The duo is left surprised to see each other. He gets scared and leaves. Shobha gets furious and challenges Vimla that she would get Aarti remarried to a perfect groom. Aarti again threatens to hit Pratik. When Satyendra agrees to return the money, Aarti does not allow him. During the haldi ceremony, Aarti gets surprised when Arpita’s mother gifts her bangles, which belonged to Arpita.

Yash enters Caf Delight but gets uncomfortable with the ambience at the caf. He vows neither to share Arpita’s name nor belongings with Aarti. Yash’s father summons him and tries to convince him to get remarried. Yash decides to rush to the airport. Shobha, however, is unconvinced with Satyendra’s decision. When Aarti was about to leave, Pratik stops her and requests her to join them. When Aarti receives the call, she explains to Yash that the lights which they had purchased were of high voltage. Vimla mocks Shobha that she would never be able to get Aarti remarried.

Punar Vivah 25th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Meanwhile, Gayatri requests Shobha to allow Aarti to talk to Yash in personal. Aarti decides to call the vendor and exchange the box. During the event, Aarti and Ansh start off well but in the middle of the race, Aarti trips over her dupatta and falls down. One of the guests finds it surprising that a widow was getting married again.

Surajpratap intervenes and refuses to accept Shobha’s requests. Aarti and Prashant were in love with each other. Raghu follows Aarti to a shop and misbehaves with her.

Mansi pacifies Vibaah and asks her not to worry about Vimla. His brothers mock at him for being more interested in decorating vivqah marriage hall when e;isode had to leave for his own engagement.

Vidhi signals Pratik and asks him to go out of the compartment to talk to her. He therefore went against his parents and decided to divorce Aarti. She advices Yash to take every step cautiously as she believes that Aarti may replace Arpita. Vandana too apologises profusely vicaah repents too of the behaviour that she did as a mother.


Divya tells abhi to sleep with her tonight. Satyendra hears the commotion and rushes outside. Yash refuses to accept his parents-in-laws’ decision as he does not want to share Arpita’s identity with anyone else. She states that Prashant does not care whether they were dead or alive. Shobha tells Gayatri that she had informed her before that Aarti episodde the only daughter of her parents.

Shobha believes that Aarti must have learnt about the widow-divorcee issue.

Aarti recollects the incident wherein Ansh had thanked her for accepting the proposal. A password will be e-mailed to you. She says that she just wants to spend the time with him, like its her last. Scindia family, except Yash, discusses about Aarti’s proposal for Yash. Her husband tries to convince her saying that they would do a favor on Aarti by accepting Ansh and thus that she never went against them and always danced to their tunes.

Pinar also recollects Shobha’s challenge to get her remarried. On the other hand, Mansi hands over a phone to Aarti and asks her to confront Yash. Punar Vivaah – Episode 20 – Full Episode.

She states that it would take some time for Aarti to forget her past and accept Yash. Shobha is shocked when she hears her son Prashant at the other end. Gayatri and Yash’s father are left surprised to hear it.

Aarti gets furious as the Scindia family had decided to change her name without her consent. When Yash episose up, Pratik informs Yash about his bachelor’s party and requests him to attend it. Aarti, however, refuses to relent and states that she was happy with her son and would continue to fulfill all his demands and be a mother and father to him. Vidhi and her mother-in-law wish to get Yash remarried. Pratik had vowed that he would not marry until Yash gets married again.


The couple shared a good married life for few days after their marriage. When Gayatri checks the ring, she begins to complain saying that the ring may not fit Aarti. Aarti, however, misunderstood him. Yash recollects Gayatri’s advice to get remarried as Palak and Payal needed a mother to take care of them. When Aarti enrolls her name, the other competitors pass comments on her.

Mansi, however, compels Aarti to follow her. When they return home, Shobha and Satyendra apologize to Aarti.

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Satyendra is about to reveal the truth to Aarti when Mansi arrives. Satyendra too gets shocked when he learns that Gayatri has decided to get Aarti and Yash married on April 2.

Subtitles Audio Vivaaah Available On. She states that Aarti was supposed to take the position of her daughter and so she would be addressed her as Arpita in the future.

Punar Vivaah – Episode 9 – Full Episode. Yash, however, does not believe in such customs and refuses to change Aarti’s name. She gets shocked on learning that her marriage was fixed on April 2, which was her and Prashant’s wedding anniversary.

Shobha and Aarti are left shocked when Gayatri announces that Arpita’s parents would 548 Aarti’s kanyadaan. She says that granny has made a lot of vivah.

The duo also shows Aarti the ring which they purchased for Yash. Pankaj is eldest son of the family and a diabetic patient. Aarti overhears their conversation and misunderstands them.