He stands there on the porch with lighted sparklers, left behind by Park-ha after all, burning them all down. I already have a stash of tissues and chocolate ready for when this series ends. I am wondering about that a lot now. I mean Why share when you can have all of it. Park-ha then submits her resignation, planping to move out in three days. It just wouldn’t be that satisfying to us viewers because we’ve had 20 episodes growing to love these characters, not necessarily BY and TY. I totally spazzed out at the end of the episode.

Notify me of new comments via email. Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie. Such as Yoochun’s other closed-lips kiss in SKKS, all the part with the untying of the hats leading up to the kiss was sooo hot! Tree of Heaven Korean Drama. As they walk—comfortably in silence, in step with one another—they both think back on their times together, giving us a highlight reel of their cute moments. My heart felt like it was breaking for Yi Gak in this episode. I just can’t imagine that.

If we follow the rule on reincarnation rioftop recurring incidents in the past, would’ve this detail been identical too? Tae-moo’s father, Yong Dong-man, forces Tae-moo to go on a blind date and the chairwoman encourages Se-na to date Tae-yong. And kimhidrama poisoned her in a fit of jealousy Now I know that there is a guy called Micky who is as cute as Mickey mouse but also hot and adorkable, and talented in acting his singing is OK for me, I love his deep voice though.

Hotaru no Hikari 2 Japanese Drama. My Internet at home is still terrible, so these are all that are keeping me going at the moment. Your email address will not be published. I’m scared the ending will be like the jdrama JIN in which he returns to the past and she remains in the future opposite in JIN but you get what I mean and they just Yes, but that’s human nature not gonna place the blame on only men.


It’s definitely the dead sexy speaking voice. Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast.

Rooftop Prince

I’m guessing that you’ve seen many sageuks. The ducklings tell Becky and Mimi that Yi Gak is marrying another woman, prinve their outrage. Thank you for the recap! Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata Japanese Special.

Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. And let me just say eeeeeeee!

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That little girl who got bullied is so damn cute! The Bridal Mask Korean Drama. That includes leaking some info purposely to mislead roottop others in the company. This is all thanks to SKKS. Saigo no Yakusoku Japanese Special.

Volcano High Korean Movie. I thought I would die with curiosity this morning. Yeah, but he was the one doing all the work, Yoona just stands there I don’t think her lips were moving so really, it doesn’t make that big of a difference.

It wouldn’t necessarily be a concept used to make everything tie in because, she would have kept it a secret and Tae Mu is introduced now for you to realize that their may have been a Tae Mu in the past as well.

[Rating + Download] Rooftop Prince Episode 1

Semi-fly Soompi Direct Download Episode 1 cr: No I mean I was wondering why the three ducklings didn’t seem to have an accent whereas Lee Gak has a strong one.

You can epixode on Viki and be part of the community too!

I thought so too. And maybe roogtop will mean that Bu Yong will finally have her chance with her prince The good stuff is starting to happen, and you’re right, the unknown is about to happen!


Her feelings developed from the experiences she’s gone thru with Yi Gak. But I think a closed-lips kiss fits here. The story starts with the sudden death of the Crown Princess of Joseon.

They stroll home, where Grandma and Great Aunt are waiting for their confrontation with Park-ha. Speaking of destiny parallels YC music fan April 26, at Thank you so much! In his defense, Pyo Taek-soo points out that the contract fell through as Tae-yong was rescuing a life, and Tae-mu generously offers to give his cousin one more chance to prove himself.

Jun Min Seo Supporting Cast. I wish they showed more of her! To do this, he needs Se-na to send Park-ha far, far away. I am once again incurably addicted to a Kdrama. The Heirs Korean Drama.

Hana Yori Dango Japanese Drama. The editing was a little weird, but overall an enjoyable episode. I actually believe that Yi Gak will return to the past with prknce the F3 but then he comes back to future again to be with Park Ha. I’m used to seeing passionate aka mouth-to-mouth kisses, but then when I think more about it, where Yi Kimchidama is coming from which is from Joseon times, it makes sense somehow.

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