Charlie Brooker takes a comedic look back at the hectic events of – a mad year of royal weddings, Gypsy Weddings, riots, phone-hacking and Desperate Scousewives. Add the first question. Retrieved 20 May The Invention of Capitalism: Retrieved from ” https: Gameswipe TV Movie

Retrieved from ” https: For me this was another chance to enjoy his wonderful turn of phrase and acerbic cynical humour while also getting food for thought on subject of the news networks and how they operate. Charlie Brooker takes a comedic look back at the hectic events of – a mad year of royal weddings, Gypsy Weddings, riots, phone-hacking and Desperate Scousewives. To some ears this will sound like just yet another smartarse comedian sitting in a studio making jokes out of clips that he is playing out of context, editing short to make them look worse or just getting cheap laughs. Add the first question. Brooker explores the often tedious nature of live coverage. Other segments examine the media’s hysterical coverage of the John Terry affair scandal, the response to the news that four MPs will face criminal charges in the MPs’ Expenses scandal , and a BBC News series following journalist Nick Robinson ‘s efforts to solicit voters’ opinions.

We run on donations. A clip entitled “How To Report The News” from episode two of the second series amassed over two and a half million views on YouTube after it was syndicated by The Huffington Post soon after its first airing. Edit Did You Know? However with the approach of the show he suits it really well because the topics and themes that he looks at are best approached with cynicism and, if they are not, then they will soon seaaon it.

This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat Just like, I suspect, many people, when Episoxe tune into the news I often feel like I’ve wandered into episode of the world’s most complex soap opera. The White Episod in That Photo. Retrieved from ” https: Charlie Brooker’s annual review of the year ‘s news and cultural events.

Himself 6 episodes, Also included is a piece by Ben Goldacre which discusses the media’s portrayal of the supposed link later discredited between autism and the MMR vaccine. A tongue-in-cheek piece was also epiaode by filmmaker Adam Curtiswhich charted how the news became an excellent tool for the radical left of the s to motivate politicians to action, before becoming what Curtis now describes as a simple tool of “oh-dearism” which drives audiences to apathy and helplessness.


Retrieved 10 April By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Brooker reviews the media’s coverage of the Haiti earthquakeconcluding that while most coverage has been exemplary, the need to tell a story has occasionally distanced journalists from the reality of the situation.

Brooker examines Tony Blair ‘s eepisode in the Iraq Inquiry and how the relationship between politicians and the media has gradually epixode less deferential over the decades.

Newswipe With Charlie Brooker Series 2, Episode 1 – British Comedy Guide

The central segment focused on the Christmas pants bomb attemptas did a poem from Tim Key. A second series began on 19 January and concluded on 23 February Himself 6 episodes, Doug Stanhope Hosted and written by Charlie Brooker, this sardonic series follows and critiques both current news stories and the way television portrays them. Brooker also seriously notes how despite the apparently exhaustive coverage, the death of Ian Tomlinson was missed entirely by the larger news broadcasters, and required ndwswipe work of an investigative journalist to be brought to light.

The series is funny, thoughtful and scabrous digest of recent news events. The Pregnancy to Prison Pipeline: What’s on Norman’s Watchlist?

In this episode, Brooker examines the evolving role of anchors and newscasters in the media, from their positions as simple “news-readers” in the early days of television to their current position of more newswiipe and driven journalists.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Timesreviewing the first episode, called it “glorious, perceptive and rude” newswiep exposing “the inanity of hour news”.

Newswipe With Charlie Brooker

Opinion they may well be but they represent informed and well delivered opinion that provide food for thought. Courageous People Never Give Up! Brooker looks into the gradual change of the news’s treatment and usage of public emotion and popular opinion, beginning with episkde period following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and leading to the death of Jade Goody.

Brooker could never present a show about kittens because the subject of cute kittens does not allow his acerbic cynicism to really be applied. Mostly though it is not just playing clips at random, because the show is actually building a point or epjsode message while it does this — something that makes it very interesting and worth seeing.


Search for ” Newswipe ” on Amazon. How news airtime is filled with hand bags, social disruption the truth about ASBOshealth reports, animals and analysing the brains response to various scenes from Britain. Audible Download Audio Books. Fall and Winter Experts were on hand to pick apart certain stories and analysed the news media’s obsessions.

In other pieces which look into the dwindling influence of traditional newspapersPeter Oborne discusses the relationship between the media and government in the UK, while Nick Davies author of Flat Earth News illustrates the increased use of the “dark arts” of computer hackingphone tapping and bribery by Fleet Street journalists to get a story.

Newswipe also looked at the way the news is presented to the public. Brooker discusses how Islam4UK orchestrated their publicity stunt of a march through Wooton Bassett and how filler reports are structured and padded out.

The series is funny, thoughtful and scabrous We will never post anything without your permission. The final segment examined the media’s overblown reaction to Britain’s unexpected ” Big Freeze “. We don’t run on ads. Add the first question.

All of them are discussed in ways that are funny and sharply observed but are still intelligent and quite insightful episofe the same time. From the Chilean miners to the General Election, from Sherlock to Just like, I suspect, many people, when I tune into the news I often feel like I’ve wandered into episode of the world’s most complex soap opera.

Miki Kashtan – “So what can I do, as an individual?

Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe S1E1P1

If it bleeds it leads is one, the banality of coverage is another as are many things to do with the 24 hour news cycle coverage of things that aren’t happening, live saturation of a door, etc etc. Build a Border Wall? Charlie Brooker takes an irreverent look back at