They really need to see each other. How do you play this? Now, here in Manila. She’s his great love. Get the hell out of here! What have you been doing? She just endured the pain of seeing him with you.

Thank you for the two months My aunt had a heart attack. Kenii, that’s not what I meant! Kenii, may daughter is too young to die. What is going on here? We were together for a long time,” Kenji said. I just said that to make him stop. Step out of my class if you can’t shut that beeper off.

I’ll be going now. He left since my sister Kendi and I were still young.

I looked like a fool”- Athena! So just like her, stay put. Kenii and Abigail got married months after. Where is the College of Tourism here?

He treated Athena like a queen. I was just assigned here. I realized that it would cause me my life Did you know Kenii delos Reyes I’m talking to you.


Search and rescue operaiions are underway He also has an impermanent workplace. There you go again. I climbed the stairs to Kenji’s room.

She’s Dating the Gangster () Movie Script | SS

You attended my class, Sefior Kenji Delos Reyes. That was the end of their love story. Because I don’t want you to die.

You should take that road.

We will pray for you. What is the problem? You ruined your Aunt Linws wedding. You really thought that I’d jump off that building, huh?

Traveling for the First Time? Don’t you love me anymore? Do I look like him? Why didn’t you show up?

She’s Dating the Gangster (2014) Movie Script

Babes, let me teach you how to play. What are you waiting for?! Well, I am, too. His hair is long because he says he won’t cut it Kenji’s knight-in-shining-armor moment when he saves Athena from the men who were trying to harass her. Mayon will be our witness.


10 Moments From The Book We Need To See In She’s Dating The Gangster Movie

So, that means I did my part well. But I’d feel more embarrassed if you’ll go home looking like that. But you have to accept the fact that Athena can never live a normal life.

I also made a promise.