Silvio garrotes Soprano soldier Burt Gervasi at his home. Chris helps direct him back toward rehab. The no-shows, The Wire Room, Vito, put it all behind us. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! This article is about the episode of the television series The Sopranos. Tony attempts to defuse the argument, but Melfi insists they are done and uses Tony’s action of ripping out the magazine page as an example of his disrespect and lack of seriousness to therapy. So, for whatever reasons, certain incidents have expired lately, in addition to being dangerous, it could have an adverse impact on our businesses, that’s bottom line. Please my ass, the man was a fucking disgrace.

Tony is once again visited at Satriale’s by Agent Harris , who tells him that an informant in the Lupertazzis has tipped him off about Phil’s planned move against the Sopranos. Christopher begins to spend time with J. Remember, I grew up in all of this and I just lost my friend Rusty and if there’s one thing my father taught me was this: After the funeral , Tony happens to meet Fran Felstein , his father ‘s longtime comare ; she is visiting his father’s grave. Kupferberg introduces to Dr. Silvio informs Tony that he eliminated Burt after learning he was a double agent for the Lupertazzis. He begins going to every funeral he can, even when he knows the deceased only slightly, just to get out of the house. Directors Guild of America.

Junior, with his mental health and memory now improved due to new medication, says he is going stir crazy while still under house arrest. So was the Hindenburg, maybe you should look into that too. A Wise decision, on both your parts. Audible Download Audio Books.

Frank Vincent: Phil Leotardo

Silvio and Patsy rush to pack up important items from the Bing. The two offer to support one another when they get the urge to use. So what fuck would I know about that? Views Read Edit View history.

The episode was also praised for story elements concerning the escalation of the conflict between the rivaling Mafia families of the show and for the conclusion it brought to the professional and personal relationship between the characters Tony Soprano and Jennifer Melfi. Awards and nominations Music The Sopranos: Melfi hears again of the study claiming sociopaths take advantage of talk therapyleading to a confrontation with the other guests.


It was watched by eight million American viewers on its premiere date and received critical praise for its narrative and dramatic resolution of long narratives; many critics have named “The Blue Comet” a highlight of the series. The penultimate episode marks Taylor’s ninth credit as director and Abraham’s 47th credit as director of photography ; it is the final credit of the series for both. However, the hitmen stake out the home of Phil’s Ukrainian comare and confuse her visiting father for Phil; both are shot dead.

The order to kill Phil is passed down to Corky Caporalewho contacts the Italian assassins. Written by series creator and showrunner David Chase and Matthew Weinerand directed by Alan Taylorit originally aired in the United States on June 3,two weeks after the preceding episode.

Tony angrily refuses and expresses disgust at Bobby for continuing to show empathy for Junior. The Sopranos season 5 List of The Sopranos episodes.

The Top Ten Episodes”.

Carmela and Meadow visit the Baccalieris, who are all in epizodes over Bobby’s death. One such involved the character Burt Gervasi telling Silvio Dante that he has begun cooperating with the Lupertazzi family, a scene that was lrotardo as a setup for the murder that ended up as the episode’s opening.

Leotardp arrives back home and, hearing about the hits, orders his family to go into hiding. He is informed by Silvio about the failed hit on Phil, who has been hiding and has already set his plans in motion.

As coincidence would have it, he was last seen in New Jersey. Tony immediately orders Silvio to inform everyone in the family to break their routines and to go into hiding themselves until Phil can be located. Your official Emmy episode cheat sheet! For the train after which the episode is named, see Blue Comet.

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Road to Respect Pinball game. Correction, you asked me to attend and Epiisodes agreed Carmine Lupertazzi Jr. This article is about the episode of the television series The Sopranos.

In Camelot

Before his next session with Melfi, Tony rips out a page from a cooking magazine in the waiting room. Please my ass, the man was a fucking disgrace. Fair enough, I’m not going to call this a “sit-down” because of the negative implications, let’s think of it as “a meeting of minds”.

The Criminal Personality greatly impressed Chase after he read it and he decided that its introduction in the show would spell the end of Tony and Melfi’s psychotherapy story arc in the series. The two put on a good face as they talk with Artie and Charmaine about their children.

Call him what you will, but you’re talking about one of my captains. Tony remains unsympathetic, remarking that Livia did make his father give Tippy away. The Sopranos episodes American television episodes Television episodes about funerals. And so, true to form historically, the second to last episode had more than it’s [ sic ] fair share of Big Moments. Please my ass, the man was a fucking disgrace Tony Soprano: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Fran further recalls that Junior almost used to stalk her; Junior tells Tony he loved Fran but was not bold enough to tell her. He starts a relationship with Rhiannon Flammeran ex-girlfriend of his friend Hernan O’Brienwho has been hospitalized for dietary problems.

Tony, Silvio and Bobby convene at Nuovo Vesuvio, where Tony breaks the news to them about Phil’s plans to kill them and of his decision to preemptively kill Phil first, using the Italian hitmen who performed the hit on Rusty Millio.