There is no sign of any other weapon. It was something terrible and deadly. This page was last edited on 2 January , at Young McCarthy must be got off, however. Unable to speak to John Turner, Sherlock Holmes turns his attention to James McCarthy, and the detective is able to visit the man in prison. I shall take nothing for granted until I have the opportunity of looking personally into it. Turner has a number of tenants on his land, but the one of most note is Charles McCarthy, another man from Australia who had come to live in England. I was so disturbed and excited as I rushed out into the open, that I could think of nothing except my father.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. It ran in this way:. Who was McCarthy meeting at the pool? Having left Lestrade at his rooms we drove to our hotel, where we found lunch upon the table. I did not wonder at Lestrade’s opinion, and yet I had so much faith in Sherlock Holmes’s insight that I could not lose hope as long as every fresh fact seemed to strengthen his conviction of young McCarthy’s innocence. Turner was apparently the richer man, so McCarthy became his tenant, but still remained, it seems, upon terms of perfect equality, as they were frequently together. What could it be?

Lestrade, being rather puzzled, has referred the case to me, and hence it is that two middle-aged gentlemen are flying westward at fifty miles an hour, instead of quietly digesting their breakfasts at home.

Having measured these very carefully from seven or eight different points, Holmes desired to be led to the courtyard, from which we all followed the winding track which led to Boscombe Pool. There were six of us, and we had a wild, free life of it, sticking up a station from time to time, or stopping the wagons on the road to the diggings. Having left Lestrade at his rooms we drove to our hotel, where we found lunch upon the table. I then took my gun, and strolled out in the direction of the Boscombe Pool, with the intention of visiting the rabbit warren which is upon the other side.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery by Arthur Conan Doyle

Holmes traced his way to the farther side of this, and lay down once more upon his face with a little cry of satisfaction. If you will keep the two corner seats I shall get the tickets. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center.


Who would have wanted McCarthy dead,if not James and why? I found the ash of a cigar, which my special knowledge of tobacco ashes enabled me to pronounce as an Indian cigar.

But my memory and my girl! Read and listen to the MP3 four or five times. He expresses very modern disgust at the disrespect shown the crime scene, something I’ve heard in many a modern, fictional book, and in film, and in real life, too.

His slow, limping step and bowed shoulders gave the appearance of decrepitude, and yet his hard, deep-lined, craggy features, and his enormous limbs showed that he was possessed of unusual strength of body and of character. The Case is Solved.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery – The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Perfect length for a cuppa. We have come now out of mere vagueness to the definite conception of an Australian from Ballarat with a grey cloak. This is feature allows you to search the site. I will explain the state of things to you, as far as I have been able to understand it, in a very few words.

James was innocent of the crime and discharged,the real killer died of natural causes. I would call your attention very particularly to two points.

Plot Summary of The Boscombe Valley Mystery

He later heard his father bozcombe ” Cooee ” and found his father standing by the pool, surprised to see him. The reason why Charles McCarthy is of note, is because he had been found murdered near to Boscombe Pool. There were six troopers and six of us, so it was a dose thing, but we emptied four of their saddles at the first volley.

John Turner, a widower and a major landowner who has a daughter named Alice, lives there with a fellow expatriate from Australia, Charles McCarthy, a widower who ysnopsis a son named James. It corresponds with the injuries. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Retrieved from ” https: Do you not deduce something from that?

When about a hundred yards from the Pool I heard a cry of ‘Cooee! I had not gone more than one hundred and fifty yards, however, when I heard a hideous outcry behind me, which caused me to run back again.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Resolved to change, John parted ways with his friends. I know the military neatness which characterizes you. She sent a telegram to Holmes asking him to investigate the case. He thought no more of the matter until he heard in the evening of the tragedy that had occurred.


Charles McCarthy has been murdered in the woods by a pool, and his adult son James–who had been arguing violently with his father minutes before–was covered with his father’s blood.

Now where did they come from? She had hardly said the words when young Mr McCarthy came running up to the lodge to say that he had found his father dead in the wood, and to ask for the help of the lodge-keeper. In the previous Sherlock Holmes stories all of the work done by the detective had been undertaken in and around London, in The Boscombe Valley Mystery though, we see Holmes and Watson making a journey to Herefordshire.

Patience Moran, daughter synoopsis a lodgekeeper, says that she saw Charles and James arguing and that, when James raised his hand as if to hit his father, she ran to her mother, and while she was telling her mother what she saw James rushed to their house seeking help.

Turner has a number of tenants on his land, but the one of most note is Charles McCarthy, another man from Australia who had come to live in England. Return to Book Page. He ran when he saw his father on the ground. Holmes used his usual deductive powers and keen observation skills to find the answers to his own doubts. She had heard of you, and would have your opinion, though I repeatedly told her that there was nothing which you could do which I had not already done. Leave Paddington by the This is a cloud CDN service that we use bosconbe efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos.

On a parting note: I think that I will go in and have a word with Moran, and perhaps write a little note.

I walked down to the station with them, and then wandered through the streets of the little town, finally returning to the hotel, where I lay upon the sofa and tried to interest myself in a yellow-backed novel.

Then he suddenly rolled them all into a gigantic ball, and tossed them up on to the rack. When James McCarthy comes to trial, Holmes is able to provide enough evidence to create a reasonable doubt in the mind of the synkpsis and so James McCarthy is set free.