Excellent cigar with a lovely tobacco un lit taste. I am now spoiled. After the first third, I became a little worried about the cigar. Twitter Feed Tweets by toastedfoot. Oliva Serie G Figurado — Band. Always consistent, never had a less than perfect Oliva.

The most common flavor I could pick up, was coffee. The G series has a unique flavor that I really like. CI you’re the best. Do yourself a favor, and check out this perfectly balanced cigar from Oliva. Smoked it to within in inch of it’s life, stopped because it was starting to burn my nose. Hands down one of my favorite smokes. I could smell it swirling around in the air, and when I wafted it towards my face it got slightly more intense.

Oliva Serie G Figurado — 1st Third. This one is a regular for me. This is especially true when compared to a certain cigar with a famous Cuban name that costs more than twice as much.

I enjoy my occasional cigar but don’t want to spend a bunch on each one. Really can’t go wrong with this one and CI frequently offers them for geview reasonable prices. Recently bought a pack of torpedoes on the “Joe’s Daily Deal” and was absoultely satisfied by the first smoke. Handmade cigars are completely made by hand from start y finish.

The toro is a beaut and a great price I have smoked for cigars fore ten years, lots of brands. Only problem, I can’t pick a favorite! A well made cigar indeed. The flavor was great on this stick and it had a very fun burn to it and drew very well throughout.


By the Box Press is the only way to go. I have a Humidor with about of your various Sticks!! One of my go-to cigars with consistent construction, flavor, and draw; don’t think I’ve ever had a foul burn on one.

The overall exterior was good but the wrapper had a bit of a rustic feel with noticeable veins and a leathery appearance. As for me, I like everything about them It stayed cool, and smooth the whole way down the stick. He decided against it. Can I just go ahead and say “Best cigar of all time”? Just had my first.

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A very smooth and tasty cigar. Has been a “go to” for me for years. Buying a box in 3, 2, Revkew mild smoke long lasting and quite tasty. I’m not a fan of Churchills, but I love this one. The very first part of this cigar was a little tough to get through. One of my top 10 favorites.

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Nutty, spicey, woody combine to make a great smoke. The little “Special G” perfecto is absolutely perfect when you don’t have a ton of time. Got this in a sampler, lit it up and enjoyed it to the fullest.

I wouldn’t stock an entire humidor of these but I wouldn’t mind putting a few more in one of revieew. Mitigated by suplement cuts. Great service as always from CI.

The burn, white ash, aroma, flavor, and smoothness are out of this world. Well deserving of the high rating by Cigar Aficianado! Thanks CI and thanks Oliva!


It is only when I light up a Oliva Serie G. I wish the construction were a little tighter.

Cigar Review: Oliva Serie G

By providing my email address, I agree to receive special offers by email from Cigars International. The box press on this cigar is beautiful and perfect. Oljva of Washington, DC. We know things that are acidic,like orange juice, etc. Going to buy a box soon I am predominately a Maduro and Corojo smoker. This is my third or fourth box and they have all been top quality. A medium body blend made with revies African-Cameroon wrapper.

Oliva Serie G Figurado 6″1/2 * 60

I’m about one inch into this cigar, and I think I may be discovering my new favorite. Nice oily wrapper and mild smooth flavors. My fingers told me to put it out since I wasn’t paying attention to how much cigar was left. I have to say So spoil yourself for once then get out there and earn more to keep the economy going.

Are there better cigars out there for the money? The smoke is pleasant fiyurado provides a medium-bodied profile that is complex, but not too strong.