Sanji forewarns Jimbei that he might not forgive the fishman due to what Arlong did to Nami as well as his suspicions of Arlong’s similarities. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats finally reach Ryugu Palace for their banquet. At this page you will watch full one piece episode english dubbed. The princes are easily defeated and Hordy laughs as Neptune watches in horror. The archaeologist reveals to Franky that she is the eighth person who saw Rayleigh, as Luffy has yet to appear. It is revealed that Den is Tom’s relative and has accepted Franky’s offer to coat the Thousand Sunny. Meanwhile, Pekoms and Tamago came for the candy but the Minister of the Left claims that here is no more candy and the factory machines have been destroyed by Hordy. However, they notice a large Kraken crushing ships for years and it destroys Caribou’s ship, seemingly killing his crew.

The citizens are filled with horror at hearing the realization. They finally crash into a whale without noticing at first. Hordy’s Energy Steroids are allowing him to catch up with Luffy and Fukaboshi. The New Fishman Pirates are terrified to hear their captain was defeated but the officers force the others to stay and die for hatred. Shuzo attacks the marines and Panz Fry. When Brook discovers that Caribou is on board, Franky confines him in a barrel. The kidnapped mermaids are found in Ryugu Palace; however, the royal treasure is missing. However, while running towards it, he unknowingly stumbles upon a gigantic mermaid princess.

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Meanwhile, Brook informs everyone that Luffy is alive and performs a new song before departing. Retrieved September 13, FantasyMagicShounenSlice of Life. Meanwhile, Pekoms and Tamago came for the candy but the Minister of the Left claims that here is no more candy and the factory machines have been destroyed by Hordy.

Enjoy watching and streaming one piece episode animefreak mp4 video with english subtitle in high definition quality. Heading for the Ultimate Sea! Once the ship is at sea, Luffy is confronted by Hordy, where he realizes the extent of the disadvantage he has against a fishman in the sea. Watch one piece episode english subbed online one piece. Watch and download case closed subbed episode fullhd dvd p, p bluray. The queen persuades the island’s residence to sign her petition. The Straw Hats wake up with different clothes.


As the whole island celebrates the capture and defeat of Hordy and his comrades by the Straw Hat Crew of whom make their own plans to leave Fishman Island soon while Jimbei reluctantly tells Luffy that he cannot join his crew at the moment but he will in the future when he is finished with his tasks and obligations, They are all soon called to celebrate their victory at the Palace with merriment, music, drink and food.

When Hordy mocks Luffy, saying that he will become the King of the Pirates, Luffy takes down half of Hordy’s forces of 50, with his Haki technique and tells the fishman that he will become the King of the Pirates. Otohime gains support for her petition and Tiger obtains a bounty on his head. Meanwhile, on the Noah, Hachi discovers that Hordy wants to seek revenge against Luffy for destroying Arlong’s ambitions and will continue his will.

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The Straw Hats are epizode cornered by another fishman crew. She later tells Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi that the one who called the Sea Kings was Shirahoshi, and she cannot control this ability yet. After being accidentally insulted by Luffy, Shirahoshi reveals that she wants to see a lot of places and Luffy immediately orders her to leave with him.

Hordy, however, has his beasts attack the princes and gives Energy Steroids to his crew. He then travels to the Straw Hats location and recalls epispde past fight with Ain and how their fight lasted for over five hours till she won, prompting their leader Z to give her the win and bogoanime title of next in command.

Robin finally makes it to the Thousand Sunny and reunites with Franky.

Luffy continues to fight Shuzo while Zoro fights Momonga to which the Vice-admiral states they shouldn’t interfere with their business like this. Watch streaming anime one piece episode english dubbed online for free in hdhigh quality.

Meanwhile, Hordy and Decken finally arrive at the palace. They finally crash into a whale without noticing at first. Ikaros and Dosun attempt to intercept Luffy, but are blocked by Zoro and Sanji, leaving Luffy to land a blow on Hordy.

King Neptune watches in shock over the sight of the giant ship Noah as Fukaboshi asks what is so important about a relic of the past, but the king replies that the ship must not be damaged no matter what.


pieec Retrieved 15 February She befriends the Straw Hats after they save her from drowning and wants to see her dad this is why she invaded the Marine’s fleet of ships. Tags 9anime chiaanime animefreak animeshow. Hyozo becomes stronger after eating too many Energy Steroids. Zoro jumps into the water to save his captain, and Shuzo and Sanji get into an argument.

Just as they discuss about the currents, the ship heads straight for the Downward Plume, a massive undersea waterfall. On the sea floor, Vander Decken IX reveals that he plans to marry the princess, using his Mark-Mark Fruit curse to throw a giant axe at her. Sanji Seimei gogoanlme Kiki!

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Fukaboshi gets defeated but manages to learn Hordy’s true identity beforehand. Brook then claims that the whale is Laboon but they finally see a whole bunch of whales and the others claim that Laboon is not here but in the first half piecs the grand line. Luffy, who wants to become a sea-robber. Meanwhile, while healing Hachi, Sanji and Chopper are cornered by the island’s gogoanine again.

Akainu won epsiode title and Aokiji left since he didn’t want to work for Akainu. When Brook discovers that Caribou is on board, Franky confines him in a barrel. The Straw Hats land in a location around some rocks and Robin notes they will be safe for now and Nami happy that the planned worked and that they finally got out of the sea.

This magus who seems closer to demon than human, will he bring her the light she desperately seeks, or drown her in ever deeper shadows? Meanwhile in Hordy’s cell, Hordy and his crew appear to be aged by the energy steroids that they used, which was later revealed to gogoanmie aging pills, and still sought vengeance against the royal family, the Straw Hats, and humans.