That scrawny kid with rubbery arms is Monkey D. I would very like for that song to be in the series, since it sounds like a typical marine song. In New World, the crazy sea. I do know why this movie gets a lot of hate. Their fights are very simple and nothing amazed me except the good use of camera. How Nami was kidnapped, the message she left and how we get to hear it at the end, we all were almost at tears in the cinema. In some cases it flows into story nicely, but mostly it just feels forced. Sidekicks of Z get one appearance to seem strong, then one to get defeated and let heroes show off their moves.

That scrawny kid with rubbery arms is Monkey D. Character Z, also known as Zephyr had such deep story to him and if you love backstories of various characters in One Piece, you’ll definitely love Z’s. Very well done for a shonen movie. There’s some really interesting and heartwarming lines in there. The creators of the movie used music to highlight the wonderful animation in One Piece Film: Well it’s too late for that anyway.. On the other hand, I got more and more interested during the second hour to see how everything would turn out at the end. Strong world was better?

For those looking for the eng sub you can watch it here if you can’t wait for the Blu-ray release http: This is truly a great movie. I’m glad to get to remember the names osh the main characters. I did love the whole thing and found the film to be wonderful and magical in every which was possible and I wish I could have seen more of it, but sadly the film odt short and finished quite quickly, and I can’t help, but wish it was longer in more ways than one. Stop sending me friend request, goddamit.

Franky was the next in line after the Monster Trio.

The fight was quite well done,though I’d say it will be more interesting if Monster Trio beat Z rather than Luffy taking him on alone. Straw hats which later became his trademark. Another thing is the exposition – there’s quite a bit of it, it seemed fairly slow at the middle, but in the end came together as a really good movie.


And then everything just gets worse. I thought it was ok How could an old admiral that sworn his life to justice and to defend people decides that it is fine to kill thousands of people? Strong world was a pretty good movie but saying that it was mmovie than film z is just retarded. I was skeptical, but at the onw time, I hoped that the movie would be good. This review will be broken down into four parts: One Piece film Z is quite a treasure of amazingness.

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Loli Nami was liece adorable. One of the three members of the group’s strongest straw hat. Story didn’t feel flushed out enough. The angles and camera movements following every scene was done fluidly. Fights were cool though, nice animation. If you don’t know what haki is, you can only guess why peoples fists turn black.

And that song Zephyr sang was cool I wish I could understand all of it though, basically the only thing I couldn’t. Movif also wanted to see more sexy Nami lol. The battles were way better than what we found in the anime. To be honest the end was so touching i got a little teary I’m not used to these characters, but I was still able to really like them and I’m no longer turned off by their designs.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows pieve your phone or tablet! I know Robin was famous but nobody would really go and remember her age. It didn’t show much of Luffy’s kne Z’s skills in the fight, it shows the skills of the animators instead.

Fantastic animation and a very good story, since in the end i was really enjoying the Z characther. I would very like for that song to be in the series, mkvie it sounds like a typical marine song. It was different while at the same time maintaining that One Piece feel we all love; high tension to melancholy themes that played throughout different scenes.


That is how zilch I knew about this anime.

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Hideki-M 3 August The movie was awesome and the animation was very good. Besides getting the obvious things right, this film also goes the extra mile to enhance its visual presentation.

I’ve read some of the manga and seen two movies and honestly? Liked Strong World more. Oda has been writing One Piece sinceand mofie he finished the first half of the manga. If they had changed the volcano explosion killing everyone to a volcano wokiji that no one could cross, pirates would have been stuck in the new world and new pirates wouldn’t have been able to seek the One Piece.

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The action is mind blowing. At times the animation makes it look lie you’re in a 3D movie and the drawings are incredibly precise and sokiji.

Something that was, at the very least, not a pile of dung. Loved the new dynamic animation they had for the fights though. This film is super disappointing, due to many reasons.

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Luffy’s Haki got turned into some magic girl’s circle thingy. This is after all already the tenth One Piece full length film. Always give the word “Gomu-Gomu” before knowledge. Z, then I suggest that you give the series a try, even thought the series is long, both it and this film are excellent.

You want the cute, young Nami, you got it. Too bad Avril’s music was only in the credits.