Sproink grunted in response, covering his face with his hands and exposing a bright red belly button. His scarf has two serpent heads on it, and is used as his powerful attack called “Octo-Snake. A gray yokai was standing before the water, heads bowed. Views View Edit Edit source History. He usually visits Jibanyan, who unknowingly fits Rubeus J’s exaggerated description. The criminal that boiled a village of humans alive gave in to a bunch of children?

When yokai enter your life, your world will never quite be the same! Katie quickly scanned the area, but no other yokai appeared. The yokai turned around, one of its heads looking at Whisper calmly while the other had its fangs bared and a growl in its throat. Meeting of the Legends! He has a tendency to frighten people who approach him from behind, drawn in initially by his cutesy appearance. He has attempted to break out of prison multiple times. Did we seriously just beat Sproink? He spent a lot of his time sitting around a shrine with a dog statue on the premises in the countryside.

Cadin darted forward, zipping forward around Sproink. Unlike his brother, he adapts very well to his new surroundings, though he still looks up to his big brother for guidance.

I will make sure this foul beast returns to the depths of the Infinite Inferno! Rewrite of Yokai Watch with Katie as the protagonist, along with other changes! It wore a pair of swimming goggles on its head, a single horn protruding from its skull.


Yokai Watch Manjimutt

It Definitely Is A Giant! I’ll free him faster than you can say ‘fish sticks! A nekomata of the Charming Tribe.

Hughley’s chances at starting a new age of space exploration. He is also capable of time travel, shapeshifting, and even has a chocolate bar factory installed in his body. He has ordered your release for the sake of destroying the human world,” Sir Berus mjtt. Jibanyan as a Yokai.

Squiddilius ‘Squid Kid’ McKraken? Katie nodded before summoning Darumacho, Jibanyan, and Happierre. You think I’m an idiot?

It would be so much easier…”. Please, I’ll do whatever you want! This skill is similar to “Sworn Brotherhood” which has the same effect. Within moments, mahgy reached up from the waters and started dragging Sproink down.

In the anime, Manjimutt is shown to lament his afterlife, due to the fact that he is still treated as a normal human and not as a normal dog like he initially believed to happen. Stay still so I can roast you!

Perhaps he’s been inspirited by the yokai known as Noway? I should have known that pig would be good for nothing…Lamedian! Sir Berus snarled so loud, Katie was sure she heard an echo, Sproink leaning back with wide eyes. Key word mangj try. Sproink unleashed a large gust of fire, Katie’s side scrambling to dodge it.

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His most noticeable trait, as well as the source of his namesake is his human-like face, which resembles the one manfy by a typical businessman, complete with a pair of squared glasses; which are missing the rims, mangu eye half-lidded and a red blush across his face making him look drunk.


I was helping Mr. Just In All Stories: Goodsight dashed into the bathhouse, running past the reception counter and into the bathing area.

He can’t even come up with a good reason to keep them over there! He is now currently in prison, despite getting several jobs along the way as a pottery-sculptor, movie star and hairdresser. He turned to face the water once again. His signature move, the Rocket Punch, makes him a very powerful Yo-kai. Goodsight down at Timers and More,” Katie explained, sitting at the table.

He keeps getting arrested over and over again by the Police.

None of them are taking it well…Komashura especially. Destroy every last city on this wretched world! A man-faced poodle who enjoys scaring people frightened by a poodle with a man’s face. He’s pretty shy, but I bet he’ll warm up to us in no time! He tricks Hailey into buying a Yo-kai Watch U Prototype and he convinces her to help him make a new rocket to impress Dr.