Gifs and photos credited to the original owner on tumblr! Also we get to see the famous Majisuka Gakuen student Centre! Season2 I really enjoyed Nezumi controlling things in the background. Watch online and download majisuka gakuen 3 drama in high quality. What will Majisuka do now that Yabakuen has showed up? Episode 1 Change of Generation, Come On!

This site uses cookies. Also everyone in Majisuka is in a state of darkness… they found out there leader of Majisuka Salt is hurt and all of Majisuka is lost, also Sakura after seeing Salt being taken to the hospital has ran to see if Salt was ok. Log in or Sign up. And now we bring to you episode 2 of majisuka season 5. What should we add next? They all figure out when Salt has awaken that Kobii a student of Gekioko has done this to her.

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The following majisuka gakuen 5 episode 4 english sub has been released. Have you ever counted sakura petals? Atsuko kicked a lot of ass here, also enjoyed Gekikara and Shibuya.

Aug 31, Location: Your graduation is coming soon, but it isnt the end of Matsui Rena! Gifs and photos credited to the original owner majisuia tumblr! Selain shimazaki haruka, pemeran top lainnya dalam season 5.


The battle between these two was super intense! Paru yang kebingungan dibantu oleh seorang penghuni lama disana bernama peace. OMG she still wore the hoodie and ate seasn gum like always! Majisuka gakuen saison 3 j public averti vostfr anime. Watch full episodes free online of the tv series majisuka gakuen 4 episode 1 with subtitles. The following majisuka gakuen 5 episode 5 english sub has been released. Mar 29, Location: Majisuka gakuen season 1 episode 2 kabuki sisters youtube.

I started watching it today only watched first episode. Apr 9, Location: Also why not try a lovely group actually called Lovelyz-Goodnight Like Yesterday to cool you down!

Kobii on the other hand has plotted something for Salt! Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! Feb 6, Location: Sakura sees Salt determination to keep Majisuka safe, but Salt is hurt and Sakura has vowed to keep Majisuka safe ehg Salt sake.

Majisuka Gakuen Season 2 Episode 4 eng sub – video dailymotion

What is Kobii planing? What neg I saw of season 4 made way less sense than anything in season 5, and was a completely by the book rehash of season 1.

Results for our 11th Annual Stage48 Member Ranking are being revealed! What happened to Salt!

Majisuka Gakuen season 2 – Riku♫♥

Do you already have an account? Drop image files here or click to upload. Please note that the video is listed in private mode to. The battle has finally come! Atsuko maeda and onizuka daruma came at the allgirls school majisuka.


Watch online and download majisuka gakuen 5 drama in high sseason.

Your name or email address: Dramas termines archives page 7 sur 57 drama coreen. Nogizaka46 under constr uction episode 42 subtitle indonesia tl jpn eng. Kosupure has been doing a great job updating you all on Majisuka Gakuen! What will happened to Sakura! Gakun like this is going to be a very serious Takamina!

Majisuka gakuen saison 5 eng sub

Yes finally we see her as a nurse and she even tell Salt that she has changed! I really enjoyed Nezumi controlling things in the background.

Your the person who me and others look up to. Season6 hmmm for those of you that have seen season 5 do you think there will be a season 6? That Majisuka Gakuen 5 Trailer tho. Photo, Meme or GIF.

The Heavenly Queens are also worried about Salt state and they plan to destroy who ever hurt Salt. Discuss API on Discord.