The pool balls in the sock scene has got to be one of the most realistic and violent scenes I have seen in a film. Scum makes you wonder whether it is morally incorrect for even the most disgusting of individuals to get such vile treatment. The sense of reality means the rape scene is still powerful, even in an age where such material is routinely handled much more explicitly. Welcome to the world of ‘Scum’!. And the final part of SCUM features its most infamous scene – the rape. What a fantastic actor.

An error has occured. I now regret not watching this film straight through to the end when I was Evidence from Family Group Conferences in New Zealand and also ‘reintegrative shaming’ in Australia have shown a marked decrease in re-offending rates since the introduction of the schemes. Apart from the fact that the film was released at the very start of the Thatcher era, well before she had a chance to look at the system? Though predictable, made a point about the prison system Thatcher era. However, evidence has shown a different reality and it is this reality which is portrayed by ‘Scum’. That warden must be one of the sickest, most twisted characters on film, and I was really hoping somebody would kill him before it was over just to give the film some sort of closure. From watching this film we learn that juveniles within a borstal do not take responsibility for their actions and due to the disturbing environment, inmates are led to commit more crimes; as seen through Carlin using violence as a tool for self-protection.

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All of the supporting cast do wonders in their individual roles do wonders to, especially those portraying the prison officers who are not far separated from the very thugs they’re meant to be controlling. Alan Clarke made this feature after his TV play from two years earlier was banned, and perhaps had more freedom iflm to explore the issues.


Scum brings to light the corruptive justice system in the 70’s.

Posted August 27, As pofting as being powerful and thought provoking, it’s gripping too, and you won’t feel bored when watching it. Again I will take my hat of to Ray Winstone who is certainly one of Britain’s best actors. Carlin dilm to settle into the dormitory, and after having watched the timid and bullied Davis be attacked by Banks, is eventually violently ganged up on and beaten by Banks and his friends in an unprovoked attack.

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Dialogue toned down, and there were some extra themes, such as Carlin having a “missus”, a younger boy who kept his cell tidy and fi,m errands for him, that kind of thing. By jonty84August 25, in General Discussion. In my opinion the cinema film “Scum” is far superior to the original.

This is a top film and deserves no less than iflm out of I regard this film as the truest and best depiction of life in a British borstal, or indeed prison, of any film ever made about being incarcerated.

Most of them if not all have little hope in achieving anything in their life, except for just moving from prison to prison for their antisocial crimes.

Carlin finds himself fighting with ‘trainees’ and ‘screws’ to gain ultimate hierarchy power to become ‘the daddy’. Sands, was in a Fairy liquid ad in the ‘s.

In the real world, prisons schm work. He is being held at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for murder. Scum is uncompromising – violent there’s a rape which leaves little to the imagination, a suicide, several fights ; scathing in its condemnation of the ‘system’ which thankfully is not like this now – and yet finds time for character development and convincing pottlng.

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Although racism in our current multi- cultural society has reduced through awareness and campaigns, it has by no means been erased. Scum portrayed life within borstals as a continual conflict between the inmates and wardens “screws” through scenes of violence, racism, suicide and rape. Ray Winstone shows why he became a sought after actor, giving a poignant and honest portrayal of the lead character ‘Carlin’.


The story follows the journey of three inmates in a Borstal a young offenders prison. The first actor being Alan Igbon as Meakin.

ehed This is one of my top 20 films, though it isn’t for the faint hearted. Director Alan Clarke deliberately films with a documentary style and it is this realism that makes the film so shattering. Therefore, although removing offenders from the community means they can not commit crimes, it is actually more likely that they would re-offend once being released due to the lack of rehabilitating behaviours within borstals.

As their journeys continue, alongside the journeys of several other inmates picked-up as the story progresses such as Archer, Toyne, Meekinthe narrative focuses on the conflict between the individual and the system; how the identities of the inmates become eroded — how some adapt in order to survive the system and how others capitulate.

It doesn’t need phrases like that to advertise it – it’s bleak and horrific, and should be advertised as a serious drama rather than some kind of exciting gore-fest.

Welcome to the world of ‘Scum’!. The film portrays the brutality of life inside a British borstal. The film contains strong language as opposed to the milder BBC version. While bleeding to death, he presses the button in his cell for help, but is ignored by warder Greaves.

However, evidence has shown a different reality and it is this reality which is portrayed by ‘Scum’.

Scum also highlights violence, sexual and racial abuse; violence and sexual abuse has been reduced, but sadly, racism is still a big part in potring society. Three young men arrive at borstal by prison van: Carlin, Archer and Toyne’s friend Meakin are shown being dragged, bleeding and unconscious, into solitary confinement after having been beaten by the wardens.