Bugs has much life. When he goes for a check-up, the doctor tells Vineet that he will soon turn blind again. They fall in love and Eesha gets pregnant. Deriving inspiration from this anecdote, KP writes an article for his magazine along the same lines and turns it into a love story. Listening to Ronnie s love for his deceased wife, Pooja is moved to tears. Her brother, Munna, asks him to bare his soul to her. What is this truth about Gauri which Shymali does not want her to know?

Manoj is extremely disappointed and heart broken. The story Baadal is about a woman with a psychiatric problem. Shalu Pallavi Joshi is in desperate need of a job, so she lies about being a nurse to tend to Vikas Rajesh Khera , a leukaemia patient. Initially he is reluctant but when the landlord refuses to return his advance money, he has no choice but to stay back. He is doubly thrilled when he learns that she works on the 7th floor and her birth date is 7. But what about Mansi? Will Uma accept Ashok as the new man in her life or will she reunite will her estranged husband?

But years later, Nisha decides to fight for Pinky’s custody in court.

Veera and Vijay spend time together escaping to another place. Manisha s father Shishir Sharma gets her married to a rich man s Episods Jog son.

Is this going to affect Sagar and Menaka s relationship? What will happen to Jai s family?

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma

How is Julia going to react to this outburst? Meanwhile, Jai dies and his brother Hansraj takes over all of Jai s wealth and property. Snigdha takes up the offer. When Aditya Raju Kher declares to his young children that he wants to remarry, they are furious. However, dpisode lacks the courage to confess his feelings to her. She tells him that she would marry only for love and could never dream of getting married the way he is only drsma business reasons.


She treats him like a child and keeps spoon feeding him for everything. She passes her days by taking favors from others. Will she even begin to reciprocate to Gautam s feelings? Finally Colonel parts with his beloved car. Is Amla ever going to succeed in reaching out to Tulika and making her understand the truth? Will Brijesh and his family ever be a happy family again?

Bandhan is a story about Tanya Eva Grover who is a twenty-year-old girl, when her mother Anita Smita Jaykar announces that she is pregnant. He has a very intimate relationship with his office colleague Sheetal Sujata Sangamitra.

Abhinav asks Seema to be with him forever. A loving husband once, Rahul now distances himself from Pooja. Views Read Edit View history. Rushtey Godbole Vikram Gokhale and his wife Leena Reema Lagoo are always at loggerheads despite being married for 35 years.

One day, Mano confides to Shankar how devastated episose is at being barren. Meanwhile, even Neera finds herself falling in love with Sagar. She sabotages Vikram s work on the very day of his presentation, so that she can show it to the clients. Consumed with guilt, she leaves his house. However, Raji is in love with Nilesh but at his mother s behest, cuts off all ties with her after she dra,a blind.


She is working on an article about how the world loves only good looking people. All Edward wants to do is love the children, but will they reciprocate his feelings? Mohini always makes deriding comments about what a failure Dilip is, but for Rahul, his father is his super hero.

Rishtey Episode – Ary Zindagi Drama – VĂ­deo Dailymotion

Like her parents, even Michael uses her for her money. Her husband had fought for the independence of the country. However, for Satyen, who s a photographer in the same organisation, Shyamli is the most beautiful woman.

I Love My India is a story about Bunty, a young boy who is the son of an ex-army man. Suraj offers to marry her but Eesha refuses. Rajan cries inconsolably for the unnamed relationship. Subhash learns about Rashmi and her past. Riahtey he learns that Sweety retired a few years back and she breathed her last just the previous day.

Manoj is an army officer, married to Shobha.

Rishtey Episode 112 – Ary Zindagi Drama

When he reaches Shirley s house to roshtey the next day, he is in for a shock!!! Ridhi has been blind from six months, and Gitika is her best friend. Rajan grows very fond of the unseen lady whose name was Sweety.