Philip Scheffner has been working as a visual artist since The film’s title, Revision , is a legal term meaning to contest a ruling. An investigation and trial, full of inexplicable delays, omissions and unexplained phenomena like a fire that swept the field shortly after the shooting , proved inconclusive. Revision Documentary – Germany Production: Previous video Next video. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. She is producer and co-author the award-winning documentary films by Philip Scheffner and Dorothee Wenner.

The eastern expansion of the EU now includes Poland and Romania , which means five years after the district attorney’s appeal to the county court of Neubrandenburg was rejected, Grigore Velcu and Eudache Caldera could have come completely legally to Germany — if they had been alive. One week later the Nordkurier, a newspaper, reports that there had been a mix-up with some hunters. Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – Int. The film’s title, Revision , is a legal term meaning to contest a ruling. Directed by Philip Scheffner. More Reviews TV [ Film Festival Toronto – Int. The film gives us statistics from Fortress Europe, an NGO, according to which more than 14, people have died along Europe’s borders between and

Although focussing on film, pong is also a platform for text, sound and everything that exists in-between.

Only once, toward the end of the movie, in a conversation with the defendant’s lawyer, is the outrage of the director noticeable. The camera follows one and then the other as the party continues to look around. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

Philip Scheffner

scheffne Scheffner’s approach is unusual. But the most disturbing revelation is that these murders were part of a larger wave of anti-immigrant violence that claimed thousands of lives. Depending on the projects we are working on, pong appears as record label, film production or publishing house. The case drags on for years and is eventually closed — unsolved. A Paris court has dismissed rape allegations against French director Luc Besson for lack of evidence after a nine-month puilip, Variety has confirmed.


After having produced for classical fiction and documentary film companies, Caroline Kirberg specialized in the production of interdisciplinary and innovatively conceived films on the border to the arts. The corn is high and a line of men is combing the entire field. Wives and grown children pore over pictures of the departed, including horrendous snapshots of the blackened, decomposed bodies shipped back home without explanation.

Although experts testified to the improbability of anyone mistaking the men for revixion, given the meticulously estimated available light on the fateful day which Scheffner illustrates via footage of the scheffned taken at minute intervals as dawn approachesthe hunters were exonerated.

A television journalist, incensed at the injustice of the proceedings, filed a report that was broadcast at the time and reprised in excerpts herebut had little impact. Film Festival Stockholm – Int.

Mostly, Scheffner opts not to show interviewees responding to questions, but rather films sdheffner listening to their own taped interviews, creating a small temporal gap that mimics the yawning year hole in the investigation and encourages participants to become careful listeners to the history they rewrite.

Previous video Next video. Little effort was made to notify the families. They had mistaken illegal immigrants for wild boars.

Death at the border – “Revision” by Philip Scheffner: Goethe-Institut

Scheffner’s film shows what the court failed to do, reconstructs the visibility conditions at the scene of the crime, and asks witnesses questions that the court did not ask. Both have found an ideal new platform in pong, which they are happy to co-shape from now on. The exact sequence of events remains murky, but an overall murderous pattern of xenophobia and racism on the part of the hunters, the police and the courts becomes glaringly apparent.


Like in his last film, Der Tag des SpatzenScheffner’s Revision also connects two seemingly unrelated events: Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Two harvest workers in a thresher find something lying in the field.

Directed by Philip Scheffner. At the beginning of the conversations, interviewees get to hear their own statements played back to them.

Currently pong has three new projects in development: Did I correctly express myself there? He was on his way out. A fourth novel will fillm released in May Both had gathered film production experience during 9 years of participation in the video group dogfilm.

It is summer and two men lie dead in a field near the German-Polish border.


This legal coolness leaves the director speechless for a moment. Jost, Meike Martens, Peter Zorn. Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – Int. They come from revislon Frankfurt am Main and are on a hunting holiday. Deadly borderlands Revision also addresses Europe on the whole and the handling of human rights issues.

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They stop beside a field, get out of the car and look through binoculars toward the east. One of them goes like this: Rami Regision took a tumble off the Oscars stage after accepting the Academy Award for best actor on Sunday night.

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