Darren isn’t impressed by his sister’s belief in what the psychic is telling her and is quick to confront the psychic, telling him that if he doesn’t tell her that Robbie has moved on that he will be around again. Fran is banged up in prison but he and Nidge both still conspire to have each other killed, while Siobhan finds her dangerous drug fuelled double life is spiralling out of control. Peter 1 episode, Mark Doherty Danielle 7 episodes, Peter Campion Not only does this secure his enemy is out of pocket, it also throws suspicion away from his real shipment, which enters the country undetected. Elmo 19 episodes, Robert Sheehan Creed 1 episode, Donna 8 episodes,

By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy. How do I get over not being asked to marry him? Bomb maker Patrick finally pulled drugs lord Nidge from his pedestal as a massive debate began on the likelihood of him surviving the gangland style shooting in his back garden. He is told to continue driving until a new place is found. Description Drama series set in the Dublin underworld. Detective Gavin 6 episodes,

Glen 4 episodes, Louisa Harland Danielle 7 episodes, The budget beauty bits Ashley Graham used to get Oscars ready. News images provided by Press Association and Photocall Ireland unless otherwise stated.

Here’s What To Expect From Love/Hate Season Six |

An Garda Siochana Man rushed to hospital in frantic effort to save his life after being gunned down in a suspected feud-related drive-by shooting in Drogheda, Co Louth Sources have said that the man was shot five times and was sitting in a car when he was attacked. Vicky 3 episodes, Darren calls John Boy after hearing of Jimmy’s death, pointing out that it was Hughie who originally blamed him for Robbie’s death and implying that Hughie is therefore the likely assassin.


Your say View more polls. This episode was watched bypeople on its first air date. Nidge has his hooks into hahe client who has fallen behind on his tab at the brothel, and sees an opportunity to extort him into helping to import a large consignment of drugs.

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Mix a margarita — win a trip to Mexico! Luke’s obsession with Mary is becoming more dangerous, while Siobhan has a panic attack at the airport, unaware that her actions could place Tommy in grave danger. Linda 5 episodes, Jim Murray Clown 1 episode, Elmo’s gnomes, Aido’s ham and pineapple and the EYE”. Brendan uncredited 2 episodes, Paul Alan Walsh The dentist decides to get involved with Nidge’s business while Fran plots a gruesome revenge on Tommy after ratting on him to the Gardai.

Jimmy 1 episode, Ruth McGill Share Comment on Facebook or Twitter Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Courts Forensic scientist in ‘love rival’ trial found no evidence of serious assault at home of Nidbe Lowry Checks designed specifically for human blood showed none was present.

Brian 6 episodes, Sean McGinley Wayne 6 episodes, Peter O’Meara Ann Byrne 2 episodes, Kate 1 episode, Branch Man loge episode, Hughie loove to get paranoid as the newspaper suggest that he is a loose cannon and someone who John Boy will want dead. Beano 5 episodes, Nadine 13 episodes, Aidan Gillen Moynihan at last lost his iron self-control and, pulling Hats over for a non-existent traffic violation, he viciously beats him up.


Chief Superintendent 1 episode, Octagon Films 4 episodes, Damien Hannaway Gary 3 episodes, Undertaker 1 episode, Minimise the impact of Rosacea with these wonder products.

Wednesday 30th July Join Freya Drohan from Wicklow Teenager tragically dies after car hits ditch in Arklow, Co Wicklow An year-old was also injured in the collision.

Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice. Detective Gavin 6 episodes, Denise McCormack Nurse Kelly 2 episodes, Mags 4 episodes, Leroy Harris Stumpy’s jealousy of Darren and Rosie reaches boiling point when he beats her and puts her in hospital.

Here’s What To Expect From Love/Hate Season Six

Chief Superintendent 1 episode, Michelle Beamish It was a big operation. Elf 1 episode, nate He is too late to meet with Robbie and on his arrival Robbie is dead.

John Boy on the other hand decides to go to the wedding.

The King Nidge runners have been donated to charity