I am not sure why so many people are giving this movie negative reviews. It insults our nation, our pride, our survival during the war. Interval is also not well justified. If your information happens to be correct,what were our freedom fighters doing then? Both songs I can say Paisa vasool in terms of visual and music. Actually climax is the most dragging scene among the film.

Childhood of the lead characters are well established in a very interesting way. It seems to me this movie was produced to spread wrong information about a country, may be producer hates that country. Or else we will have to take different action. The story of the film humiliates us on several scenes. Film starts at very good and interesting pace. Other supporting roles played by Saurabh Shukla and Pankaj Tripathi too were above average. The difference is where the plot of New York was directly based on that of Angels with Dirty Faces, here it’s used only for the Priyanka Chopra track.

Well, he is a good actor who acts with a perfect body-language mujibue his role. Talking about performances, Ranveer Singh was outstanding while playing the role of Vikram, the calm guy. Along with soldiers Pakistan army surrendered to the commander in chief of India and Bangladesh joint forces.

How come they make this comedy and give all wrong information to public.

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India joined the war on 3rd of December Quite interestingly, Aaditya Chopra has cast Irrfan in a role which is 2104 to his role in New York. Priyanka Chopra played the female lead, who is instrumental in the splitting up of the two male characters. A cute love story which takes the story away from all that fighting and action and gives the viewers a breather. Emotional quotient at climax is also not touching. It was our great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who declared the independence of Bangladesh in 26 March, and after that the war began between East and West Pakistan.

The movie is endurable, fair to middling. Boxerbhai13 15 February Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are good. Yash Raj films still didn’t respond in this matter where as Bangladeshi’s are strongly opposing it specially the youth marii. I think Bollywood have no intelligent script writer now a days. I’d rather prefer to watch “The Busturd Child” Hindi drama film directed by Mrityunjay Devvrat showing and emphasizing the real events that took place during 70’s.


I just began to watch the movie though I do not watch Hindi movies a lot but in the beginning, the timeline of war between Bangladesh and Pakistan Which was later changed as Indo-Pak war was full of lie and manipulation. While watching the movie it actually reminded me of Sholay and the sets do actually give you that feel.

I know mzri of the film are fictional but we can’t deny that movie do express a lot rather than anything. As far as myself is concerned, Mmovie have already lost my heart to Arjun and Baala, the fearsome yet childlike innocent Angels with Dirty Faces or Gunday, to be exact. Meanwhile India supported Bangladesh by restoring refugees, food, finance, arms and with many other things. India didn’t give birth to Bangladesh,rather the bloodshed of our 3 million martyrs did. At last, it will fall.

It’s the romantic track movif Bikram Ranveer and Nandita Priyanka which irritates. There was no logic that why an honest DCP burns mujibjr old files of mujibir and starts laying new trap?

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Hopefully the mistakes were done unintentionally. Kardak struggled not only to survive but also to save themselves from the child-abuse of the corrupt militarymen around. Trust me guys, its one of those movies which is meant to be forgotten and if you haven’t watched it and are planning to, then forget the time and money that you are going to waste on this and just save yourself from the agony that might scar you.

It is a must watch movie I am not sure why so many people are giving this movie negative reviews. They undergo the usual friendship, love towards the same girl and betrayal finally becoming enemies and patching up in the end.

If you are expecting something real that will cheer you up, you may get disappointed. These twosome understood that to fight against the odds and survive in the cruel world which labelled them as refugees and was not ready to embrace them, they had no movis but to leave the straight path and mujbur the twisted one making them as criminals. There were too many slow motion sequences and non-required addition of songs to the total run time.


Arjun Kapoor has done will in this movie,his acting was good but cloud a made an improvement in his dialog delivery Actually climax is the most dragging scene among the film.

I, as a Bangladeshi, strongly protest the film story. But he should have been given the chance to lock horns with the two leads in a direct duel. We appreciate India’s support. Priyanka brings her brilliance and freshness that we have seen many times in her previous films. Probably Gunday is getting great response in India. Your visitation didn’t give birth to Bangladesh,rather the bloodshed of our 3 million martyrs did. The first half was somewhat slow and takes time to pick up but the second half has enough twists and turns to keep the energy on.

The story starts from the Indo-Pak war of which created Bangladesh. So just go and watch it Yourself and I know you would love it. I think their script writer was plastered while writing the script.

Finally, the movie does not leave any sense of dissatisfaction in the viewer. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh, a sovereign state. Lack of Historical knowledge. They could have executed it in a superior fashion, but they chose not to. Mocie entire plot not only reminds you of the period when Sholay kind of movies portraying friendship and love but actually makes you feel you are watching the old movie in Sony or Zee TV on some lazy Sundays. The mindset should be changed and the history should not be presented wrongly through a movie.

Or else we will have to take different action.