This prompted further investigation and what I learned was that this man-made material has the appearance of ebony, feels like ebony and is tonally very similar to ebony. Find all posts by revive. These minor niggles aside, we grew to love the F1. Image 2 of 3 While the looks are modest, they’re far from plain. While employing the familiar mortise and tenon bolted neck joint, Martin has designed a new neck shape for the Performing Artist Series. Find all posts by Rexfordbridge. By way of comparison Fishman’s own Ellipse Aura, as fitted to a Martin OMC28, offers less functionality and sounds but uses three switches, two sliders, one push-button and a rotary!

Some will initially struggle with getting the desired settings out of the F1, but for those who persevere the rewards are great. Rating is an average rating that is calculated by using publicly available numeric rating information musicians entered while writing review of Martin GPCPA 3. I noticed that the fingerboard looked like ebony but it was actually something called Black Richlite. Responsive, balanced, pulsating and with bags of soul, it’s hard to justifiably want more from an acoustic. After plugging in I pushed a knob and activated the tuner. Controls Tone feature-controls[0] Pros Stunning acoustic tone.

Described by its creators as the ‘Performing Artist profile’ the one piece, satin-finished necks are a performint ‘C’, which doesn’t thicken until after the 10th fret – it feels mega-comfortable, slick and super-fast. This guitar makes this recording technique very easy!

The guitar features a Venetian cutaway, which is fractionally deeper than that seen on Martin Gpcppa3 cutaways and thus provides further access to the upper registers. All times are GMT All Performing Artist Series guitars sport a new signature pickguard design that, again, looks very ‘Taylor’ at first glance.

As previously mentioned, however, should you be unlucky enough for the battery to go flat on you while the guitar is hanging on its strap mid-gig, then you’re going to have problems….


On occasion, the feeling is akin to accidentally closing a document before saving the changes. Martin must be congratulated for this superb guitar. It’s therefore impossible to change the battery while plugged in.

The compressor works very well and manages to tame even the most ‘enthusiastic’ player. Fingerboard Material Richlite Black feature-fingerboardMaterial[0] Image 1 of 3 Quality hasn’t vpcpa3 as a result of the cheaper price point.

Appearance Martin did a great job with the visual appeal of this guitar. With the guitar in the normal playing position we found it difficult to see all three tuning indicators simultaneously.

The clean lines of this new body shape, along with the new shapes for the bridge and pickguard, make for a guitar that’s both eye-catching and appealing in appearance. Hardware Chrome feature-hardware[0] Of course, it gives you a tuner and pickup EQ but it also contains a compressor, anti-feedback control, phase control and the ability to replicate the sound of 9 different world-class studio microphones with separate EQ and a blend control with the pickup.

I heard one of the Perfoming Artist series guitars when it was demo’ed by the Martin rep, and played by a local artist at Huber Breese here in Michigan.

We like the shape, and the choice of tortoiseshell suits the guitar. This a major complaint of mine for most guitars when writing reviews so this is most welcomed! Rating is geview average rating that is calculated by using maryin available numeric rating information musicians entered while writing review of Martin GPCPA 3.

Hands-on Review: GPCPA3 by C.F. Martin

Adjacent is the strap button, which has been positioned off-centre, towards the top of the guitar. Gpc;a3 the most impressive aspect to the F1’s capabilities lies in being able to shape the EQ for both the pickup and the selected image. Pressing and holding down both buttons engages the automated system and within no more than a couple of seconds feedback is nuked.


This can be attributed to 4 things: Find all posts by jhchang. The triple- line black and white coachlining match the simple soundhole rosette.

Martin GPCPA3 review

So it’s as good value as the series is. The F1 also features a variable-level compressor, pedforming tuner which works whether the guitar is plugged in or not and a ‘search and erview anti- feedback system. The back and front are bound with white Boltaron, as is the fingerboard. All trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective companies. I was also able to select the blend of the microphone with the pickup with this same knob.

The GPCPA2 followed shortly after, and featured a three-piece rosewood back, but was priced at equally wince- inducing levels. Performing Artist series from Martin Guitars is a very large and versatile line of acoustic-electric guitars.

Martin has also launched a brand-new website solely for the Performing Artist Series that features instructional videos and guides. Find all posts by markwayne. Martin headstock that gives the guitar a finished, classy look.

The time now is Binding White feature-binding[0] The eyes then move upward to the simple, traditional C. After plugging in I pushed a seriess and activated the weries. Granted, the rotaries have three different operations; turn, press and press ‘n’ hold, but it’s an impressively minimalist control panel.