Excellent order, and a bargnlni Other lenses also available. Be- sides, there are long blocks of the same rock which might have been the members of the door- sill. Kindergarten to Leaving Certificate Honours. Tenderers to state If prepared to allow Tattersalls Club to remain as tenant until 1st September next 3. To the north of this stepped platform an inscribed hero-stone consisting of three panels was dis covered. The raw material for the Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic is fine quartzite of various shades and that for the Mesolithic is quartzite. Applications are Invited from persons and cor- porations desirous of being -granted a Franchise by the Council of the abovenamed Shire for the supply of Electric Current to the Town of Coolah In accordance with the provisions of Section of the Local Government Act, , and the Local Government Department’s model agreement for granting electricity franchises.

Bring the Children-It’s Ideal entertalnmentl. Excavation at Daulatabad, District Aurangabad. All these tools made on Vindhyan sandstone are fresh in condition indicating more or less the primary context of the tools. Day and Boarding School for Boys. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Square Auto Tents, 15ba best Eng- lish Ducie.

Children, 6d to all parts. The location of the site also lends support to this view because the river Kushabhadra falls into the sea about 3 km to the north-east of the site. BOOK SHOP and Stationer s Business for Sale m lotte town ra es from Sydney The busl 1 ness includes a Circulating Library with a hlgh clnss clientele and recently restocked with latest publications Tho premises have also been reno- vated and present nn ottractlvo proposition to a.

Therefore, a brief explor- ation was conducted by Salahuddhin and R. G-Cooma-Bega and Return, rall and motor. At Kantaigarh, on the sea-coast in the midst of sand dunes, a temple dedicated to Bates- ware Siva was noticed. C session, no amount too large. Approximately square feet, with large show window. The occurrence of pottery showed the predominance of grey ware over the red ware.


It had not been found in earlier explorations so far from Himachal Pradesh in general and Banganga and Beas valleys in particular.

Of the ceramic wares, the most predominant was a sturdy red pottery painted with designs in black. Letters will be forwarded.


Sharma, assisted by K. Dining-room, 2 bedrooms, mnld’s room. The extant pavel showed subsequent arrange- ment of limestone slabs projecting out around the base of the anda of Period I.

Behera of the Department of History, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar jointly explored the coastal region between the estuary of the Rushikulya and the eastern fringe of Chilika lake; and discovered medieval sites and temple.

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A st Woollnliia Superior Dues i lent cuisine hot water service, mes. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Period IV was marked by the advent of the N. A unique road running south-north direction and laid almost in the middle of the township was also exposed. At Potagarh, the left section of the Rushikulya, a brick jelly and lateritic kankar soil mixed with floor embedded at a depth of one metre was noticed. Sydney, cn 2nd August. Exploration in District Nizamabad.

Proctors for the Executors, 19 Paa. The excavation was confined to the top portion of the slope of the eastern terrace on either side of the assembly hall of Period IV. Well, how would you. The remaining area of approximately square feet Is now available for subdivision to suit the requirements of tenants Fxccllcnt position and admirably blxck for the office accommodation of a firm or company requiring about 7 or 8 fine offices for principals and staffs Strongrooms and store rooms could bo provided If required.

A soakpit of stone masonry was also found. Not a single cord-impressed potsherd was encountered at this level. Australian Hall, 28th June.

Preparatory to Leaving Certificate Standard. Consequent upon this finding a small trial trench of 2 x 1 x 1. Principal at home by appointment. Venkata Siva Sarma, M. However, virgin soil was not reached and it is anticipated that one or more occupation levels underlie the bottom of the present soundings. The vertical sdries of the trenches showed three layers. It is difficult to suggest if they were used as draw-wells. Three story Build- ing, ench floor approximately feet.


Vacancies for Boarders and Day Pupils. If this olternotlvo route moots with popular approval the steamer. Day sales at Pcluso’s opposite Theatre. Seventeen loose sculptures of Dabver, Ganapati, Siva-linga, nandi, hero-stone and also those of Gramadevatas and other deities such as Gaja-lakshmi, Amba, Bhumika, Vatala, Balio-Purusha, mentioned in the above work were found lying in and around the temples.

Dated this ninth day of May House, 5 danber, kitchen, eleerie.

The interiors of the tank and the channels had been well-plastered. Kindergarten to Leaving Ceitlficate. Houses, and Shops available’ handy to city.

Full show Dolly at 10 a. The nature of the pacel could not be determined. The proximity of the Gupta inscriptions, the rockshelter having paintings in Ajanta style and the ceramic evidence tends to show that Gadgodi Goda and Randuni Kanda are contemporary sites. Exploration was further dabberr to Nurpur and Dhameta along the Sukhar-di-khad, Parauli-di-khad, Hawri-di-khad, Bagroli-di-khad and Fatehpur-di-khad.

And notice is blac, hereby given that on the allow- ance of the said accounts by the Court commis- sion will be applied for on behalf of the said Executor.

Paddayya of the Deccan College Post-gra- duate and Research Institute, Pune, undertook further systematic explorations and trial exca- vation in the Baichbal valley.

Only best quolity cool will be considered. B 4 Unes. Interviews after June 1.