The review has been removed by Computer Shopper. The minimal trialware includes Microsoft Office but no virus program,not eventhe free Microsoft Security Essentials. My only answer is that in my mind, I make a distinction between gaming-class laptops and enthusiast-class laptops which to me means extreme overclocking. The memory I have is Samsung, and has timings, and I believe it is rated at 1. I have been running on the battery for about 75 minutes, and in that time I have done word-processing, light web browsing, I downloaded some updates, and I watched the first 10 minutes of a Blu-ray movie. TypeO , Jun 26, If I had looked closer at the photos, I would have seen it, but this is even better than what I was expecting.

Drive performance will degrade over time because of this, but barring any general drive failures, this should not occur until well into the future, and by then I will have either replaced this laptop, or I will have scuttled the array and gone with two normal drives so as to enable TRIM. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. I chose to have Windows 7 Ultimate preinstalled, and it booted up with no problem. At 50 percent the volume wasn’t quite as clear or booming as we’d like, but we found the sweet spot between 60 and 75 percent. We were surprised to find no ExpressCard port on a notebook of this size. Multimedia utilities and software include Creative Labs Alchemy for managing enhanced audio options in games, Media Source 5 player, and Wave Studio 7. I know the Samsung drives tend to receive the highest marks, and the Intel drives are faster on the write speeds, but for me, the price was right on the Crucial drives. As a generic indicator, the system also scores a 7.

My full review follows, but I do not include any pictures. Multimedia utilities and software include Creative Labs Alchemy for managing enhanced audio options in games, Media Seires 5 player, and Wave Studio 7. I also realize that many people have asked about shipping via the USPS, but the lithium-ion batteries are problematic. The tape is hard to read, but it is just over 16″ wide.

Here is a closeup of the keys; I am not sure if this is chiclet style or not, but the point was made in the comments that the style of keyboard is different than what is shown on the MALIBAL website. I have no experience with them but was reading another thread just now and that brand popped up.

Bright, crisp p screen; Strong performance and smooth gameplay; Runs cool; Backlit keyboard and huge touchpad; Very good audio quality. I am not a huge audiophile, so the quality is not something I can accurately judge. It could easily have been tucked under the Advanced menu, for all of the options that screen gives. Below that the rubberized wrist rest kept us comfortable through long and arduous gaming sessions. If I can adjust the settings to get closer to 4 hours on battery, then I will bump the score to a 9 here.


The scoring part of the review ends here; all following sections are simple commentary.

My MALIBAL Satori P170EM Review

I ended up paying around or so for mine I think after discounts. It’s the company’s first machine that really gives Alienware a run for its money in both the looks and performance department. We preferred Theater mode for both gaming and casual surfing.

The Satori Series is said to be the first line of notebooks offered by Malibel in order to deliver users the performance of dual-core innovation and, also, heat-dissipation and battery life of a mobile chipset. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. I’m not sure if I am not pressing it firmly enough, or if my typing habits need to be refined, but sometimes it doesn’t register for some reason.

Main, Advanced, Security, Boot, and Exit. Under the seriew, the first thing we noticed is that the back of the system sticks out a bit, similar to some of the laptops in Dell’s consumer line. What makes amlibal G73Jh-A2 special? We had to crane our necks to an extreme angle before encountering color distortion.

This system’s Battery Efficiency Rating total watts divided by total battery life was To be fair, if I had known this would be the case, and that the iQM would have a bit of headroom to work with in the XTU seriies, I very likely would have gone that route, and the whole issue with the BIOS would be rendered moot.

This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal.

Somewhat standard stuff, but it is nice to see that it was not left out. Most of my sound is carried through earbuds anyway, which I am happy with. We noticed some warmth while gaming, but nothing too uncomfortable.

I looked at a view other vendors of pretty much the same laptop, but I saw on a few review sites that Malibal has awesome customer service as opposed to Sager, Falcon Northwest. This being a desktop-replacement laptop, the answer turns out to be: So, details like letters are bigger. They were great to deal with, and I would be happy to do business with them again. Killer Wireless-N OS: Thanks for reading this review!

Malibal Lotus – External Reviews

The screen is vibrant and easy to read; I have tried it in direct sunlight, and the screen is still very easy to read unless you directly reflect the sun into your eyes, but I have no plans to use this laptop outdoors so that likely is not an issue. Under the lid the barebones aesthetic continues.


There are some issues with the right now if I remember seriew those are getting delayed, again, for a while. In Call of Duty 4shrapnel from explosions rendered with a high level of detail, seriees did blood spatter and gore when we got a bit too close to a targeted comrade. I have noticed, now that I have used this laptop for about a month, that I sometimes have problems with the L key.

For such an expensive laptop, I would almost expect that MALIBAL require a malibsl at the delivery destination, and I would also expect that they provide some kind of shipping insurance as well that would add additional cost to the shipping in most cases, however.

MuhpcJul 9, I do have the IC7 paste applied as well, but it seems a little warm to me. There’s very little friction, so we ma,ibal no trouble getting the mouse across the screen or controlling POV in games. The CyberLink Media Suite 8 disk included PowerDVD 10, and it is always a little strange trying to work the controls on a keyboard rather than a remote, but it works.

Jun 26, 1. I pretty much agree to everything. So much has been written about this card on a variety of topics.

Yes, my password is: You might not know it, but ASUS has been making gaming notebooks for quite a while. Inspired by a stealth fighter, this menacing black rig delivers quad-core power and 1GB ATI graphics, a gorgeous p display, and a full terabyte of storage.

I am not sure it is for this machine, as serues label indicates it is for a glossy screen. I am aware of the Enduro issues, but ironically, what is more frustrating to me is that it is only partially recognized within the system, even though it is obviously performing well. The minimal trialware includes Microsoft Office but no virus program,not eventhe free Microsoft Security Essentials.

SDyarJun 26, Though this time is fairly speedy, the category average is faster by 3 seconds and the G51J 3D 1: The typing angle is really nice, though.