He pretends to take care of Pandu in front of Dhritarashtra. Arjuna questions Drona about his aiming skills. The following year, he did various projects in Indonesia. On observing extreme weather conditions during the birth of Dhritarashtra’s first baby, Krupacharya suggests him to sacrifice the baby for the betterment of Hastinapur. Amba returns to Hastinapur and asks Bhishma to choose either marriage or death. Retrieved 7 December

Mahabharat Episode 74 by Rajkamal Gupta Download. Karna tells Dronacharya that he wants to learn the art of archery from him. Mahabharat Episode 66 by Rajkamal Gupta Download. Satyavati tries to stop Pandu from going for a war. Dhritarashtra promises and assures Duryodhan that he will be the next King of Hastinapur. Pandu informs Bhishma that he does not want to become the King of Hastinapur.

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Gandhari decides to join her father in the war. Science Magic Tricks Videos. Add Image S1, Ep7. Shakuni lies to Dhritarashtra that the fishermen attacked Duryodhan and wounded him.

Dhritarashtra is enraged at Gandhari when she tries to advise him. Retrieved 26 June Duryodhan pretends to be furious at Dushasan in front of Ashwathama. Bhishma asks the children to eat the food without bending their elbows. Mahabharat Episode 92 by Episoed Gupta Download.

He will be seen opposite Rhea Sharma in the show. Retrieved 22 August Kunti becomes shocked on seeing Pandu dead.


Vidura meets Dhritarashtra and Pandu mahabharathham tells them that, only the righteous prince will be crowned the King of Hastinapur. Mahabharat Episode 67 by Rajkamal Gupta Download. Cars And Bikes Stunts Videos. Satyavati becomes happy on learning the same and informs Vidura to make arrangements to welcome Mahabharztham.

Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he will prove his ability as the King. Vodafone Zoo Zoo Funny Videos. Feeling victimized Amba seeks justice.

Dhritarashtra does not want his sons to stay away from Hastinapur. Dev and Sonakshi’s looks will be to watch out for – Times of India”. Shakuni becomes furious at Pandu and provokes Dhritarashtra against him.

Archived from the original on 26 May The Intense battle between Lord Parashurama and Bhishma continues. Shakuni informs Dhritarashtra that he found Bheem’s belongings in a tiger’s den. Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal. Later, Duryodhan pretends to care for Ashwathama and provokes him against Arjun.

Dhritarashtra rejects Gandhari as his wife. Yudhishthir and Duryodhan seek Dhritarashtra and Bhishma’s blessing before leaving for the Drona’s gurukul. Dhritarashtra and Bhishma quarrel over the fight between the Pandavaas and Duryodhan. Vidura informs Dhritarashtra, Satyavati and Mahabbharatham that Kunti has given birth to a son.


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On seeing Arjun’s archery skills, Dronacharya teaches him the art of archery. On seeing the fight between Bheem and Duryodhan, Bhishma asks Dhritarashtra to stop the contest, but he refuses.

Shakuni pretends to take care of Dhritarashtra and provokes him against Bhishma. T Read Edit View history.

Add Image S1, Ep8. Retrieved 7 December Dhritarashtra asks Duryodhan to study with Pandavaas.

He pretends to take care of Pandu in front of Dhritarashtra. Vidura stops Bhishma from handing over the throne to Dhritarastra. Dhritarashtra realizes his mistake and questions Gandhari whether she will mahabharathwm him as her husband.

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He promises Ashwathama that he will make him the Rajguru of Hastinapur. Mahabharat Episode 68 by Rajkamal Gupta Download. Mahzbharatham, Amba gains the attention of Lord Parashurama.

Later Shantanu comes to know from Ganga that Bhishma is his son and accepts him. Pandu and Madri spend some romantic moments together.

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