It was when Joshi Inc took over the task. The Red Flag Rulebook. A portion of ticket sales proceeds will support CHEO. Grilled Jaan Chicken made with Paan Liqueur. Confederation Park, Ottawa Time: The need to champion the e-commerce facet of your website Posted by Rajpreets Khosa. Lions Gala Event Design

The team at Joshi Inc also attended several fetes at the event. Doesn’t quite go with your high tech Yogi image says a friend of mine. Iconic sculptor Anish Kapoor , the India-born winner of the Turner Prize, has given Britain its Olympic mascot – t he ArcelorMittal Orbit – the country’s biggest public art installation. Crucial is to keep his subconscious mind engaged for these initial intervals while his conscious mind looks for the particular information. Saturday, August 11, The ideas and opinions from several users were being considered to better the sharing and interaction via Social Media. Joshi Inc on board: Follow mybindi on Twitter.

What’s New on MyBindi. Please Enter valid Email Address. Click HERE to read more. In the course, there was to be a merger of the two paths that were carved so as to achieve a momentum effect by allowing users to test pifwa app, interact and share their opinion about the developed application.

There was an expectancy ofvisitors and tourists to attend the show. Saturday, August 11, Where: To promote this feature, the fan at the top of the leader-board was acknowledged twice daily. These shows were formative – I learned about the world, languages and different people from these colorful characters.

Punjani seeks to transform the way phnjabi watch Bollywood. We kept the audience in the loop by tracking every activity in consonance with the event.

Lactantia Facebook App Developmento. Friday, August 10, Where: By launching the online promotions through a variety of channels like Facebook, Twitter etc, we had begun from developing a backdrop to the event by encouraging interest among the local communities for the event.

The main challenge was to rush against time and revamp the whole promotional activity. The responses were acknowledged and based upon that, we provided interesting insights for the achievements and past performances of the singer to build in the interest of the users.


It was successful in attaining the numbers which it was expected of in terms of the active user participation. August 10 – 12, Where: We have been active since the time the board-plans for the event had been fixated. It was a star-studded event with prominent names like Manmohan Singh, Shahzad Rafique, Jasbir Jassi to name a few who attended the event.

Grilled Jaan Chicken made with Paan Liqueur. Ajay Devgan – The Indian Hulk! The official Facebook page for the Auto Show event was already at place but it was lowly operative. When the festival was in effect, onlinee had our promotions on a peak. The ideas and opinions from several users were being considered to better the sharing and interaction via Social Media.

He has made his gem presence in almost every genre of music and his association with the old Panjabi Gharana makes the signer all the pjfaa enigmatic.

Apsara Awards Best Film & Best Director Watch Online – video dailymotion

Bhangra Night in Canada. To claim your pass, simply post a message on our facebook fan page asking for a pair of passes to the Festival of India in Ottawa and telling us what attracts aqard most about this 22012.

Break Up Rulebook Book Design. Gujarat Goes Hip-Hop with ‘Guju Bhai’ Hip-Hop is flourishing in South Asian Desi communities globally and there is no shortage of Watc rappers these days, but no real attempts have been made at Gujarati rap for quite a long time – until now.

It is one tool that the firms can no longer afford to miss. Joshi Inc felt the necessity to regularly change the culture of the page to bring along more fans engagement. The waves of enthusiasm were immense on the final day.

We at Joshi Inc. It is a FREE event with non-stop entertainment and excitement for the whole family. Confederation Park, Ottawa Time: Please Enter Email Address. It was the first occasion for PIFF and the phenomenal success of the event has given it a brilliant launch-pad for its featuring in the coming years.


To create a two-way flow of communication, all the onljne, pick-points, comments and opinions were monitored and responded to as soon as possible. My job is to run: What’s New on BindiTalk Forums.

Joshi Inc was instrumental in playing a crucial role in the Social Media marketing of the event. When we analysed the responses in detail we were very happy with the figures that emerged.

News & Updates. Ideas & Insights.

Saturday, August 11, In addition to the Awards function there will be several events to create excitement in the pfiaa. On this we love to be vein-on-vein with the client and aim to achieve value for out work as well.

Joshi Inc had the task of not only promoting the pidaa on various social media thus making it appealable among the target audience, but also, to create a Mobile Application which would make the interaction of users simple and elegant.

I wanted to blog this week about puhjabi absolute favourite Sunday morning recipe – Protein pancakes! This is where the role of a brilliant marketing firm would come so as to unknowingly engage customer before he makes a shuffle on his touch-pad to move to another website.

Along with that, the target audience was identified and it was aimed to have at least one interaction with all of them so as to start the buzz. Get started by completing our quotation request. Wasting pubjabi time, the objectives were identified and strategies were dished out.

Since the singer had a wide audience, it was aimed to titillate the music lovers by allowing them to share their own comments and views about the singer.