The Profanity Filter is ON. The burnt-in English subtitles appear in a clear white font and are a decent translation of the onscreen French dialogue. If you are, however, like me and think romantic comedy is essentially a cuss word, this old-school vaudeville piece may be your one chance at reconciliation. But his mother and five sisters have decided that it’s time he settled down and start setting him up with blind dates. Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Tanguy, about a man child who won’t leave home. These ideas seem to be the most interesting because they are working against each other.

Tanguy, about a man child who won’t leave home. So, they begin setting him up with all sorts of women. I had to sit a while and then slowly began to comprehend the little things I didn’t catch at first. The setting was interesting, strange but interesting. The chemistry between Emma and Luis was simply exquisite. The use of facial image throughout the film is superb, and his clever positioning of the senior member of the family mother is spot on. Balthazar-5 6 December

While undeniably predictable, the film has its charms and throws in some obstacles I didn’t expect and found myself smiling as I watched it unfold. Browse our education events. I first didn’t want to watch this film, for the trailer gave the impression of a common and too expected film My main problem with the film is the lack of on screen chemistry between the main characters.

Now Luis hires Emma again to act like a bitch to make his family hate her.

After that nobody will dare mention the word marriage to him again” — from the press kit. Shadow detail is well exhibited and colour is considerably rich with natural flesh tones. Alain Chabat is a fine actor, writer and director but maybe a trifle misguided to take sutbitles ‘idea’ credit for a story that probably had them rolling in the aisles when Aristophanes was still learning that it’s ‘i’ before pprete except after ‘c’. Maim doesn’t maij well with his mother and five sisters and to get them off his back he makes an ‘arrangement’ with the sister of a colleague to pose – for fifteen thousand euros -as his new girlfriend, allow the romance to come to fruition with a wedding and then jilt him, thus getting him off the hook.


French-language films films s romantic comedy films. Selling to the BFI. He doesn’t have to get married though he does ; he just has to move out of the house. So, they begin setting him up with all sorts of women. The subtle love portrayal by the two actors was superb, and I believe, that is the core of this movie. The making of feature includes interviews with the cast and crew expanding on the development and themes of the film. It so much the luck of the draw–I have Netflix streaming and they don’t have most of the famous or perte titles But one day, they decide it’s time for him to marry.

Alain Chabat originally came up with the idea for the film and planned to produce the film and write the script. Luis Campos Alain Chabat43, happily single, mollycoddled by his family mother and 5 sisters, who by design established by his late father Nain form a kind of family council known as the G7has a successful career as a perfumer and an easy life.

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That way, Luis thinks his family will leave him alone. Latest from the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. Future learning and skills. I also think Engglish did a wonderful job in directing. Erwann Kermorvant composed the whimsical original score for the film. Subtigles to Get Married and Stay Single Fans of Chabat and Gainsbourg would be delightfully pleased. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

The director in this movie, Eric Lartigau, brought his skills from working not only as a director but also as a former co-writer, assistant director, and actor to this movie. The wedding comes too quickly for my taste, but with a few more scenes to build character relationships, this film would’ve been a knock out.

His hanging on with his wealthy parents is closer to subttiles European realities than Luis and his bossy extended family. Kodak Motion Picture Film. Find out about international touring programmes. Gainsbourg is a trouper, and a veteran of French film comedy. Retrieved June 24, Perhaps I’m terribly picky, englisu I found the leap between the conspirers’ platonic relationship to romance to be a sudden leap rather than one with a bit of a build up.


French farce wnglish an English. Though he was more involved with directing TV series, his knowledge brought him great success in this movie. After turning down all the girls introduced to him, he gets an idea: Still, Luis reluctantly participates in the random blind dates his mother and sisters set-up but one day strikes a devious idea.

There are some fantastic scenes as first Charlotte has to charm, then revolt the family. Luis would teach the girl to impress his mother and five sisters and the two would keep up the charade for a few months and intend to marry. She’s a great actress and the movie was excellent. Gaionsbourg and Chabat engglish fall for each other. Those who enjoy this kind of cinema should be pleased after the ending credits.

Search for Lottery awards. If you are, however, like me and think romantic comedy is essentially a cuss word, this old-school vaudeville piece may be your one chance at reconciliation.

But since then, her charmless personality seems to be the death-knell for everything she touches. This one is more predictable than the other two, but it will keep lovers of happy endings satisfied without too much englihs a aubtitles conscience.

Naturally they wind up together but along the way there’s some sub-Benedek and Beatrice duelling and all things considered it’s a pretty painless ninety minutes and performing so well at the French box office that a sequel may not be out of the question.

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But the distributors is this country don’t seem to understand that the French make good films. We have a very good actress, wonderful, for long time.

Would it be too late for him to declare his love for Emma?