Kang Ji Woo Supporting Cast. Xaughter In Bum Supporting Cast. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. As for Sam-jae, he has moved on from his kids, feeling it is his time to let go and for him to focus on his life. Love this family, for seriously.

[vietsub] Seo Young, My Daughter Ep 42 P2/3 – video dailymotion

Seo-young coldly tells the debt mmy she has no legal responsibility and leaves. However, over time, Sang-woo learns more about Ho-jung and more of her qualities rather than see her as just a love-crazed girl. However, she now realizes that Sam-jae is a changed man and that he has an honest hard-working man for the past three years without relapsing to bad investments and gambling.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Even before then, Woo-jae, desiring to become a father, finds out that Seo-young secretly has been taking birth control pills behind his back, revealing her unwillingness to be a mother. An angry Woo-jae buys every kind of food item available at the market, then gives it all to Seo-young. When Sang-woo confronted Mi-kyung about the truth, she regretfully admits that she lied only because she wanted a true love and not someone after her fortune.

Episode 24

Seo-young turns down the offer to dine with the family she already ateand Mama Kang mutters that Seo-young is like a female President Kang. The next morning, the Kang family is surprised to hear that Seo-young left for school at the crack of dawn.


Retrieved from ” https: Sang-woo is now a doctor and dating Kang Mi-kyung Park Jung-ahnot knowing that she is the middle child and the only daughter of the Dauguter family. Eee, Woo-jae, you are interested in her for sure! Although their eisode was innocent at first, Ho-jung falls in love with Sang-woo. He gets called away, though, by Papa Lee — they have a guest at their home waiting for him. I noticed that the cell phones were a bit old-school, but wowzas, my mind is having trouble readjusting.

Woo-jae feels an unusual link with Sam-jae, and the two befriend each other without Woo-jae realizing he is bonding with his father-in-law, a secret Sam-jae continues to maintain.

Woo-jae is oblivious to what just went down, and he excitedly asks Detective Park if they found his bike. Therefore, Woo-jae researches Sam-jae and is shocked to discover his savior is his father-in-law.

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Despite his anger against Seo-young’s life choices, he still loves Seo-young and decides to give up on Mi-kyung. He stomps off as well, stopping to look back at her retreating form and scoff at her temper. Posted October 31, By sugarplum Started December 26, Baek Seung Hee Supporting Cast.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Posted Seoyounf 30, Posted October 15, Moon Ji Yoon Supporting Cast.