The Shinkengers use their speed to get close enough the Nanashi to take them out until Shinken Gold gets gunned down by the Nanashi reinforcements who overwhelm the rest of the team. Without his Shodo Phone, Ryunosuke goes back to the kabuki theater to watch his friend Shintaro practice for an upcoming performance that both were supposed to perform together until Ryunosuke became a Shinkenger. Genta finds Takeru who tells him that he has nothing left in his life before he walks away while Genta is not looking. By the time they arrive, the other Shinkengers successfully destroy Sasamatage who revives in his giant form. Shinken Pink engages Dayu, and apparently strikes her down, but Dayu reveals that her shamisen had taken the killing blow and had been destroyed. Telling Chiaki that he is to blame for his friends ending up in the hospital, Takeru tells him he should quit if he cannot find a means to counter Rokuroneri’s talent by the next day. While the Shinkegers have tea, the rogue Ayakashi Gozunagumo makes his move as Takeru has been poisoned by Shitari.

After the fight, Matsumiya thanks Kotoha for saving his life and, seeing that she cares deeply for Takeru, parts ways with her amicably. When the Gedoushu begin attacking the district to flush out their quarry, Ushirobushi attempts to kill Hiroki when Takeru returns to save them before the vassals arrives to hold off the Nanashi as Takeru is convinced to return to them as they manage to counter Ushirobushi’s signature attack with their Tora Five Rings Bullet, destroying him. Before they can finish her off with the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet, however, a new enemy, Juzo Fuwa, counters the attack. But after he flies off upon refusing to accept Genta’s words about him, Mako is forced to join the others when the Ayakashi Dokurobou begins his attack with the team overwhelmed by the monster’s shadow clones before real Dokurobou is forced to fall back as he was about to finish them off. Though victorious, the two Shinkengers are thoroughly exhausted from their battle. Ryunosuke and Mako manage to find him and attempt to talk to Ryota, but the boy refused to answer them and pedals off.

While a debate occurs at the mansion over if Takeru should accept Episoxe challenge or not, with Ryunosuke the only one against it, Juzo talks with Dayuu, striking a nerve as she decides to live with her suffering to maintain her existence. After surviving Doukoku’s attack, and realizing the sealing character’s importance, the vassals wonder how to deal with him and Akumaro.

He then leaves the battle to attack and kill Kaoru directly. The Nanashi are kidnapping brides from weddings all over the city. After the battle, Takeru and the vassals visit Genta when a businessman offers to move him from the sushi cart to an actual restaurant. Before they can finish her off with the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet, however, a new samura, Juzo Fuwa, sybbed the attack.


World of Shinkenger as crossover special with Kamen Rider Decade. This does not sit well with Chiaki, and he ditches training to go hang out with his friends Masato and Kouji. After learning the meaning behind Juzo’s words from Shitari, an enraged Doukoku sends the entire Nanashi Company to the mortal realm with the Shinkengers managing to drive Nanashi back into the land of the dead as another wave takes their place as they all start going after Shinken Red on Doukoku’s command.

As she fell to the Gedoushu, Usuyuki was reborn as Dayu and Shinsa was transformed into her shamisen. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Ryunosuke and Kotoha encounter a young boy who tells them of an ash causing an illness amongst the villagers, making them paranoid and blood-thirsty.

By the time they arrive, the other Shinkengers successfully destroy Sasamatage who revives in his giant form. Chiaki berates Kotoha for believing herself to be so lowly, and she runs out. Soon after, Ryunosuke and Chiaki are treated to an all you can eat buffet, unaware of how in synch they became from the ordeal.

The Shinkengers battle a group of Nanashi Company with no accompanying Ayakashi. After the seller gives them the slip with spicy sushi, Ryunosuke and Mako go to Shojo Valley to find Takeru englisj Chiaki and Kotoha track down the sushi seller. Takeru accepts without hesitation. Shitari is perplexed as to how Takeru has endured the Onibidama attacks as Shinken Red gives Shinken Blue the Inromaru to battle the revived Yomotsugari.

At the Shiba Episoee, everyone gathers for a New Years party, the first lively one in years. But when they learn their master was cold in order to save a little girl the monster was heading towards, the vassals fully realize their mission and join their master in executing the deathblow.

Though victorious, the two Shinkengers are thoroughly exhausted from their battle. Looks like this is it for your proud Rifle Squa.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 23 English Subbed – The Rampaging Gedoushu

When she attacks with a sjinkenger of Nanashi to bring the Shinkengers into the open, Shinken Red is protected by the others against his wishes. When Chiaki comes to, he finds his teammates angry with him, though Takeru thinks something is amiss.


While this occurs, Doukoku has Shitari demand Dayu’s shamisen from Akumaro. Finding similar humans, Chiaki attempts to stop them as he realizes they all have red eggs on their heads.

Later, Takeru brings Hikoma to see his daughter and her family. After the battle, Ryunosuke watches Shintaro prepare for the kabuki performance and he intents to keep a vow to his friend that he will return to kabuki once the Gedoushu are finally defeated. While this occurs, Dayu finds a shattered piece of Juzo’s katana Uramasa at the site of his defeat by Shinken Red.

At the last second, Juzo arrives and takes Takeru while exposing himself to Genta. Using Modikara, the group manages to bring Utakasane back into their world to destroy him before he has the chance to escape.

With the Kajiki Disk in hand, Ryunosuke makes his way to Takeru as the other vassals came to his aid, using the disk’s power to cure everyone before they change to use the Rekka Daizantou’s Kajiki Five Rings Bullet to kill Yamiororo, destroying him again with the newly formed Kajiki-Shinkenoh.

The next day in the mortal world, as Genta opens for business, he encounters a young nurse named Aya Yamasaki who pleas for the Shinkengers’ aid. There, Mako discovers Dayu’s past; she shiinkenger once a human woman named Usuyuki. The Father and Son Bears [ edit ].

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Ryunosuke points out that DaiGoyou acts more like an okapikki than like a samurai, causing DaiGoyou and Genta to start bickering. DaiGoyou then battles the enlarged Sogizarai, holding off the Ayakashi so Samuraihaoh can be assembled to destroy him. However, the Ayakashi is revived into a more powerful form and Samuraihaoh is formed to battle it. But Shinken Blue takes the intended hit only to be brought under Hitomidama’s control as well.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Episode 15 English Subbed – The Imposter and Real Deal’s Arrest

The Sent Words [ edit ]. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat Her retainer Tanba explains the full story behind Takeru being a lord and the eighteenth head of the Shiba House, while Kaoru is given the items belonging to Shinken Red, as she does not wish to hide anymore.

While Ryunosuke and Chiaki eventually get along, the others train to deflect Mochibetori’s glue until the Ayakashi returns to glue every person he comes across to something or to each other.