The style is amazing – why the wooden balls? But he’s the best at what he does, he has personal reasons for wanting to stop murder, he does not slack off, he does not call in sick. A truly great director. But if you need another reason, go to see it just for another fantastic soundtrack from the master, John Williams. Little touches such as the way she clings to Cruise, almost like a baby’s reflex, make her a character you immediately care about, innocent and tragic. The lives of everyday people in the film, where they are scanned and advertised ‘at’ all day every day, apart from an excuse for product placement and why not?

By the way he sits or walks, we can intuit the grief and confusion that’s going through him. Given the fact that the movie involves some sort of time-travel even if information is the only thing traveling through time , it leaves itself open to criticism about plot holes. I would also recommend the following films. The cars are the best looking vehicles I have ever seen in a film. After this introduction, the plot really starts when Detective John Anderton Tom Cruise finds out that the precogs saw him kill someone, someone that he has never met. John Anderton, played with precision by the great Tom Cruise oh shut up, the man’s awesome , is the chief of the Pre-Crime department in the District of Columbia, which has successfully eradicated murder entirely for the last six years.

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Minority Report is one of the best and most unique thrillers to be released in years. All the while, his old buddies, now helped with a special agent from the FBI Colin Farrellare trying to track him down.

It’s always nice to see such a respectful homage like that, and it is only one of the many things that makes Minority Report yet another addition to Steven Spielberg’s extensive list of high-end films the last of which was the spectacular A.

These I think influenced Minority Report. Colin Farrell skillfully balances the ambitious and professional sides of his character. Full marks, five stars, a must see several times and buy the DVD movie. And it asks repor kind of questions about morality, justice, exploitation and society that’ll keep you thinking for much longer that the film’s two and some hours.

Equipped with futuristic stun guns, jet packs, and search robots, these cops then arrest and intern the criminals before the crimes are committed. The special effects are seamlessly incorporated of the world they created.

This is mjnority universal equation that is never escaped, but it does not mean that any movie that involves time travel will be brought down by the subsequent and unavoidable plot holes.

Subtitles for Minority Report

As a film lover and critic, i can say it is one subritles movie. In Minority Report, we see the effects of predicting the future to the point of crimes are prevented by arresting murderers before they kill.

The rest of the movie, Anderton tries to not only prove that he is innocent, but also that he was set up, possibly by an oily Department of Justice figure who is investigating Precrime before it goes national after an election, played by Colin Farrell.


This is obvious, because plot holes like this even permeated the unparalleled Back to the Future series, which obviously had plenty of plot holes but handled them spectacularly well. Language Set favourite s Login. It is explained very early in the film that the invention of Pre-Crime has eradicated premeditated murder, as this is most easily detected by the pre-cogs.

John Anderton is similar to noir’s morally ambiguous characters–a good cop with an illegal habit that is forced by circumstances and desire to betray the very things he rpeort. Who saw the film and didn’t share her terror and vulnerability? Cars can drive themselves and ride up elevators, computers come with holograms as a user interface, and stores recognize you from your eyeball scan.

There is even, especially in the later portion of the film, a minorlty influence on the soundtrack by Bernard Herrman, who was the composer for most of Alfred Hitchcock’s films, among many others. By the way he sits or walks, we can intuit the grief and confusion that’s going through him.

A truly great director. The only thing I can think of that holds Minority Report back from joining Spielberg’s list of timeless classics is that it does not have the scope as far as its target audience as such films as E.

These visions are projected in a flat screen panel and manipulated by detectives with the grace of a symphony conductor. Tom Cruise plays the Washington, DC pre-crime chief, John Anderton, who runs the investigators who rely on 3 minkrity engineered beings who can see murders before they happen.

Steven Spielberg sets Minority Report in the near future ofin which the technology is advanced, but not far-fetched. Because they’re cool is why.

The style is amazing ksltz why the wooden balls? I read a lot of previous posts about this movie. As all science fiction fans know, however, the genre is not about technology but about ideas.

There are elements here that are only hinted at, but which give the plot a depth increasingly lacking in modern action flicks. This was GOOD – believe nothing else. The direction and performances are amazing – the pre-visualization on this movie must have been a nightmare and yet all the incredible special effects blend perfectly into a visual style that is completely natural and assured, as might be expected from Spielberg and Michael Kahn.

It is the conglomeration of such a dizzying array of films that it is difficult to contemplate them all at once.

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I actually find myself wondering if all the gripers here have actually seen Minority Report, as I just have, because I have to say that is one of the most gripping subtitlew involving movies I have seen in quite a while. The plot is intelligent and fresh. In a subtotles where a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, an officer from that unit is himself accused of a future murder. The film creates many moral questions and issues, and should leave you thinking.


Samantha Morton does a good job of portraying a haunted young lady who has seen too much. As always, Max von Sydow authoritatively plays the respected father figure. Thought-provoking and visceral, Steven Spielberg successfully combines high concept ideas and high octane action in this fast and febrile sci-fi thriller. The only thing that this does is bring up the fact subtitls it’s impossible to tell where precognition starts.

I’ll agree, the ending was a little too happy, but not worth complaining about. We learn all this in the first ten minutes of the movie. Just look back 50 years into the past and you should be able to see why.

Given the amount of movies that I have seen that involve time travel, I have come up with this equation: Personally I can absolutely subtittles that technology will have advanced in the kind of ways portrayed in the film within 50 years.

Sorry, Chris, but you’ve missed the boat on this one. It could be argued perfectly well that the pre-cogs played a part in their own precognition. But if you need another reason, go to see it just for another fantastic soundtrack from the master, John Williams. They predicted that Anderton would commit the murder under the circumstances that he would have been watching the thoughts of the pre-cogs and seen that he would commit murder, and then obviously sought to find out for himself how he could have been expected to commit a murder against a person he has never heard of.

If he mibority prove that only one of the pre-cogs came up with the vision that he was going to commit a murder, it might cancel out the entire prediction because it is unreliable. This is one of my favorite Science Fiction films. This is spoken in Minority Report by a drug-dealer on the streets with no eyes at all, so I kelz its free advice for John Anderton, our hero, or a bit of wise-sounding advice meant to get across to the audience but with no other good place for it to fit in the film.

Minority Report did not suffer from its necessary plot holes and neither did the timeless Back to minoritg Future series which has FINALLY been released as a complete set and which no respectable movie collection could possibly be without. Blade Runner, Total Recall, Paycheck, Screamers, and Minority Report are all short stories 200 by Dick about the future that have been turned into a movie, and most have a less than enthusiastic view of where we are headed.